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Poor Customer Service & No Technical Support
January 31, 2023

I reached out to customer service when the memory stick failed to launch. I called customer service; they assigned a technician who responded that they could not find the record of my purchase. I found my order number XXXXX7808 and the order date xx/xx/2021 and provided it to another customer service rep who established another case number. Unfortunately, I received the same response from a technician. I even offered to submit my order paperwork but never heard back. I did receive one correspondence from someone in customer service asking if the issue was resolved. I said no but never heard back from them.

Unbelievable with the documentation that I'm able to provide that they seem to be totally unresponsive.

InfinitiKloud will not refund cancellations
October 25, 2022
I ordered an InfinitiKloud 2 months ago. A month went by, and I had to figure out another solution. I then cancelled my order a month ago, and I cannot get my money refunded. I have interacted with customer service over 20 times about this issue, and I get the runaround repeatedly.

March 10, 2022
AWFUL! Horrible product with no customer service to be reached. Have tried TWO products. All attempts resulted in vague 'errors' and I am back at square one, except for the money they got from me. Total scam!

Totally Dissatisfied
February 17, 2022
I Purchased 3 dongles & Micro SD Cards in March 2021. Have never been able to get them to work. App on Android Phone just locks up everytime I insert the dongle with error messages. No phone numbers to call for support so I have send messages via the link on website, but the only response I get are the auto generated responses and messages to ask if my issue has been resolved. Almost 12 months later, I have still not had any response from any technical support person. My next step will be to ask for a refund of my money.

PammyBoop February 18, 2022

Totally Dissatisfied, I got the following information from a review site.

Honestly, your review is the only negative one I've read so far but helpful, thank you. Good luck! I hope this contact information helps.


If you need to get ahold of customer service whether to initiate a return or for any other concerns, this is easy to do. You can contact their team by calling the toll free customer service phone number at (855) 622-2097.You can also email at [email protected]. The unit is manufactured by Strong Current Enterprises Limited, an organization based out of the Netherlands.

If It Doesn't Work, Too Bad. You are stuck
June 30, 2021

I received the InfinitiKloud SD as a gift. I tried to install it per the instructions. Nothing. Called Customer Service, was told it was defective. Received another one (after 2 month wait). This one doesn't work either..( My computer is an HP with Windows 10) Other flash drives work great with my computer. Plug in and they are recognized immediately and work fine. Plug in the InfinitiKloud and ... nothing.

Computer does not react at all in any way. Customer Service told me to try in another "device" . I want to save photos that are on my desktop, not "another device". Was told basically (too bad, we can't do anything). I asked to speak to a supervisor. After a wait, the person said "we are sorry, but there is nothing we can do."

So, I have 2 InfinitiKloud SD that do not work and the company says "Too Bad"... Do not waste your money.

Don't buy it
July 17, 2020
I bought the InfinitiKloud 3/2/20. It arrived about 3 months later, probably floating around in the post office. There is little or no customer service and NO product support. I was told today that the product is for Windows 10. I didn't even own a Windows 10 at the time of purchase and would not have bought it. The first time I tried to use it, a pop-up menu came up to tell me that there was an update with a choice of "now" or "later'. I clicked on later and it wiped out all the software on the device for Windows. Two phone calls and I got zero support. Don't buy this POS!

Terrible product
June 6, 2020
Don’t Buy the Infinity Cloud stick. Failed after 2 months. The worst Customer Service. Phone number very hard to find and then no answer ever. Save your money the Infinity Kloud stick is a piece of garbage made by a RIP OFF Company. Owned by ThinkTech who is just as bad.

useless device, customer service non-existant, no physical address for returns
May 21, 2020


I purchased two devices online direct from Infinitikloud's website late April. When the products arrived, I could not make either of them work on both my PCs. I figured it was operator error on my part so had my son come by and he finally figured out that the device wouldn't work without inserting the SD card that came with the purchase. (The instructions never mention the SD card requirement) Once inserted, the device came up on my PC but required a product number (along with a password I had not created). No product number had been given in any of the packaging, instructions, or e-mails. I called the customer service number twice and both times got put on infinite hold. I recently sent two e-mails seeking a product number or some way to open the program with no response. I'm still waiting...

So, I decided to send the units back for a refund. Reading the refund process in the small print of the instructions, I discover they only will give you "store credit". I figured I'd just send the units back and deal with the credit issue through my credit card company, And then I discover (so far, anyway) I cannot locate a physical address to send the returned items to. I've searched the web and cannot locate a physical address. These guys have a great Internet presence for marketing but good luck finding a physical location for returns or other reasons to reach out and touch someone!

To anyone considering this product, make sure you use a credit card so you can dispute the purchase if the product comes and you cannot open it. And before you purchase, know how you'll be able to return the items if you are unhappy. I note on Amazon they currently won't allow reviews on the product (By non Amazon purchasers; I ordered direct from the Infinitikloud website) due to "unusual activity") I can only guess what that's about!

Buyer Beware!!

D. Laubach

GraemeHoel November 29, 2022

If you think "Doug L's" review (May 5th 2020) was bad; check out the 136 Reviews which gave a "1" Star rating for appalling after-sales service! Therefore ... Google:

"Read Customer Service Reviews of"

Also ... see how InfinitiKloud Star ratings differ markedly; depending upon the provider/source.