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About Insanity 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program

If you are willing to push yourself to a new you, The Insanity Workout may be the answer you are looking for. This 60 day program is an intense workout program that will ultimately test your self -determination and will-power. The regimen revolves around aerobic and anaerobic exercises; specifically entailing long bursts of intense exercises with minimal periods of rest in between.

Two payment options are available when you purchase the program on their main website, They offer a three month payment plan which equates to $39.95 per month plus a one-time shipping fee of $24.95 which is added to your first payment; you can also pay for the entire program in one lump sum of $119.85 plus $24.95 for shipping. The Insanity Workout will arrive in approximately 2-3 weeks, which gives you some time to kick up your current routine.

With your 10 workout DVD’s you will also receive 5 FREE Gifts. These gifts include an Elite Nutrition Plan, a Fitness Guide, the INSANITY Workout Calendar, and a Cardio Abs DVD. To earn a free Insanity T-shirt, you must send them before and after pictures of your transformation. A 60-day money back guarantee is provided, less shipping and handling, if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

The free INSANITY Workout Calendar is a progress tracking tool where you can additionally set workout goals, and view your achievements. The online support message board is a helpful means to remain focused and motivated. Team BeachBody is another online resource for community members to share personalized meal plans and healthy recipes.

SHAUN T developed this program to get you in great shape and looking better than ever. When compared to one of his other workout programs, the P90X, some claim The Insanity Workout is much harder. The Insanity Workout focuses more toward aerobic exercises that result in a stronger, leaner and more defined physique. The PX90 is different because it focuses more on weight lifting; with this program you are likely to build more muscle mass.

Everyone will have various results using the program, while some may see changes in their physique within the first month; others will start to notice a difference in the second month. If you follow along with the intensity of the program, it is possible to attain change in the first week.

Eating healthy is a major component to any diet and is especially important for those who are doing The Insanity Workout. The energy expended during any workout needs to be replenished with healthful foods so you are ready and able to continue forward the following day.

Always consult a physician before starting a workout program, especially one that pushes you to the extreme. Whether trying to lose weight, build muscle or become leaner and more defined, commitment and maximum exertion is necessary for any workout plan to work. 

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