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Throughout my busy work schedule and active social life, it’s always been a challenge to fit in the everyday workout. I don’t always have time to go back and forth to the gym and I can only get so much out of going for a jog. Then, I discovered the Hyrdow Rowing Machine by Crew, an indoor rower that allows you to reach a peak level of performance without sacrificing too much time.

On top of that, you have access to an online community and training regiment with an LCD screen that makes your indoor rower feel as if you're out on the water.

This virtual rowing machine is a great find for anyone looking to be efficient with their time without sacrificing the experience. Hydrow has delivered on making a highly sought out activity even more accessible without ever having to leave your home.


Hydrow Rowing Machine by Crew is an experience unlike any other. The product allows you to wade your boat through the river without actually ever getting wet. With a connected HD touchscreen and training programs that adjust your resistance in real time, you can set up multiple users with multiple profiles to your Hydrow.

No matter where you are in the world, from the comforts of your home you can access world-class rowing destinations like Miami and the Charles River making you feel as if you’re there in real time. Hydrow allows 24/7 access to all training programs along with live broadcasts from world-class instructors either on the water or in the studio. They even offer whole body workouts like yoga, resistance training, stretching, and functional movement so that you keep your body feeling right.

If you have a competitive edge and you want to keep track of your progress, your Hydrow rower will keep track for you so you can see how you stack up against others with daily rows, challenges, and special events.

How Does It Work?

From the first time you sit in your Hydrow there are few questions about how it works; this live outdoor reality rower makes everything easy to understand with its intuitive interface.

Accompanied with a 22” sweatproof monitor that comes with a camera, ergonomic seats, quiet resistance mechanisms, and a digital adjustable resistance system, Hydrow pulls out all the stops when creating its virtual rowing machine.

From there, Hydrow has over 400 filmed rowing sessions with world-class trainers from all around the world. This indoor rower does a great job of traveling the world without ever having to purchase a plane ticket. As far as virtual rowing machines, Hydrow takes things to the next level by creating leaderboards that allow you to keep track of your progress against others and even yourself.

Cost/Price Plans

It’s important to know what to expect for prices before diving into purchasing this virtual rowing machine. Hydrow can at first be pretty costly, but it’s worth it as a lifetime investment.

Originally priced at $2,399, Hydrow rowing machines are currently on sale for $2,199.00. You have the option of reserving your Hydrow today for a $500 deposit.

You also can choose from different packages that include the “The Space Saver” package if you’re living in tighter quarters. This includes an Upright Storage Kit for your virtual rower and is priced at $2,449.

If you’re looking to really level up your game, you can purchase “The Works” package for $2,599 which includes the Rower, Upright Storage Kit, Standard Delivery, BT102 Wireless Buds, Rhythm+ HRM watch, and a Clear Long Machine Mat.

On top of every package that Hydro offers, all Hydro rowing machines require a $38/month subscription to receive all of their services.

Customer Service

Hydrow’s website offers a FAQs page to answer regularly asked questions while listing plenty of quick links to blogs that can provide you with even more information. If you’re not satisfied there, you can email the Boston based company directly through [email protected] Here, they’ll do their best to get in contact with you and help you answer all of your questions.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Reviews online are actually pretty good and give the Hydrow Rowing Machine a representable reputation. The virtual rowing machine has been found to be a reliable exercise machine that may lack an extra feature or two.

People are saying that it offers an awesome machine that translates well over from the water when it comes to providing a great physical workout. Yet, complaints have argued that the software may be incomplete. It hasn’t been released to the public yet but people are saying that it may very well be the future of “working out”. 

Competitors and Alternatives

What immediately comes to mind is how similar this initial design and product are to the popular Peloton machine. Although Peloton is a virtual bike machine, it’s training program design with leaderboards, online trainers, and subscriptions are extremely similar to Hydrow. It all comes down to what you prefer whether that be rowing or cycling. Hydrow offers a stellar alternative to Peloton if you’re over spinning on two wheels. Some may also think that Hydrow is Peloton’s newest competitor

Where to Buy?

You can purchase your Hydrow machine online directly from their website and can expect it to be shipped to you by July 2019.


The bottom line, Hydrow offers an awesome alternative to spinning on two wheels indoors. If you want an interactive experience that replaces the value of actually being on the water, Hydrow is as close as it gets.

Whether you’re a former collegiate rower, a frequent recreator, or even if you’re just a beginner, Hydrow Rowing Machines are exactly what you’re looking for when searching for guidance. For an indoor rower, there is no other experience that is as interactive and connected to a community than Hydrow.

However, be sure that you have the proper space in your home and the funds to match the purchase before jumping into the virtual waters with Hydrow.

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What ???

August2, 2019

I ordered this machine back in December 2018 said it would be here by May in May I got a message said it wont be here till August still nothing...

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