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Flights not actually booked

July 1, 2020

Nope, don't book with them! They are a scam!

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Double charged me and bad customer service

February 26, 2020

AWFUL!!!!!!!! I wish I had read the reviews before I booked with Icheapflight. They double charged me for my ticket. Then when I realized it was not the date I was trying to book, they wouldn't do anything to help or change it. I will NEVER use this site again!!!!

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Scam company

December 14, 2019

Scam Company Do not use!!!!

I purchased airline tickets from this company on November 29, 2019. The amount was 748.50 for a flight to LA. On November 30, 2019 I cancelled the reservation because I did not receive the airline eticket as I was supposed to receive within 24 hours. I was sent an email by the agent I spoke with on the phone that my money would be refunded in full. The agent told me it would be refunded to my account in 7-10 business days. I followed up twice with the company to confirm the 7 -10 business days.

Today December 14, 2019 I called again because 7-10 business days have passed. I was told by an agent named (Ronnie Hill) ???? that would be December 30 or January before I received the refund. I have read several reviews where this has happened to other customers and some are still trying to get their money back. I told the agent today that I will be reporting this to the Attorney General and any other agency that investigates companies that partake in unethical behaviors or fraud.

I am also going to retain an attorney on Monday to look into this matter. With the amount of reviews on this company from customers who have had their money taken because of this company exhibiting unethical behaviors there must be a way to bring a class action law suit or have them investigated for their processes. 749.50 might not be a lot to some but it is worth putting a stop to the BAD BUSINESS practices this company appears to be participating in. The agent I last spoke to said the companies processes take this long to process a refund.

In this age of technology I believe this is a ploy to keep people from getting their money back. Plus they are way more expensive then dealing directly with the airlines. Do not be scammed not sure where this call center is located but they need to be stopped.

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