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IGreenCoffeeBean.com is a new website promoting what they call an all natural, effective weight loss enhancing nutritional supplement called pure green coffee bean, which they say will help you burn more fat without more exercise.

Coffee beans that have not yet been roasted are green coffee beans, and these green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which is promoted as a weight loss enhancer. This ingredient is not available in coffee or espresso products because this acid is killed in the roasting process. Only green coffee beans contain it.

There are a few different reasons chlorogenic acid is thought of as an active weight loss compound. It is said to help inhibit fat absorption into your system, which helps prevent your body from taking on more fat weight gain.

Chlorogenic acid is also said to stimulate the metabolism of fat in your liver, as well as inhibit glucose releasing into your system after you’ve finished a meal, both of which contribute to overall health and well being, not just weight loss.

As a backup to their claims, the website refers to a study conducted with a small group of people over a 12 week period. Participants who took the green coffee bean extract were said to have lost an average of 17 lbs over the course of the trial. However, these results have not been reviewed or verified by the FDA.

Pure Green Coffee is actually just one of many different green coffee bean supplements available on the market, like Ultimate Strength Green Coffee and Premium Green Coffee Bean. Actually, Pure Green Coffee was originally promoted on the website BuyPureGreenCoffee.com instead of IGreenCoffeeBean.com.

IGreenCoffeeBean.com is currently selling a one month supply for $48, a two month supply for $98 with both an extra bottle for free and free shipping, or a three month supply for $148 with two extra bottles for free and free shipping.

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