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Allen Davidson

Income At Home DVD Review

June19, 2012

I purchased the income at home dvd program two weeks ago, got it last week and went through it. Overall, I like the program. It has 11 videos that go through and talk about different subjects.

1. Affiliate marketing
3. Blogs
4. Ecommerce websites
5. "Gig" websites
6. Importing/exporting
7. Network marketing
8. Merchant accounts
9. Social media managers
10. Online surveys
11. Youtube

Some of the videos are very short - only like 4 minutes. Some of them are longer, but none of them go over 10 minutes in length.

What I liked about it:

* Has some good information that I didn't know
* Explains the pros and cons of each way to make money
* Has some good resources

What I didn't like:

* Some of the videos are very short. I think if the author went into more detail on some of the subjects, it would be more helpful.
* The DVD is a computer-only DVD, so you have to watch it on a computer
* Good for beginners, but if you are already familiar with a lot of internet marketing then not every section is going to be a revelation

Overall, I think it's a solid program for people starting out in "make money at home" industry, but some of the modules definitely do leave you wanting more info on a subject.

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