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Infinitus Training Programs by Scott Oldford
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Infinitus Training Programs by Scott Oldford, found online at, is a set of training programs designed to teach people how to be successful and improve their business using online marketing.  

How Does It Work?

Scott Oldford named his series of training programs Infinitus, which is Latin for ‘limitless,’ and each program has been designed to help entrepreneurs use effective online marketing to “dramatically increase the number of qualified leads coming to their businesses.”

Unfortunately it appears that the Infinitus Training Programs have recently been slimmed down to a single option, called LeadCraft. This training program says that it is a proven way to “confidently create and deploy marketing funnels that attract qualified leads” and help increase your business’ impact.

This program says that whether you already have experience in this industry or are brand new to online marketing, LeadCraft will work for you because it is a step-by-step process designed entirely to turn people into loyal customers and fans of your products and services.  


This training program begins by teaching people the theories behind online marketing before showing you exactly how to build your marketing funnel and to launch it upon completion of your training. 

Cost/Price Plans actually offers a variety of free resources, including their blog, so customers who are unsure whether they want to commit to a paid training program may want to start there to evaluate the types of information this company offers. 

Customers who are interested in committing to the full LeadCraft training program will be given the option to pay a single payment of $1997 or four payments of $597 each. Customers will also be given access to their Exclusive Online Community for 16 weeks and after that continued access to that community will cost $99 per month.   

Refund Policy

This company says that they provide their customers with a 45 Day Guarantee, which states that any customer who is not happy with the money they are making after 45 days of using this program your money will be refunded. 

However, the website says that part of being a “success-minded business owner” is really getting into the dirt with the systems and programs you need to be successful. So this Refund Policy requires being able to prove that you “spent the time, did the work, and got help when you needed it.” 

If you are unable to adequately prove this to Scott Oldford and his team, then you will not get a refund. Unfortunately, this website provides no information whatsoever regarding how you will be able to prove this to their company and successfully get your refund. When you are discussing a purchase of nearly $2000, customers should be able to get a full explanation of how they will be able to successfully get a refund before they make this investment, not afterward. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] 


There are not that many reviews of this program available at this time, making it extremely difficult for prospective customers to know whether or not this program is worth it. 

The reality is that when a program is that expensive and offers their customers a Refund Policy that is that vague, customers should nervous. Reassuring your customers that you have a Refund Policy they can take advantage of if they are unhappy with your program, and then saying that they will have to “prove” to you that they worked really hard before that refund will be honored is worse than simply not providing a Refund Policy at all.

Customers who are interested in this program may want to begin with many of the more affordable materials, like Scott Oldford’s books, before investing in this program, and if you do decide this program is for you, you should contact their Customer Service team and receive a full description of how their Refund Policy works.    

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different online marketing training programs available at many different price ranges, but customers will always need to be careful about doing their own due diligence because many of these types of programs are simply not worth the money. In addition, there are many free resources available online that customers should take advantage of before investing in an expensive training program. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Infinitus Training Programs by Scott Oldford reviews below.

Infinitus Training Programs by Scott Oldford Customer Reviews

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Implementation is key. Scott and the team will show you the way.
August 4, 2017

I own a full service marketing agency. Our sales and lead generation was dependent on referrals...just like most agency owners, I was 100% involved on working "in" the business vs. "on" the business. As a marketer, I was very particular on who I take advice from. I started to follow Scott and Infinitus very early on. I was intrigued by his SSF model and eventually it all made sense, but not for us... I wanted to use it for my client campaigns.

We invested in LeadCraft and immediately started to implement the system for our clients business. The turn around and results took about 3 months but just as anything that is worth the investment...momentum takes time. Anything that promises a quick fix is not worth a dime.

After I saw the results we achieved for our clients , I finally implemented the SSF LeadCraft process for our own business.

That's when it started to get exciting. Our lead flow increased 8x and we were able to 2x our monthly retainers. The truly amazing thing is that we now have the skills and process to control our revenues...and access to the levers that really move our profitability in the right direction.

I personally have since continued my relationship with Scott Oldford and Infinitus and would 100% (and do) recommend any 6 figure business owner looking to push upwards of 7 figures.

In fact...I submit that you could learn how to take your business to 7 figures just by consuming the mass amounts of free value that Scott Oldford provides....but that is the the tip of the iceberg....take the leap, invest in certainty...LeadCraft will show you how to create and grow the business you always imagined. If you are afraid to invest in the right can NEVER expect to be greater that you are right now. -Jake

Obviously you have to “do the work” ;-)
August 3, 2017

This is NOT a light program.

In fact, Leadcraft is probably the MOST comprehensive A-Z program when it comes to growing and scaling your online business.

It’s not just one piece of the puzzle…

It’s ALL the major pieces (high level strategy, lead magnets, traffic, automation, fb ads, organic content, etc.).... all in one place.

A ridiculously ambitious task IMHO, that if Scott really was a “money hungry bully” that earlier posters accused him of, could easily be splintered into 3 or 4 programs and keep you in an endless rabbit hole of upsells and cross sells ad infinitum.

Instead he puts it all in one place - and trusts the student to put it into action.

(as a student myself, I’ll concede that it DOES require patience and a time-commitment… but the ROI and ROT (return on time) have been well fkn worth it).

It’s also constantly expanding….

Unlike other programs I’ve taken where the big shot guru launches it once a year and then leaves you to your own devices with a good luck butt slap…

Scott and his team are CONSTANTLY adding new strategies (particularly around facebook ads) to keep up with the rapid rate of change.

They’re also on the front lines with you.

Not hiding in some dark corner of the web -- but active in social media, in the facebook group and via email.

I won’t pretend to know what led to some of the previous commenters feeling bullied… but I will say that Scott and his team are crazy passionate and obsessed about getting you results.

Maybe they take that overboard sometimes? Maybe they push harder than some would be comfortable with.

But for the right student who’s REALLY committed to gaining momentum… it’s an approach I personally appreciate the sh*t out of.

SCOTT is amazing. Love him!
August 3, 2017

Exceptional leader and so humble. Amazing programme.

I am an experienced marketer and get great value!

Love It, Would Recommend
August 2, 2017

I have learned a ton from LeadCraft. They give you the steps you need to complete to be successful, and they ALSO walk you through how it applies in your specific situation.

This is NOT a get-rich quick scheme, so stay away if you are wanting results without any work. But if you are ready to work hard, and listen, and learn, I am confident you will see results through LeadCraft.

It really is risk-free since they also offer a money-back guarantee. To me, LeadCraft is a no-brainer.

Leadcraft is what I use to make my competitors irrelevant.
August 2, 2017

When you're in a space outside of internet marketing, it's pretty easy to keep your marketing top notch. Most of my competition doesn't even know how to run Facebook ads and still makes Wordpress websites.

Meanwhile, I'm blanketing my whole entire market with FB ads and taking over faster than my competitors can even understand what's happening.

All thanks to what I've learned in LeadCraft.

Not sure who the bad reviewer is or what their agenda is, but I wish them the best of luck.

Learned it and applied it am now running digital marketing for a £1.5m company
August 2, 2017

Hesitated before I bought because of the unfilled promises of other people in this space. So glad I made the commitment. The SSF method and Leadcraft program makes it super simple to understand, identify, attract and nurture potential customers, so that they become a genuine lead.

The knowledge helped me automate the leads gen for my own recruitment business and I am now applying it to a seven figure telco business with the objective of 4x-ing the revenue in 3 years (which I think is conservative, but the owner set the target).

If you want to learn how to generate leads and scale your business then Leadcraft is definitely recommended by me - it's the real deal.

All these fake reviews that Scott hustled for
August 2, 2017
I find it interesting that the only positive reviews on here all seem to come on August 1st. Lol, hmmmm scamming much?

Aaqib August 03, 2017

He never hustled! We admire his work and leadership.

Getting $1.50 leads to cold traffic
August 1, 2017

I'm a nobody in the most expensive paid advertising marketplace (making money online). Leadcraft amd Scoot's methods are getting me $1.50 leads to cold traffic in Europe and $2.50 leads in US to cold traffic.

These numbers blow away the "experts" that brag about breaking the sub-$5 threshold.

The Leadcraft course is the most comprehensive lead generation program I've invested in. There are templates, exact cut/paste emails for cold, warm and hot leads.

But here is the thing, it took COMMITMENT to get me there. I didn't invest in the program to find a way to get a refund. I did everything it took to make this program work for my business.

It took me 90 days to get there using Scott's methods. Not 45. But my numbers are blowing away the experts that have spent 5 years working on lead gen.

If you are looking for a program thatbis the golden ticket to your success. Don't invest in this program. Go take your mo ey and buy some lottery tickets. That is your only chance at success.

If you want to put some work in, commit and be resilient--there is no better system.

Genuine guidance, thoughtful people and excellent support in a community
August 1, 2017

I have a 20+ year corporate career background, so When I become an entrepreneur who was going to operate services in the online space, I knew I needed three things. 1) guidance on how to transfer my face-to-face corporate skills into the online space 2) thoughtful people who would be patient with me as I found my way (and asked a million questions) 3) support in a community of like-minded people. I searched for months. I spent hours sitting on webinars, I opted-in on numerous "systems", and nothing felt quite right.

That was until my business partner Tina, and I came across Scott's 5-Day SSL Marketing Challenge. What an incredible experience! Every single step we learned over the five days we immediately implemented in our lead generation plan. Scott and his team gave us the confidence we needed to take the next step, which for us was to work with Scott and his team in Leadcraft.

Within 60-days, we are on target to have built out and implemented our entire marketing system the way we need to for our audience. Without Leadcraft I can tell you we would still be spinning our wheels to fill our Fall 2017 programs!

For us, the best part of Leadcraft is that foundational aspects of the system never change, which makes the system easy to follow. The second best part of Leadcraft is that in the program you learn how to use your language, your voice and your content in a way that resonates with YOUR audience.

We've had such great results from working with the Leadcraft crew and more importantly we've gained the confidence we need to succeed!

Best marketing advice I ever got!
August 1, 2017

Having invested in many courses that say they will teach you to generate leads for your business, I have found Scott's course to be eye opening.

I have spent many frustrating nights trying to figure out why leads weren't coming in, and why my offer wasn't working.

What Scott's course taught me was how to market to the right audience with the right message at the right time. This has proven to be invaluable to not only crafting the right offer, but understanding my customers and how to best serve them with where they're at in the decision making process.

If you're looking to generate a flow of qualified leads with clients you enjoy working with, then I highly recommend you learn from Scott and get his stuff.

Real World Producers vs. Anonymous Cowards
August 1, 2017

Having spent over $400,000 on mentors, seminars, books, consultants in a variety of topics I can say without question that Scott's program is hands down the best for marketing. I can actually say that because I am a customer who has FINISHED LeadCraft, working on LeadCraft Elite, finished a mastermind event, AND finished Bots for Business.

Furthermore, having started 3 businesses that became 7 figures I can also tell you that there is nothing easy about this. Scott doesn't claim it is easy. He claims that it works. But "Anonymous" cry babies try something once and then give up and become a victim finding someone else to blame for their lack of determination.

If you don't finish the program and work the program you absolutely do not deserve a refund. IF you do the program AND after a year of support from his team, and THEY can't even help fix it then maybe I could understand a refund. But that isn't the case. Buying a program IS NOT a savings account where you can just withdraw(refund) your money at any time because you need to pay your car payment.

I've had many friends that have joined his program. I asked all of them about him before I joined. I didn't hear one bad thing.

Scott doesn't claim all of his information he invented. He did improve upon it and figure out how to take pieces of a crazy hard puzzle and make them work. There is nothing new under the sun. Everyone learned from some else and hopefully improved on it while giving credit to the original source. Which Scott does.

Review sites have become a joke. There is no real transparency or even a shred or interest by ReviewOpedia to actually get an honest review. How do you review something you have NEVER done?

He is one of the good guys. There are so many bad ones out there that it pisses me off when people attack someone who actually cares.

Anonymous August 02, 2017

He's a good guy until you disagree about something with him. Then he blames you and is a bully.

Great content
August 1, 2017

We paid for the programme and it has a lot of great content.

If youre looking to scale past 100k without making excuses this product is a game changer. This isnt for anyone who fools themselves with excuses.

We've since been on one of his accelerator programmes, well worth the investment.

100% value, 0% B.S.
August 1, 2017
First of all, before getting into a review of Scott's "paid" program, he gives so much value away for free before he ever asks for a dime, so 5 stars on him as a human being who believes in (and practices) results in advance. Now, having been through the entire set of content and executing what is taught inside LeadCraft, I can tell you two things with certainly: 1) this is a rock-solid process that works wonders, and 2) just like anything else that follows the 80/20 rule, the vast majority of people will not actually commit to seeing it through, but those who do will achieve everything promised from the start, which is an end-to-end marketing funnel designed to turn cold prospects into "peekers", then warm those leads up over time until the exact moment they "raise their hands" (i.e., they move into the "fast lane" of your funnel) and quite literally ask to pay for your offer. Scott and his LeadCraft program/team are filled real-time, relevant, and most importantly actionable content that you can implement to grow your business the right way.

Scott and his teachings are amazing
August 1, 2017

I was lucky to get access to Scott early in the days before he "blew up" and have spend quiet some time with him. Right now he is just more in demand and maybe a little harder to access to some folks, but still surprise his clients sometimes with just answering on comments on FB, chat etc.

He is smart as a cookie and because of his teachings I was able to start a business from scratch in early 2017 that's generated a little over 150k this year.

It's so easy to just type lame comments as anonymous, for me his teachings have done wonders. But it's all what YOU do with the information that he is providing.

Greetings Mitch

Anonymous August 02, 2017

He's a bully. You have to be anonymous.

Scott has copied multiple programs - DO NOT BUY
May 14, 2017

So you have come across Scott - ah yes. The man with the amazing get out of debt story and a new program (right now his program is botsforbiz) but you may have found leadcraft or the SSF method. Let me tell you how this will go - he will down other entrepreneurs, then copy a program with almost the same title. Then he will tell you how he was EXACTLY where you are - throw in a little bit of bullying - and then he will cut the cost of the program in HALF - because that's what you do when a program is selling for $2k right? No.

Listen - I never - I mean never waste time complaining about choices I made - but investing with Scott was a horrible one. He will be two totally different people when you go from interested to paying client. He may even invite you in a Mastermind or a retreat for just HIGH six figure earners... it all depends his flavor of smoke and mirrors for that month. Do your research - don't invest in this guy. Just. Don't.

Anonymous August 02, 2017

So many better options. Sorry you got burnt man.

May 6, 2017

You can get the same info from Russel Brunson's "DotComSecrets" book for $10.

You will be bullied, harassed and ultimately blamed and shamed because it's NEVER their fault if it doesn't work it's ALWAYS your fault.

Be prepared to fight for your refund when it doesn't work for you. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Eric August 01, 2017

It is clear you were never a client of Scott's. DotComSecrets is so different from LeadCraft I don't even know where to start. Since I actually studied both.

Anonymous August 02, 2017

Sorry Eric, worked with them for a while and yes his info is simply a new terminology version of Russell's DotcomSecrets Book. Scott is a snake oil salesman.