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Hutton Chase describes itself as an online department store where customers can find major name brand items at discounted prices compared to other retailers.

Customers can find items at that they would find in traditional brick-and-mortar stores in categories like Kitchenware, Travel Items, Apparel & Accessories, Electronics, Drinkware, Clocks, Cookware, Health & Beauty, Jewelry, Sports & Outdoor Items, and more.

Yet there is one major difference between Hutton Chase and other, more traditional department store retailers, and that is the fact that they only allow purchases to be made at their store through their store credit card, the Luxe Card.

Their store credit card comes with a line of $1,500 in credit, which they describe as enough to purchase almost any item they have for sale through their website, as well as 0% interest for the first six months after your purchase.

Purchasing items with the Luxe Card also gives members a 25% discount on all their Hutton Chase purchases, though each purchase you make does require an initial payment up front and shipping cost before you can continue paying off the item with your Luxe Signature credit line.

Unlike other store or bank credit cards, says their card is perfect for people who have bad credit or no credit, because as long as you are over 18 years and have a valid checking account, their website promises guaranteed approval with no credit check and no employment check. 

They also promise to report major credit bureaus, which will help you build credit, as well as a simple application process which only requires you to submit your full name, mailing address, phone number, active email address, and whether or not you have a valid checking account.

If you have any experience with Hutton Chase or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Excellent Customer Service
October 21, 2019
This company has helped me in many ways, and bree has been there for me on multiple occasions, she is professional and very respectful, I have only positive things to say about this company, I highly recommend it

don't do it
July 26, 2019
They make you pay over 200.00. which they debit from your bank account. Their stuff is crap. Then you still have to pay some money down to purchase stuff even though you paid them 200 already. Even if you haven't used their credit you cannot get a refund if decide to close account. So now I'm out the 200 I paid them. I have lots of attorney friends. Definetly going to talk to them. Total SCAM. What a shame they companies take advantage of people with not so perfect credit. How do they sleep at night. I know that I couldn't if I treated people this way.

November 5, 2017
My score increased by 14 points. Because air have other credit cards, this helped with credit utilization. I will be purchasing items that are relatively cheap. The purpose of the acct is to build my credit so I am not interested in the high dollar items that seem exorbitant. But overall I am happy.

Haunts me having to have fees when I didnt even touch my account.
July 6, 2017

Hey um I have read the Terms and whatever.. It scared the crap out of me.. I have used one of them fake identity generator for the card and it accepted! Ii didn't think it would work but should I be worried about this? I mean I am only... 14...

And I know I was not suppose to sign up and IMVU gave some offers and I ended up there.. Signing it... And didn't get my credit. But reading these reviews made me feel better... But still. It says I could be reported foe signing up with illegal age and fake card... Should I worry? :(

Total ripoff
May 10, 2017
They have a g shock illuminatoe watch for sale at $88. They require a $33 downpayment. Amazon sells the same watch for $40. This site is a complete ripoff.

Raymond May 12, 2017

Thanks, Now I wont waste my $20.00, I can add a little more $ and take my wife out instead.

Worst mistake made
November 21, 2014
I opened an account to rebuild my credit. There is nothing on their website that I wish to buy. Ive tried to call numerous times to cancel my account. No one ever answers and then it goes to voicemail. No one ever calls back. What a rip off... DO NOT open an account with them.

Jeffrey May 10, 2017

They have a g shock illuminatoe watch for sale at $88. They require a $33 downpayment. Amazon sells the same watch for $40. This site is a xomplete ripoff.

Raymond May 12, 2017