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Reviewed By Chad on June 5, 2017

Scam, don't give up Medicare. Swindles like this are just bait and switch cases.'inaurance is trash and pays for nothing. These plans should be banned

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DO NOT choose a Medicare Advantage Plan

Reviewed By Tina on September 30, 2016

Humana Advantage is constantly denying services (preauthorization and payment) for covered services. My mom was "stuck" in the hospital because they refuse to pre-certify the next level of care. The SNF would not take her because she was too sick and Humana would not approve her to go to a rehab or long term acute care hospital where she could get the therapy she needed to recover. In short, the peer-to-peer yielded nothing. Then the hospital case manager filed an appeal...while I was standing there when she did it but the next day, they had no record of...then I filed an appear, which again the next day they had no record of. We had to get an Indiana State Representative to listen to our story and get personally involved to get her out of the hospital---like 5 days later. You can file a formal complaint with Medicare by calling 1-800-633-4227Â FREE. I also turned to social media to get the word out that Humana Advantage is terrible and never choose it. The only thing that will make this stop these terrible practices is their pocketbook so get the word out to keep others from having to go through all this. Also, open enrollment starts Oct 1 every year---be sure to change!

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Atnea and Humana

Reviewed By Linda Maxwell on August 1, 2014, Tempe, Arizona

Humana charge for Medicare but gave me a doctor who is not legal to practice in arizona service is bad

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No X-ray facilities in network

Reviewed By amous on October 26, 2012, alabama

Mother recently went to Humana Choice plan and found that there was no x-ray facility within 1 hour drive of our area. Several representatives sent me on a goose chase of two different facilities one that had no longer been open and then another 40 minutes away that was someones residence that did not do x-rays. What a joke. After several calls and more than 3 hours on the telephone with many agents, I was then asked to turn around and drive back to where I began my search for the original x-ray facility.

The supervisor I spoke with said she called to assure that they do in fact do the x-rays at this location as I told them I was not driving another 30 minutes to find that they can't do it. Wouldn't you know my gut told me to call the facility myself even after I was told they do the x-ray at that location and they indicated they were only a billing agency and did not do x-rays at this location. My 78 year old mother to this date has not been able to get the x-ray needed.

The mail order pharmacy has screwed up several prescriptions and not mailed ones that have been put in their system for weeks. So far not impressed and the customer service is horrible with automated phone calls, same complaints about caregivers not wanting to be spoken to and no immediate option on phone lines to speak with a representative. I had to listen to the same recording at least 10 times to get to the end when I could actually speak to a live person.

Humana, you need to step up the customer service and surely you should have appropriate network x-ray facility in all areas and someone that ensures your list of network providers are updated as they leave the network. I spoke with more than 5 persons that weren't aware that these facilities were not in their network or closed down. One residence where sent indicated that there father hadn't done x-rays in over 10 years. Hmmm....

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John t
January 26, 2013

Just the name Humana turns me away!!

Todd S.
February 25, 2013

Hamana Advantage plans are supposed to act just like medicare, that means no pre-authorizations for needed care, etc. I called Medicare today to file a complaint, one of many. Hopefully Humana will loose their contract and quit scamming people.

An agent that cares!
August 16, 2013

As a United States Navy Veteran i have gotten into the senior business and this is what i have seen in the field. Advantage plans are not fully explained to the customers. If you get real sick good luck with all the out of pocket expenses. Plan F through Medicare is the only plan that provides a no out of pocket expense for medical and hospital by paying your monthly premium plus what social security takes out for Part A and B for your 80%. Although you may need a Part D for your prescriptions you will have the best plan and the peace of mind knowing that you are fully covered. Part D is easily found on the site. You can put in your specific prescriptions and it will give you options. Stay Healthy on the Advantage plan and it will be a great plan for you. Get sick, well look forward to the bills coming in the mail. Find someone that is genuine and actually cares about you and your plan. I recommend a Plan F if you want peace of mind but be sure to get it before you have a pre-existing condition. Take care America and do the right thing for you and your family.

August 18, 2013

" will have the best plan and the peace of mind knowing that you are fully covered."

As an agent specializing in the Medicare benefits markets, I certainly hope this is NOT how you are explaining Plan F to your clients. There is NO PLAN where you are fully covered. And Medicare Advantage plans fill a needed niche in the senior markets. Ignore them and you'll do a segment of your clientele a disservice. You're right though - it's important that the client know about the gaps in coverage and what their exposure is.

August 16, 2015

I'm happy with Humana's Advantage plan. I've had zero issues.

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Great sales pitch

Reviewed By Groy on October 21, 2012

I have been in sales for over 50 years and i know from experience that if you pitch something in what may seem like the right way you can and will get someone to buy anything - example the bridge to nowhere! But i always taught my salespeople to be honest with a customer because you would expect to treated the same way. They would and expected to be fired if it came to my attention that they lied to a customer just to make a sale and their commission...

Its really bad today that a lot of selling today is full of lies especially with insurance company . Before you buy into getting a certain plan it pay to ask questions first with your doctor, your local hospital, and your friends or co-workers if they have had any problems with this insurance company. This will save you dollars and lots of headaches- i have blue cross/blue shield for over 20 years and no headaches period!!!! It's your decision and money ---just think carefully before you decide- do your homework!!!

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November 14, 2014

Nothing sells like "pitching heat." Commission plans generally reward it heavily enough to make it worthwhile. They say "you can pitch heat and eventually get fired with a pile of money in the bank - or don't pitch heat, be broke and get fired for not hitting your numbers.

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