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March 3, 2021

They took my money, but I didn't got the key. Financial institution says "everything went fine, we passed the money", humble-support says: "no we didn't received any". Yeah, sure!

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Lying liars

February 27, 2021

If you see a positive review, it's most likely a lie. Humble Bundle exists to steal your money. Don't do it.

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What a dissapointment

August 3, 2020

I wanted so badly for this company and it's services to be a decent experience. I spend a lot, probably more than I should, on gaming every year. I want to get away from the larger suppliers and support more indie developers and smaller shops. I am willing to work with a longer process for these things and be patient with any challenges that may result from a smaller staff or limited resources. When I first looked into this company for a subscription I was glad for the selection of games available. I was also interested by the structure which included charity.

The problem as you can see by many other reviews here is the customer service is not only slow, but more importantly insufficient. I ordered a full year of services on a debit with plenty of funds available. I was told there was an error of some kind, but I was never told conclusively what the error was. I spent nearly a week going back and forth with their customer service trying to solidify my order. They only seemed to respond to about half my questions.

They never told me what was actually happening or what we could do to rectify it. I was told it could possibly have something to do with my VPN service. However I pay for that service, and though I'd willingly turn it off temporarily if need be, I wont just leave it off for the two or more days it often takes humblebundle to respond, and I got no assurance that was really the problem or that doing that would work.

At the end of a long unsatisfying service process I was merely told that my account was unflagged and that I should re order their service from the beginning. I still don't know why I was flagged in the first place. I still don't know if the error is cleared and that I wont have the same problem again. And now the sale which I applied in the window of is days gone raising the totally price, and even though I can afford it why would I?

This company has made no effort to secure my business and I imagine they wont make any effort to secure yours. My suggestion would be to try something else.

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So far, So Great

June 15, 2020

I am not a gamer but I do take advantage of the software bundles. I am very happy with the deals and incredible savings. I haven't had any problems. I just purchased my 7th bundle

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Stay clear from that site

February 2, 2019

I bought a steam game there which was revoked from my account "due to issues with the payment" (while there were no issues at all with the payment). Needless to say my PayPal and CC got billed but HB wouldn't refund that purchase regardless. On top of that their support even lied to me and told me that they've refunded that purchase already while they did not. I Needed to open a PayPal dispute case which was solved pretty fast in my favor by PayPal after they saw the proof screenshots.

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Yes its legit, but their customer service blows.

November 3, 2018

I bought a few titles over the years but sometimes you get errors preventing you from buying timed sales. When contacting customer service they lollygag wasting more of your time. Then don't appoligize or attempt to keep your business. I have referred them in the past to current and former coworkers. No more!

Its better to get them from steam or directly from developers as they get most of the money from the sale. Where as with humblebundle they take a huge part of the sale donate 5% to a charity(probably thier pocket) and throw 20ish % of the sale to the developer.

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Awful support , refused to refund over 200$ of lost keys

June 14, 2018

So according to their policy , even tho their bundle contain keys for games i already own ... i somehow still need to activate them and not give them away or trade them for something else .

I had made quite a stash of such keys , cause i was planing a mass giveaway event ... which didn't happen because my account was compromised at some point , did not get any warning for that happening ... and when i asked for any help in at least knowing if they ware all activated on same account , if i was logged from somewhere other then my home IP , which i provided .

Their response was that they don't deal with key re-sellers ... and any future support issues will not be answered .

SO yeah .. f-you humble

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Not worth the trouble

May 23, 2018

If you run into even a minor hiccup the "support" will not help you. They have no need for customer retention so they just cast away any loyal customer because they feel like they are the only bundle site with any notoriety so developers will only go to them.

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Products may disappear, no refund

May 23, 2018

Their gift links can redeem themselves after a while, not letting anyone even see the code to activate it. They can choose to not refund you even it's a problem on their end.

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Awful support, they never refund you or change invalid key

May 23, 2018

After HB was purchased by IGN some time ago HB support became really awful. Blaming a customer for reselling, trading or being a scammer in a common thing today for support members, but not helping customers. Earlier this bundle site was one of the best, now it's another greedy grey key shop.

January 03, 2019

yeah, it was like pulling teeth to get a $1 refund on a bundle i bought that contained 6 out of 6 invalid steam keys. had to threaten with a charge back. the only reason i did all that for $1 was the principle of it... i will not give money to such a company anymore

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Meh wont honor a game offer they advertised

December 10, 2017

I have used Humble for years. Buying games for myself and my son. Even bought a bunch of Insurgency keys to give to friends so we could all play. Then cam May of 2016. They offered Rising Storm Vietnam 2 for free. I selected to take that offer. I later read the confirmation email that stated clearly Save the email for future reference.

So in August after remembering I had been given a free game I went back the the email that I saved and clicked the DL link. Ummm it appears I only had like 10 days to redeem the game. I lost out on the free game. I had also purchased a few other games. One of which was another Rising Storm game that was on sale and part of the promo. I had DL it in time.

Luckily all the keys were still there. And actually all he keys are still there today. Dec 9, 2017. I contacted Humble. I wanted my game. They refused. said they had made it clear the game was a limited time. I never say it anywhere and the confirmation email does not state it. #NeverHumble I filed a complaint with the BBB. They are worthless. But hey the complaint is on record.

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LOVE humble bundle

May 26, 2016

never had an issue with customer service, got the games easily through steam and have been delighted ever since. Don't have any idea what the issue is for all of the other people giving it 1 star ratings. It was totally worth 12 stars for me. incredible experience and I will continue to support them!

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February 7, 2016

Terrible customer service. I submitted a request to fix a serious issue (i.e. not being able to play the games that I bought) three weeks ago and it still hasn't been resolved. I submitted a second request two weeks ago concerning the same issue and they haven't responded yet. Absolutely laughable. I'll never buy anything from them again.

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Worst support then Steam. Will steal your key then not respond

December 9, 2015

Humble Bundle is worst than Steam. Steam support ALWAYS replies and is straight-forward: if you bought a key, then it's yours or its refunded, otherwise it's crap ton of complicated.

Humble Bundle on the other hands, let your key be deactivated or even stolen, but what makes me crazy is that their support will ignore you, with a big lack of respect, if they can fix the problem. There is no solution OR straight-forward reply, just no replies despite the several relaunch messages you can send, which is a huge dodgy lack of respect for customers...

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Execellant - Good Causes, and good prices!

February 11, 2015

Awesome bargains! Idk why everyone hates it, to reedeem a game, go to Steam -> Game -> Activate Product. Great Prices for a TON of games in a package!

January 03, 2019

every time i tried to redeem a humble key, steam told me it was invalid, fan-boy.

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Stole my money

October 18, 2014

2 weeks ago I pre-ordered FFXIII on their store but when I came out I couldn't redeem the code. I asked for helps from their support team and they showed me ways to fix it. I'd tried all of them but it still didn't let me redeem the code.

After their solutions didn't work out, I lost contact with them for a week. I even posted a status on their facebook's wall about the matter. They replied by saying will take a look at my case. Another week passed and not a single email from them.

I used resolution center on Paypal to ask for my refund. Paypal said they will email me when HumbleBundle replies to them. When I had a look at my HumbleBundle account, the FFXIII code was gone but no money back to bank account or Paypal account. And yet, no reply from HumbleBundle

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Horrible experience.

April 21, 2014

A friend bought "Goat Simulator" for me in February as a fun gift; it hadn't been released then. It was finally released recently, so I thought to install it a few weeks ago. Sadly, this was an INCREDIBLY involved process and I had to make multiple new accounts and jump through tons of hoops. And then, after spending tons of time on that, it didn't work.

So I emailed them and was told it was too late for a refund because she'd purchased it in February. Really? I bet you'd refund the money if you actually gave a flying f*** about your customers instead of just the bottom line. Horrible company, terribly (and slow) customer service. I'll never deal with them again.

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October 17, 2014

Well, a title of one of their web pages is: "pay what you want and help charity" & then the content of the page says: "Pay more than the average of $5.59 to unlock!"

^^ So, it's pretty clear how they operate. Ofc., there would -certainly- be customers, who as you say wouldn't give a flying f*** about paying more than $0.01 for games.. but, since they advertize it as paying WHAT I WANT - well, you get the point. =)

Anywho, didn't purchase anything from them yet, but it's good to know that not everything runs smoothly.. I guess it's a cool warning, to be a lil' cautious (perhaps :)), although we're dealing with chump change; hehe.

October 17, 2014

*forgot 2 add screenshots:


October 17, 2014

Oh && btw., canNOT flag your review as "Helpful" because you've given it 1 star.. Due to a support/ personal issue; doesn't deserve it, meh. ;-$

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Phillip Ley

If I could give no stars I WOULD!

November 17, 2013

Humble bundle was paid via the btc option on their site on 11-10-2013 and still to this day I don't have my game codes. I got sent one email after purchase saying to click this link to go to their site and it asked for the email to send the codes to and then nothing. BEWARE THEY ARE A RIP OFF FOR THE BTC COMMUNITY! Their support won't even respond to me to correct the issue. They are completely a rip off and I will be making them famous for being a rip off just like!

November 30, 2013

You obviously have no ability to follow instructions.
You have to activate the game inside your Steam before it will download.

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Well pleased

November 14, 2013

Only found out about it today and check before getting this weeks bundle. No hassle at all.

Joined, picked the amount I wanted to pay and got the bundle plus the extra ones as I paid over the average amount.

The two I wanted out of the bundles were £20 on steam and I got them and more for $5. You need a steam account to redeem them. You can pay using paypal as well.

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So, wheres the game?

November 14, 2013

I purchased a humble bundle, and was met with a message saying there was an error processing the purchase.
I have a debit to my account but no games.
Ive contacted support numerous times and have always received canned messages and no actual support.
Ill be contesting the charges through my bank and not using humble again.

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