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Ikaria Beauty is a California-based company that markets a line of anti-aging skincare products.  The name was inspired by the Greek Island of Ikaria, recognized for the youth and health of its inhabitants.  

While the apparent fountain of youth on the island has been attributed to the diet and lifestyle, Ikaria Beauty founder and well-known television personality Debbie Matenopoulos aims to provide these results via skincare products.

What Products Does Ikaria Beauty Make?

Ikaria Beauty’s website has not yet gone live. The staging website, however, currently shows two available products: Ageless Beauty Balm and Skin Repairing Youth Elixir. Unfortunately, there is not an abundance of information on the product pages.

We do have information about the Ageless Beauty Balm from their live offer page and from interviews with founder Debbie Matenopoulos.

The Mediterranean inspired brand focuses on using healthy, natural ingredients that are centric to the Greek lifestyle including olive oil, honey, chamomile, and sea salt.

Additionally, the products are free from harsh chemicals and use only gentle, naturally derived ingredients. 

Safe, chemical-free skincare formulations are always best as many ingredients in commercial skincare products have been linked to serious health concerns like cancer.

The Ageless Beauty Balm promises to work with the natural processes of your skin to increase elasticity and fullness, tighten up loose skin, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and give you a plump, youthful glow. You can use it on your face and entire body.

The Ageless Beauty Balm from Ikaria Beauty makes tons of promises, but does it follow through? Keep reading to find out.

Cost and Price Plans

Ikaria Beauty’s Ageless Beauty Balm costs $89.00 per jar, but with the special offer, you can get it for $49.95.

Customer Service

If you have questions about their products or have issues with your order, you can contact their customer service department by calling 888-309-0205 or e-mailing [email protected]

Customer Reviews & Complaints

We scoured the internet for reviews of Ikaria Beauty’s Ageless Beauty Balm but came up empty handed. Ikaria Beauty has just a tiny footprint on the internet so far. This is unsurprising as they are clearly a new company whose website has not even gone live.

There are no reviews available on the company website, but a video on the offer page includes some feedback about the Ageless Beauty Balm.

In the video, Debbie Matenopolous notes that the balm transformed her skin and that the women who have tried the formula were amazed at how much younger they looked after using it.

She also cites studies that tested the efficacy of purple coneflower, one of the primary ingredients in the balm. Results of the study showed that natural purple coneflower extract led to a 44% increase in skin elasticity and drastically reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Health experts agree that purple coneflower may have anti-aging benefits.

The founder of the company is, of course, a biased source of information so we advise you to take the claims from the video with a grain of salt.

We were able to find a miniscule social media presence for the brand, including an Instagram page, a Facebook page, and a Twitter page.   Unfortunately, like the company website, these seem to be under construction.

We noticed that the Facebook page was created in October of 2019, but still has minimal information, zero followers, and only a handful of product photos. The Instagram page and Twitter page are similarly sparse with few followers, zero posts, and zero reviews.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Ikaria Beauty’s Ageless Beauty Balm only through their website.

The Bottom Line

Ikaria Beauty has a well-respected founder who exudes passion for the products. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this right now, as there are no testimonials available from real customers about whether the products work.

Luckily, the anti-aging market is saturated with well-reviewed products designed to help you recapture your youth – we are confident that you will find one that works for you.

If you have any experience with Ikaria Beauty or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Ikaria Beauty Customer Reviews

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Do not have customer's best interest at heart
November 15, 2022

I placed an order on FB for 2 jars....and received 6 (3 separate orders) Maybe because of a glitch? I just know I didn't place 3 orders. Ikaria doesn't pay for return shipping, and that's fine. But due to the circumstances, the rep credited me $20 on my order to cover the shipping for the return of the 4 extra jars. Unfortunately, the product didn't work out for me so I had to return the last 2 jars at my expense of $15 shipping. Again.....that's OK. But when received, Ikaria credited me back only $29.97 instead of $49.97. They took out that $20 credit originally given for the return shipping of the 4 jars. I kept going round and round with them. It fell on deaf ears and I got nowhere.

So it cost me $35 return shipping all in all. They gypped me out of $20. I am so angry. I don't agree with the saying that "the customer is always right." But, I'm in business myself and work with the public all the time. And depending on the issue, a happy customer is a must, even if you don't always agree. Because a happy and satisfied customer leads to many other sales. Was holding onto my $20 really worth it to this company? Obviously they need it more than I do.

Why is my face so red?
November 14, 2022
My face is beet red after just 2 days of use. Is this normal? I look like I have sunburn. My face is warm to the touch and feels a bit swollen.

Works Great for me!!
November 11, 2022

Love...Love....Love the Beauty Balm....just opened my third jar this morning! I am 64 years young and have tried many products.....I added the balm a couple of months ago to my firming serum that I have used for a long time.....wow....the balm kicked up the results!

In fact, my husband said yesterday morning.....your skin color looks really good.....:) I think he meant smoother......:)

Meh, 8 weeks on the elixer and no results.
September 21, 2022

Meh. I bought two containers of the Ikaria Youth Elixer, and have been using it for 8 weeks. I do not see any visible results. I came here to see how long do I have to drink the stuff before I see any visible results. Four or five containers worth?

Some products take 5 bottles to see results and that’s what I was willing to commit to. I have to note that I am a very young 64 y.o. Most people think I’m 40, and that was due to taking care of my skin and body at 19 with Chambre’ cosmetics that, unfortunately, are not around anymore.

I got lucky and had a German neighbor teach me how to take care of my skin. It isn’t through special creams or potions, just being religious to keeping it clean and moisturized, staying out of the sun, and drinking 2 liters of water everyday. No drugs or alcohol, or smoking.

I’m considering one more container of the powder elixer, but I don’t think it’s worth it.

Noticeable results after 2 weeks!!
August 7, 2022

So far I am extremely impressed!! I bought one jar of the transformation powder that you drink daily. I am 54 and sincerely just started looking into surgical options for my neck, I was beyond mortified at the loose skin and wrinkling I had. I have been a Sun worshiper my entire life and I was paying the price for that. I’m starting on week 3 and I’ve seen incredible results in my neck and skin overall. I’m hoping the results continue to build, I just ordered 2 more jars and at this time I’m thinking this will be something I continue to make a part of my daily routine. I have not mixed it with water so I can’t comment on the taste I do mix it with some juice every morning and like the taste of it mixed with juice. I sincerely never expected to see any results yet alone so danged quickly. My husband of 25 years asked what I did because he noticed the results as well.

Ikaria Beauty Transform Skin Renewing Youth Elixir really does work !!!
July 5, 2022

I have finished one container of the Ikaria Beauty Transform Skin Renewing Youth Elixir and I can say that my skin on my face is glowing and I feel it is much improved with this product.

SurfdancerOceana July 18, 2022

Thanks for sharing your experience. Any before and after pics?

Greasy skin
June 2, 2022
I have been using this product for about a week now, and have followed the application instructions exactly as recommended. My skin feels greasy after I use it, and no matter how long I leave it on, or how long i massage and tap, it does not go away. If I am doing this wrong, please let me know.

May 3, 2022
I never write reviews, but this…. The fountain of youth. That is the best way to describe Ikaria. I have only been using this product for 2 weeks. My skin is the smoothest I think it’s ever been. The saggy skin on my neck and jowls is tight and my crows feet are getting smoother day by day. This truly is an amazing product. The taste is different but you get use to it especially since the results are totally worth it!

Richgirl May 30, 2022

Pictures ???

SurfdancerOceana July 18, 2022

The is TASTE is different?? You're eating it Stephanie??

SherriBrands July 20, 2022

Surfdancer, Stephanie is commenting about the elixir, the drink skincare supplement.