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iBeat Heart Monitor Smart Watch
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About iBeat Heart Monitor Smart Watch

The iBeat Heart Monitor Smart Watch, found online at iBeat.com, is a new product that describes itself as “the smartwatch that can save your life” with its heart monitoring and emergency alert service. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the creators of the iBeat Heart Monitor Smart Watch wanted to provide people with a stylish but effective alert device which can help people with heart conditions not only monitor their heartrate but also to alert emergency services if needed.

To do this, their smartwatch uses medical grade sensors to track your heart beat. In the event that your heart slows down or speeds up significantly, this watch then has the ability to alert you, alert your loved ones, and alert 911 so that immediate care can be sent, potentially saving your life. 

The website says that in the event of an emergency, the iBeat Heart Monitor will always ask you if you are having an emergency before they dispatch 911. You will have ten seconds to tap the watch and inform them that you are ok before 911 is alerted. In addition, customers always have the option of turning 911 notifications off in the settings area.  


This watch also provides their wearers with a “Help On Demand” feature which allows them to call their emergency contacts or emergency services even if their heart rate did not set off the watch, and whenever a customer is in a “no cell coverage” area, the device will send out an audible beacon that will alert anyone near you to your emergency. 

It’s also important to mention that this watch operates just like any other smart watch, with the ability to tell time and offer standard alerts.   

Cost/Price Plans

Their website says that customers can take advantage of a pre-order deal at this time and purchase one of their iBeat watches in either Black or Rose Gold for just $99. They say that this is 70% off what the eventual full retail price will be.

This $99 price also includes one full year of service at no additional charge. After your initial year of service has concluded, their website says that service will be continued at $17 per year month, though customers are under no obligation to continue service after that first year if they no longer feel the need to. 

Refund Policy

Because this product is still only available in the pre-order stage there does not appear to be a clearly published and articulated Refund Policy available at this time. This company also does not provide a published set of legal Terms and Conditions, which makes it difficult to determine what kinds of policies this company might provide for their customers once this product is available to purchase outright, but hopefully after this device begins to ship in Summer of 2017 they will begin to provide their customers with this information.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 415-496-9682 or by email at [email protected]    


Unfortunately this product doesn’t appear to have any customer reviews at this time, as it is not yet available to any of their customers. However, this is not new technology being utilized by this product in any way, it’s just being used for a very specific purpose, so it is not hard to believe that they will be able to fulfill their promises as advertised.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different emergency alert devices that people can use if they need help and are unable to reach their cell phone, as well as many different heart monitoring devices and many different smart watches and fitness monitors, most of which offer some sort of ability to monitor your heart rate, though they will not contact friends or emergency contacts if your heart raises or drops. Customers will need to consider what features are the most important to them when looking for alternatives to this product.  

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your iBeat Heart Monitor Smart Watch reviews below.

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8 ‘iBeat Heart Monitor Smart Watch ’ Reviews
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I was scammed for 2 Watches - and I'm pissed!!
May 5, 2020
Three years ago my husband and I decided to try this item since he'd had one heart attack already. We paid $100 each for a preorder of 2. We finally got 2 watches last year to try but they were too small for him. They told me to return it and when a larger size became available they would send it. I returned it and never heard another word from them. I emailed multiple times but was completely ignored. The other one is still in the box as I didn't want to use mine until my husband's came. Now he has passed away. Companies like this should be shut down!!!

Angry with iBeat
September 4, 2019
I was screwed also by iBeat. No refund, no watch, now it’s time for a Class Action Law Suit against iBeat/100Plus!!!!

Bob P October 16, 2019

I agree time for a law suit against IBeat

So Disappointed
January 6, 2019

I really thought this was a great idea and I ordered for someone special to me as they had a Cardiac Arrest. The watch broke down within a month.

Then the BS started. You could not get in touch with them to rectify the problem. I finally got in touch with someone via LinkedIn who handled my situation but to get their customer service to do anything was impossible. But yet they say they are trying to save lives but at the same time who knows how many lives have been lost due to their lack of concern.

Cindy September 04, 2019

I’m yet another victim. Though, we are the ones to helped get this company going with our prepaid funds. You’d think they would have treated us better! Time to file a Class Action Law Suit!!

Darryl S March 01, 2019

I ordered mine in Dec 2016. They kept changing the release date. I even participated in the bata program. To date I have not recieved my watch and they will not return my calls or emails. The they I refer to are Omari and Michael. I prepaid $108.95 for the watch and one year service. I'm glad I'm out only $108.95. Maybe they didn't like my review.

Refund Requested
December 19, 2018

After having an experience similar to those described in the previous four reviews, I emailed a refund request today to Brian Boarini, Co-Founder. He had replied to emails back in August/September when I returned my defective watch, so I thought maybe he would help with the refund. But, based on the above reviews, I'm not expecting to receive a refund. Very unfortunate as I would really like to have a watch that provides the service iBeat promised.

As for the company, if it failed, losing my $179 is disappointing, but why is the website still live???

Ibeat watch
December 12, 2018
I Ordered the watch and it took me two years to receive it. Beginning of this year I participated in the trial for the watch all went well and I did not want to return the watch because I had become dependent on it. I finally received the watch in June of this year and it worked fine until about August then they watch face when out, I tried contacting the company several times through email and phone calls with no response at all finally after wearing the watch the band finally broke on it.I contacted the doctor Oz show because he is a backer of the company and spokes person for them his technical team sent me an email said they would send a email to the company on my behalf they did this in about a month later I received an email from the owner CEO of Ibeat, he promised me a full refund and a new watch when they were available that still has that happened I sent him emails asking about my refund and he always has a different question concerning why he can’t send it I filed a complaint with the California Attorney General today I’m hoping to hear back from them soon and I want to find others who would file a class action lawsuit against Ibeat with me, if anyone reads this that Is interested please contact me at [email protected] Thank you

Doesn't work
October 15, 2018

My ibeat alarm went off and it sent the wrong location to my family and first responders. A week later it stopped working all together. After getting an RMA# and requesting a full refund all communication with the company stopped. I tried every avenue of contacting the company about my refund emails, every phone extension and no answers. Fortunately I purchased it through PayPal and was able to open a dispute. Ibeat never responded to PayPal's investigation so they gave me a full refund.

Stay far away from ibeat it's another failed tech startup.

Hugh K October 26, 2018

I had the very same experience. After a number of calls and emails I received my refund but then they charged my credit card with the annual $200 monitoring fee. Again, after several attempts, they also credited my card. They said that there were problems with the software, which they hoped to have corrected by November.

2 1/2 Years Later and still no watch
October 4, 2018
I bought into the hype 2 1/2 years ago on indegogo. I purchased an ibeat watch and 1 year service package as a preorder. I anbn a Congestive Heart Failure patient who is often alone, this seemed the ideal product. To my great disappointment 2 1/2 years later there is no watch, no service, and no response from ibeat. I would file a lawsuit for fraud but doubt I will ever recoup anything. Lesson learned, these people are no better than panhandlers and con men. Shame on them. My advice stay away.

IBEAT is a dangerous fraud!!
September 26, 2018

iBeat is a scam. Full stop. I was an early adopter for aboUT $99. After 1 month (not a year)'free service' charges on a cc begin @ $19.00 per month. All was good until I gave my cc #. Shortly after, the watchface stopped working--which means the heart monitor is inaccessibe because the digital command tree isn't visible. As such, the heart watch can't be disabled,and the cc charges can't be stopped, because a digital code activates the heart watch, but is no longer visible due to the nonfunctioning screen. The 1st call to support did get a response from "Shelly", who offered to replace the watch if it would not recharge and reboot. Then Shelly and all live personnel dropped off a cliff. Despite at least 5 vcml messages left over 2 weeks soliciting help, none came. Despite at least 4 email messages for support over 2 weeks time, no contact was reciprocated. All heart monitoring and support they advertise is nonexistent. I would be dead or incapacitated if I had a health 'event'. This is a fraudulent travesty and needs to be stopped before someone dies. I will be reporting them to CA and MA Attorney General's Office and the state Consumer Protection Bureau.

Dr. Joseph Vandergrift

[email protected]