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If you’re looking for a great gift for your child, you might be exhausted by all the options out there. From toys that make noise to the typical bike or trike you knew in your own childhood, it can be difficult to find an age-appropriate gift for your child.

Beyond that, it can be challenging to find a gift that not only allows your child to play, but to learn - and to have fun learning, for that matter!

The search might be over once you discover Infento Kits.

How Does Infento Work?

The Infento Go Kit is a modular 4-in-1 building kit that is best for children aged two and six years old. It allows them to create their own scooter, trike, or balance bike. Created in 2010, the product entered the market in 2012 with the goal of providing children with the technical skill sets they need for the future - while also helping them have fun doing it! 


These smart kits grow with your child and come with their own building instructions. You can build one of four different rides for kids ages two to six years old. When they’re sick of that model - or they outgrow it - you can build one of the other unique constructible rides.

The Kits don’t just keep your kids entertained and occupied. They also provide them with the skills they need for the future. These kits help your child develop creative thinking, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Everything is included - all you need is a kit and a hex key. Each kit comes with a digital manual that tells you everything you need to know about assembly. You and your child can work together to create a unique new invention.

There are several types of Infento kits available. While the Go Kit is best for young children, the Arrow is best for those ages four to seven. The Arrow is more of a go-kart, allowing kids to build their riding skills in comfort and safety. It comes with four-inch, seven-inch, and eight-inch wheels, along with pedals, disc brakes, and a maintenance-free belt.

The Master Creator Kit is the most inclusive option. It is great for kids ages 1-13 since it allows them to build every single type of ride around. From the booster to the biker to the bulldog and speedster, this kit comes with all the spare parts you need to make any type of model possible.

Looking for electric rides? Infento has that too! You can purchase the ePulse add-on, an electric motor that is designed for kids ages four and up. It is only compatible with Christmas Edition, Genius, and Master Creator Kits.

There’s a snow kit available too, with options for kids of all ages. The snow kit enables the products to be used in the snow and comes with a two-year warranty.

Cost and Price Plans

Since Infento has so many different models, the prices vary. At the most basic level, the Skibock kit starts at $129, while the most expensive, the Legend Kit, is $1,099. Shipping is free in the United States for purchases above $99.

Competitors and Alternatives

When it comes to products like the kits, very few items can come close. Parents might liken the Infento to the Erecto kit, a product that was on the market years ago but is no longer sold.

You might also compare this company to other STEM toy creators that focus on building kids’ creative and problem-solving abilities. While these are often more affordable, they’re small and not life-sized like the Infento is. They also don’t offer quite the same level of interactivity.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customer reviews for Infento are positive, with purchasers claiming that these products are durable, made out of high-quality materials that last for years. There are few complaints, but most have to do with the fact that no printed directions are included - just online PDFs and a pamphlet with vague photographs detailing how to assemble the models.

Otherwise, reviews are positive. The parts are made out of high-quality components and there are plenty of extra parts included in case some get lost - which is a likely occurrence.

Customer Service

Questions about Infento orders or returns can be directed to [email protected] You can also call the customer service line at +31 20 261 64 50 or drop a line to the mailing address in Amsterdam.

The company has a newsletter signup where you can get more information about the latest developments and discounts. The company has a program for schools, too. The company has a generous return policy that allows you to return a new and unused kit within 30 days of delivery - all shipping costs must be paid by the customer, however.

Where to Buy?

You can buy many of the Infento products on Amazon as well as on the manufacturer's website. Originally a Kickstarter-funded campaign, you can now find these kits just about anywhere online. A rapidly growing company, Infento is based in the Netherlands and services European and North American customers. The products are sold in more than 45 countries all over the world.

Is Infento Worth It?

The price tag on the kit is definitely not cheap  - but it is for sure the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re looking for a fantastic toy that will keep your child entertained for years, growing with him or her instead of becoming outdated, then the Infento kit is the way to go. Plus, there’s some serious educational benefit involved, too!

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My issue is with the company greediness
December 28, 2020

My issue is with the company greediness and not the product itself. I bought a kit as an investment being excited about being able to upgrade to the next kits each Christmas as my son grew up. What I didn't count on was that they would raise their prices by $60 or more once I had already bought my first kit.

Beware, once you have bought into this product line, you will likely be paying significantly more for future upgrades. I reached out to the company to make sure I was correct on the price increase and they responded with " every company we need to take certain decisions that may not all client will be happy with".