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Inbox Dollars


InboxDollars is a program that advertises several different ways of making money online.  They attract folks with promises of an easy supplementary income earned from reading emails and signing up for online offers.

After you join Inbox Dollars you will begin to receive emails for which you earn around .02 -.05 cents.  Periodically you will receive membership offers from companies that pay you for trying out their services, payouts are a little more than you get for emails and sometimes include gift certificates.

The other way to make money with InboxDollars.com is by referring more people to the opportunity.  You earn five dollars for each person that signs up through your referral link.  This is a simple and hassle free way to add to your income stream.

If you join InboxDollars there are several things that you should keep in mind to ensure that your experience is a positive one.  When signing up for offers that require personal info read all the terms and regulations and make sure that any info you submit is to a reputable company.

Also, people have expressed concern about the payout structure of InboxDollars and have called the program a scam.  In my experience InboxDollars.com pays out checks accordingly, the problem is that very few people are actually making real money.

Overall, some folks enjoy this opportunity but others find it to be a waste of time.  People have complained about the low amount of emails that they receive from Inbox Dollars.  At 1 to 2 emails a day you'll be earning less than a dollar per week.  So in the end Inbox Dollars is not a scam but it's also not a reasonable way to earn a living in my opinion.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'InboxDollars'


Average Rating is 2.75 out of 5 based on 602 reviews.

Gary Pollack   Florida

4:30pm on March 1st, 2015 

More hassel than they are worth

Mary   NY

6:57pm on February 28th, 2015 

I have joined this company two months back ,I made 52 dollars . I requested payment for 40 dollars. To get my payment is it mandatory to be active and work on paid emails and surveys. But this company terminated my account after a week I made payment request. This is how they earn money with out paying it. This is a pure SCAM... and SCAM. Guys don't waste your time on this site. They owe me 52 dollars which I never gonna get it no response from the customer care agents as well. They have terminated my account for no reason. Just waste of time. Fake company

ahmed adly   egypt

2:06am on February 27th, 2015 

I think it's a scam.

John   Rochester, NY

2:56pm on February 18th, 2015 

This is a follow-up to my February 10 review. After I receive my Chase Payment Card in hand, I'm just going to allow my account with Inbox Dollars to go inactive. Even though I've earned another $8.30 keeping my account "active" while I await payment, I can say that I'm willing to eat those earnings in order to break free from these unscrupulous mongrels.

Now, I could understand waiting three to four weeks for the first payment if it the amount was $100, $200 or more, but a paltry $27? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Their Terms & Conditions do not come close thoroughly explaining what their verification process is, and why it takes 10-16 days to complete, especially for such a minimal sum. Adding the step of having the Visa Check Card be issued by JP Morgan Chase Bank, the second most crooked bank in the world behind Bank of America just makes these hyenas even more shady. Waiting for Chase to mail the card to me adds another, as I said in the last review, 7-10 days--but not regular days--"BUSINESS" days--a little detail the Terms & Conditions neglected to mention that I only found when when calling up Chase Card Services and dealing with a Broken English-speaking Filipino who needs to work on his grammar. This means that I should receive the card between Friday, February 20 and Wednesday, February 25. THAT'S DAMN NEAR AN ENTIRE MONTH WAITING FOR A PIECE OF S#@! $27.02! You'd think given the months I put in taking surveys, playing games, and signing up for offers, that they would at least streamline "the payment process" by directly depositing monies in MY OWN DEBIT CARD ACCOUNT, like I suggested in he last review. Hell, I could live with having to wait until I earned $30 before receiving payment if they did that. But alas, that sounds too much like right. That sounds too sensible.

I've been unemployed for quite some time and I live with my mother and younger twin teenage brothers. Even with my mother getting SSI and SNAP Benefits and my brothers getting Safety Net Cash. There's still no enough money coming in the house to keep food in the house the entire month. At least when I was getting Unemployment Insurance, I was able to pick up the slack by buying my own food and stretching things out. Despite my best efforts to cut back on food consumption to the point where I've lost several inches off my waist, WE STILL RUN OUT OF FOOD BY THE THIRD WEEK OF THE MONTH.

I search for jobs on the internet, but any one will tell you that nothing beats actually getting outside and engaging employers face-to-face. In a city where the job opportunities are spread out into tiny non-contiguous clusters, bus fare is a must. It's embarrassing enough having to rely on Mother for food and shelter at my age,but it's a living nightmare when she cannot even afford to regularly provide me with enough money to get around town on a regular basis. That was all I was ever really asking from Inbox Dollars--just enough to pocket change to take care of business like a proper adult. I was not expecting to get on Easy Street with this Chicken Outfit, I just wanted a little something on the side so I'm not constantly waiting for the 1st, 4th, and 19th of the month and praying my mother had enough after all her priorities were addressed to toss an Andrew Jackson or two my way for bus fare, toiletries,or a little nosh maybe. Evidently, even that was too much to ask for. Way to go Inbox Dollars!!!!

Shawn   Texas

8:04am on February 17th, 2015 

Inbox Dollars is not stellar, but it's decent. There are quite a few ways to make money with this site: at the very least, I try to check my inbox daily - yes, it's pennies per day, but it also only takes a minute or so to do. Occasionally, I'll see a product or service that I want, and I've also used both the search function - another few pennies - and taken surveys. As long as you understand that NO ONE makes a living from doing surveys (most of us just get enough to buy a few extra things a few times a year), you won't be disappointed.

Ashley   West Columbia , SC

9:48am on February 15th, 2015 

Joined a month ago, already up to $45. It is not a scam. My mother also has been doing inbox dollars for a year and has made close to $500. This is an easy way to earn some extra cash. This should not be looked at as a " work from home job."

Mike   Seattle

9:33am on February 13th, 2015 

I have been using inbox dollars for a year now and they are great. I get checks and their customer service department is always quick and helpful. I would highly recommend this site for people willing to share their personal information (I stay away from bank, employment and credit survey's) and opinions to make a small amount of supplemental income. I made about $300.00 last year.

Liz   Alaska

7:13pm on February 12th, 2015 

I received a card with my payout and then they stopped sending me paid emails. They want you to purchase items through their links rather than get money through the emails. They also want you to do very nosey surveys.

ashley   virginia

7:11pm on February 11th, 2015 

I seen the other review about the card and I have no idea what he is talking about, I have been a member of this website for three years. I am sent a check in the mail it takes two weeks to get it sent to me then it takes the regular amount of days the usps mail takes to get to you three days in total. It does take a really long time to get to 30 dollars. I actually stopped doing the surveys because it's only 0.50 for a survey and it takes too long to get to the 30.00 threshold. Also if you do there surveys it doesnt let you do surveys on another website.

John   Rochester, NY

5:43pm on February 10th, 2015 

I have only two major complains I have against Inbox Dollars. Firstly, the amount of surveys for which I "qualify" for as opposed to the ones I get offered for a woefully low, which makes the timetable to earn the required $30 much longer than it should be. Secondly, the details regarding payment and payment processing is inexcusably cryptic. Having to wait more than two weeks for "verification" sounds preposterous, and they don't even specify when to expect the check card that your payments will be loaded on to will arrive; they say 7-10 days but also say to allow up to 30 days FROM THE PAYMENT PROCESSING DATE! That's not acceptable. Why can't they pay me on an existing prepaid debit card or check card that I already own? I find this company to be highly suspicious. Since I did not shell out any money upfront, I don't think it qualifies as a scam, but I would say that his is a poor business model

Sheila   Colorado Springs, CO

2:49pm on January 29th, 2015 

I have read most of the reviews and don't quite understand how someone's time is so valuable, they can't take a few seconds to read the paid e-mails. To those who say they aren't getting them, I say check your SPAM folder. I don't remember how long I've been a member of this site but I have received one check and I'm about to receive my second. I wanted a new pair of sneakers and it was a good way to get them without spending any of my money. It's like a Get One Free at the shoe store. No complaints here.

deearey   VT

8:15pm on January 26th, 2015 

if I qualified for more surveys then it would be much better but I mean its like they don't want to pay me for being honest. I have gotten paid here though.

Tina   Dhs ca

9:16pm on January 21st, 2015 

Make extra mony all the time on inboxdollars ..love it

Heather   Charleston,sc

1:06am on January 18th, 2015 

I will spend ten minutes on a survey only for it to THEN tell me I don't qualify! Seems like they got the info out of me for free. I'm done.waste of time 30 minutes to earn $0.50??? No thanks.

Steve   florida

12:45am on January 17th, 2015 

Have been on for about two weeks and have earned 25 bucks. Not alot but i dont spend a bunch of time on here. I will comment again if i receive my first check

Jessica   New Hampshire

8:02pm on January 10th, 2015 

I joined inbox dollars abouta week a go and I am already at $23.00+ It definitely is not a way to make a living, but its nice to get a little extra cash coming in. My plan is to use inbox dollars daily and save for Christmas at the end of the year! I would recommended trying it out before you call it a scam. Its true you dont get many inbox mail cash daily, but six cents a day adds up, on top of offers, surverys, games, apps, etc.

Alysia Coley   Lakewood, WA

5:00pm on November 20th, 2014 

i love it so far. At first i thought it was a scam until i got my first check of $27.00 delivered to me by the mailman . They deducted your 3 dollars from your account , but thats fine with me.. i am now on my second check with them , and i am trying to reached like $400.00 in 2 month or so ... So, wish me Luck guys ..thanks , for the positive thought , keep me moving & FOCUS !!! Lysha

Jeanine   MN

11:13am on November 18th, 2014 

will be getting my first check of $43 next week. as i've seen -- not an income stream, but a bit more cash helps. just need to be careful of some sites it goes to (thankful for webutationon my tool bar).

Mitzi   NC

5:06pm on October 13th, 2014 

I joined Inboxdollars about 3 months ago. I have already received one check for $50. 3 weeks after I received my check, I have already earned almost $40. I can testify that this isn't a scam. It is legit. You might not get rich from taking surveys, but it is good if you want to receive extra cash.

Vivi   New York

11:59pm on October 10th, 2014 

In two days of doing surveys I've accumulated $25. I lay in my bed after I put my 9 month old to sleep and I click away for about an hour each night. Your opinions is what these companies are paying for basically.

I don't understand how people on here are complaining. This is not for you to make a living on. Where on the site does it make that promise? I think of it as someone filling up my piggy bank. Use that money to pay some bills or pay for eating out.

The only tedious thing I find is some surveys you don't qualify for, but no-biggie - just move on to the next one. When dpi g the surveys some questions are repetitive, but I understand that they do this to make sure you're actually reading and giving legitimate answers. So if you're not careful with your answers you either won't qualify for the answers or wind up signing up for something you don't really want.

Besides all that I love it and I trust to use it because I've heard from people I know that they're no SCAM, so if you're interested just read it over and if you don't mind giving it at least an hour of your time per day then check them out.

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