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Hum Nutrition Inc. was founded in 2012 and is a company based in Los Angeles, California. The two men responsible for this unique venture are Christopher Coleridge and Walter Faulstroh.

Their vision is to help you stay healthy through the right nutrition and balanced micronutrients intake. The whole idea of the company was born when one of the founders, Walter Faulstroh, battled annoying and persistent problems with his skin.

He consulted a number of doctors and dermatologists. However, despite the different therapies they prescribed, nothing would help him and the problems just kept coming back.

Eventually, he was introduced to Christopher Coleridge and he pinpointed the exact causes behind his condition. Sure enough, once Walter made some changes in his diet, the symptoms subsided and he has been healthy ever since.

The two men then joined forces and started a company that deals with research in the field of nutrition. The special focus is, of course, on the link between diet and healthy skin.


Hum Nutrition Inc. manufactures and sells vitamins and supplements that help your skin, hair and nails stay healthy. Its portfolio also includes products that are intended to help with healthy weight loss.

Their products come in attractive bottles and their names are amusing and intuitive at the same time. Their offer consists of products such as Daily Cleanse, Skinny Bird, Arctic Repair, Big Chill and others.

How Does It Work?

Daily Cleanse contains a mixture of nine different herbs to help your skin and body stay healthy. It helps with acne breakouts and prevents them as well by getting rid of toxins in your liver, bowel, kidneys and lungs.

Skinny Bird is a unique formula that guarantees natural weight loss. It balances out the sugar levels in your blood, so that you won’t get hunger attacks and will not feel the need for stress eating.

Big Chill will raise your focus and help you manage better in stressful situations. It is entirely made from plant extracts and clinical researches have proven its effectiveness against stress-related symptoms.

Base Control is a supplement that contains all of the important micronutrients that are critical for our good looks and health, with added iron for women who are in the pre-menopausal stage. If you don’t need this additional iron, there is an iron-free variety as well.

Arctic Repair improves the look of your skin, reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates it, thanks to the effects of the lingonberry seed oil found in it. Another product to support your skin’s elasticity is named Collagen Love.

With the use of Collagen Pop, which is a dissolvable collagen and Vitamin C preparation, you can also boost your skin to be firm and hydrated. Red Carpet promotes hair growth and is rich in plant-based omegas that hydrate your scalp.

In addition to their standard product portfolio, you are entitled to a private consultation with one of their nutritionists to explain the problems you are experiencing. Then, you can try to find the solution together.

After you finish your consultation, the company will mail supplements that are specially-prepared for you.

Cost and Price Plans

All of the Hum Nutrition products come in a monthly plan quantity. Depending on the ingredients and purpose of the product, the prices range from $10 to $60 a bottle. 

If you take a short quiz on the company’s official website, you are entitled to a free personal evaluation by a professional nutritionist. You will also be given a coupon code with $10 off your next purchase.

You will then gain membership and receive your unique profile with a username and password. You will receive emails with a notification and can unsubscribe at any time. On top of that, you will get free delivery for all orders that exceed $50.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The company’s products are backed up by serious clinical researches that prove their effectiveness.

Hum Nutrition Inc. employs many expert dieticians and nutritionists who are all certified and capable of resolving your specific issues, even though all of the consultations are conducted online.

The design and names are clever and amusing, which is another factor that draws customers to this company. However, if you expect their products to be miraculous solutions, you will be disappointed.

They do not claim to resolve all of your issues instantly and only offer supplements that should be combined with a healthy lifestyle to give you the best possible results over a period of time.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are in search of products and supplements that can help your skin, nails and hair stay healthy and beautiful, you can look into some options other than Hum Nutrition as well.

You can compare it vs Olly, which is another company that experiments with the clever and attractive designs of its products. They offer vitamins in the form of gummies and their protein powders are tasty and nutritious.

There are also protein bars for healthy snack choices and probiotic sticks that are fun and easy to use. If you compare it vs Ritual Vitamins, you will get to see a completely different concept. This company believes that you don’t need a lot of different supplements.

It has developed one product that contains nine different vitamins that they find essential for a healthy lifestyle. Nutrawise is another company that offers many different supplements to support your health.

The products come in in beautifully-designed containers and are shipped right to your door.

Where to Buy?

To place a purchase, visit the company’s official website at


The link between nutrition and health is tight. That is why Hum Nutrition Inc. makes a great effort to research this link and develop products that can help you eliminate toxins and function better.

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