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Founded in the year 2004, Incfile is a company that assists entrepreneurs and small business owners. It provides them with services that ensure the smooth running of their businesses.

The company has experts that have experience in business-related matters. It provides you with services that will benefit you and your business and help you stay up-front about legal matters associated with your business.

Its simplified order process also makes it easy for you to place your orders and receive information related to your business on time. Products provides customers with services that deal with business creation and documentation.  Some of their popular services include: 


Entity Types Review

Various entity types are available with each differing from another. The different entity types include a Limited Liability Company (LLC), an S-Corporation, a C-Corporation, or a Non Profit.

The LLC, which is easier to run, is a good choice for you if you are new to business incorporation. It is a combination of a partnership and a corporation.

The review helps you in learning how to form the various entities and their impact on your taxes. By providing you with information on the requirements of each entity, you can decide on the best fit for your business to start your company.

Annual LLC or Corporate Report

Your company’s details and activities that have been carried throughout the year have to be filed annually. This is according to the state's requirements for all those running a business, regardless of the size of the business.

The information in the report includes the purpose of your business, the company address and the names and addresses of the directors within the corporation among other details. Depending on the state you are in some would need the report to be filed on the anniversary date of formation.

Other states need the fling to be done at a pre-determined date for all entities without considering the date of formation. You will receive assistance on the requirements in the report and how to file the report.

Foreign Qualification

For those whose businesses have grown beyond borders past their local area, they need the right documents to operate. A foreign qualification is not limited to running a business outside your country, but outside your state, since there are different states with different rules.

This is because you will be recognized as running your business within a “foreign” state. Legal requirements require that your company should have the right to operate within the other state and thus the need to get a Certificate of Authority.

Registered Agent experts will find a registered agent service provider for your business. However, the address is a physical street address and not a P.O.Box. The Registered Agent address provides the state that your business operates with an official address of operations.

It will be used for legal and tax correspondence matters such as the issuance of annual reports or service of process. In case of any change of registered agent, you need to notify the state of the change to avoid penalties.

EIN / Tax ID Number

For you to operate a business, you need to have obtained the Employer Identification Number (EIN) also called the Tax ID number for your business. The number is used when you open a bank account for your tax returns, business transactions such as your employees’ payroll.

Inc file will help you get your IEN after you’ve filled the SS4, which is the IRS form for obtaining the IEN. They will then send the number to you through email.

How Does IncFile Work?

The order processing requires you to first choose an entity type, whether it’s an LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation or Non-profit as well as the state of information.  You then select an entity type and the preferred state of incorporation after which you select a package.

The choice on the package that you prefer depends on your business needs. You will then fill in the information about your business and once complete send your order.

The order will be reviewed by the team for the accuracy of the information provided in line with the state laws.

A name availability search is then conducted to see if the name is available for your company to use it. Once complete there will be a preparation of articles of Incorporation / Organization, which will be delivered to the governing state agency. The files and any other information is then mailed to you.

Cost and Price Plans offer their customers with price plans distributed in four packages. They offer a Silver package that costs $ 49, a Gold package which is $ 149 and a Platinum package which is $ 299, all inclusive of the state fee.

Customer service

Get in touch with inc file experts by calling them on 844.830.8267 during weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm CST. You can also fill in their client support request contact form.

Online Reviews/Complaints provides an easy experience with great solutions to arising issues. They also keep their customers up to date, enabling them to run their businesses smoothly.

There were a few complaints about the length of duration that their customer service takes to respond to problems.

Competitors and Alternatives

Another company offering similar services is LegalZoom.  You can receive more information associated with a new or existing business with any of them.  Legal Zoom helps reduce the time spent on paperwork and protect your business.

Bottom Line

For those looking for the best services where your privacy is a top priority, transparency in all processes in your business and legal procedures, up to date notifications, a high value on the services offered and the best sales practices, works around the clock to ensure that they don’t disappoint.

If you have any experience with or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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