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Buy your hoverboard somewhere else
November 11, 2020

Buy your board somewhere else. This business is a total scam. They changed us right away and then disappeared. They do not reply to email, chats, phone calls, or letters. They never replied to us, our bank disputing the charges, the Wisconsin better business bureau.

When I finally talked to someone 4 month later when I called they claim "we do not answer to the better business bureau " we had no contact from them for 4 months. We canceled our order per their request through their email they never returned our payment. It has been over 4 months countless emails, phone calls, getting extra help from the BBB and our bank. I am still trying to to get a refund.

Look at the other reviews this is not a one time occurrence. There are other companies to buy your hoverboard from do your self a favor, save yourself a lot of time and headaches. go through someone else.

Ho erboards.com HORRIBLE
September 11, 2020
I ordered a hover board for my granddaughter as a birthday gift and their site shows 1-4 days shipping. I have called and left voicemails 3 different days, I emailed no response, I used their "live chat" that immediately states we will reply back to you in 24 hours(definitely not live chat) and 72 hours later I have not received a response. I'm beginning to think this a fraudulent site. I tried to track and see the UPS shipment was initiated 11 days ago, however it still has not been shipped. I'm filing a BBB complaint.

Can I get a response????
August 29, 2020
I pre-ordered my son a hoverboard on 8/11 which they took the payment right away and advised that it will ship 8/24. Well 8/24 came and went, sent numerous emails, calls, and now trying chat with not even a peep or even an auto generated message. I am furious, I think if there is enough complaints we should band together to start a class action lawsuit....UGHH!!

Gregory September 01, 2020

I’m in the same situation as you I order a hoverboard online and the message told me the same thing in which it would be ready to ship on 08/24/2020 ,

I have received it yet

TheresaHays September 01, 2020

It's so frustrating!! I reported them to the BBB and will have the charges reversed from my card once I receive confirmation that the BBB contacted them. I don't play games when it comes to my money and based on all the complaints I may consult a lawyer. I sent them another email yesterday advising them of my actions and still no response.

TheresaHays September 01, 2020

I just went on their website and they pushed out all the shipping dates, now my son's hoverboard is scheduled to ship 9/7. Like how hard is it to send updated emails to avoid angry customers??

AngelaD September 02, 2020

I'm filing a complaint with the BBB I ordered a hoover board in June and they said it would be a delay and to let them know per email if I wanted to cancel the order due to the delay SO I CANCELD the order when I attempted to contact them via phone, chat and email to make sure no charges were going to post to my acct I never received a reply HOWEVER the charges did post my BANK gave me a temp credit until they investigate the claim in the meantime its SEPTEMBER and UPS just delivered the hoover board I'm furious I will be looking to start a class action if they don't refund my money...

August 28, 2020
This company is terrible, just like the other bad reviews I had the same experience, I ordered a hoverboard for my grandsons birthday, I got the email about the order but nothing else. I waited for weeks and finally contacted the BBB snd turned them in and apparently I’m not the only one that has done that. I ordered from amazon the next time and it came snd then weeks later hoverboard .com sends me the one I ordered. I want to send it back but I gave emailed them and called dozens of times but cannot reach them. DO NOT ORDER from this company they are a total joke!!

A Real Sh*t Show
August 25, 2020

Ordered for my son’s birthday a MONTH before. It didn’t arrive. When I finally received notification that it had shipped, I was still miffed that my boy didn’t get his gift but I was okay with receiving what I’d ordered.

Tracked the package through UPS. UPS claimed they’d ‘lost’ the package and had no record of who had taken possession of it. That was it. Emailed hoverboards.com

Do They Exist?
August 19, 2020
I tried to purchase a hoverboard for my Son and for some reason, it kept telling me that the payment wasn't going through. So, I tried to order with another card and it went through. (not necessarily their fault as I'm still not sure why the first card didn't go through) Anyhoo, the next day, I received emails for 2 separate order #'s, stating they would ship on 08/14. I reached out to try to confirm if I did in fact order 2 boards and no one ever reached out to me. 08/14, we still have no shipping confirmation on either order. I waited until 08/17 to try to reach out again. I have yet to receive a response via phone and/or email (it is now 08/19). Fortunately, I've not received any charges against my card and have ordered a board from another company. If you decide to order from this company, I wish you luck. This has been nothing but frustrating to me and disappointing to my Son.

August 3, 2020

Placed order July 19th 2020
July 25, 2020
Thanks for the order...since then no correspondence, with regards to shipment...I have called and left messages to which they say they will respond within 24 hrs...Nothing, not a peep...Every time I call, it's, "We are helping other customers, leave name, number"...nothing...Don't buy from these folks I can only surmise they are a fraudulent company, ripping folks off.

January 24, 2020
Do not buy from hoverboards.com. Check out the warnings on the Better Business Bureau. They couldn't fill my order but charged me for it. I've left messages, sent texts, and sent emails asking for my refund for 5 weeks. They won't answer nor respond and haven't refunded my $170. They are a scam.

This is a scam product
January 19, 2020

Another chinese scam.

Website makes it look like it’s an American company superior to “chinese” imports.

The address is a ups store. The website is a lie. The product is cheap and they absolutely do “not” warranty the product. Do NOT buy from here. Wasted 600 $

With two broken “off road” hoverboards in less than a month.

No response to any emails.

Pure chinese scam and junk

December 22, 2019
WE placed our order and then a month later it arrived. My brother went on it and the right pedlle was broken. If you have a kid and you want them to be safe, go to Amazon

December 6, 2019
Do NOT purchase from this company. We purchased almost a $200.00 hoverboard for my 8 year son for Christmas. His only wish was a hoverboard. They advertise same day shipping, website seems legit. 10 days later, UPS stated the "label was created", but that was it, 4 emails later, 3 calls and no replies and nothing shipped. We have never received our product. We ended up spending another $200.00 to get a new one. This website is a fake. Please don't waste your time. They take your money and that is it. They need to be shut down! This is a terrible and sad thing to do to children and families..

StuA December 10, 2019

Same here! I'm pissed that they can get away with this. I want my $ back you punks!

Jenna May December 10, 2019

We need to put a stop to this place

August 3, 2019
I bought it for my daughter’s birthday but when I ordered it...the company took my money and never shipped the hoverboard

December 12, 2018
We placed an order on Feb 2018 for a hover board. We checked the delivery status one week later and it indicated the order had been delivered. But we never received this order! We called the customer service immediately and after numerous rounds of emails and calls within the following ten months, we still did not receive the order, nor did we get refunded!

Beware of this Company
September 10, 2018

I am writing to inform everyone about my experience with this company. Over a month ago I ordered a silver hover board as a gift and it had defects on opening the box (Order ID- 15181) costing $157.The item didn’t work after charging, and there was a clicking sound and there were scratches like it was used. I contacted this company calling their 1-800-393-1531 number every day at different times, leaving voicemails as requested and I never got a call back. I emailed [email protected] and no one responded to emails even though their website states a response would be received within 48 hrs. I finally got hold of their Facebook page and I posted messages and sent messages on their Facebook messenger and finally I got someone respond saying I will hear from them. The person sent me a return

Address, Returns 3825 E Calumet St Suite 237, Appleton, WI 54915. On August 28th I sent the item back (paying $29 out of pocket to return) and it was delivered on August 30th. I sent pictures of the receipt of my return and also an image from my UPS app stating it was delivered and signed by someone called Hutchinson, on their facebook messenger. Till date, I haven’t heard a word from them after several messages on messenger and calls. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit against this company as I believe they are a scam. Please BEWARE of this company!!!

SamMonroe October 16, 2018

Have you have any closure to this it's happening the same thing to me

BarbaraOlson May 16, 2019

I ordered a new 2019 they did call me saying they couldn't ship to a po box and wanted to know if I wanted to cancel the order or give them a different address called them back several times and emailed them and no answer no return calls or no return response to emails getting worried bought and did pre order for 2019 item

June 18, 2018
I ordered a overboard on 4/29 and still have no product. They sent me a tracking number but then said it wasn't in stock. I selected another product and now they have gone silent. I then requested a refund on 5/29 and still have not heard anything back and do not have money or a hoverboard.

Efomo September 10, 2018

They are a scam

Love this Hoverboard
March 24, 2017
I love this brand of hoverboard. All components are well-built from the battery to its gear. I like even more the easiness to link up music via bluetooth with a good sound

ChristinaWhite Kennedy November 25, 2017

Did you order your board from Hoverboard.com? I ordered two and am concerned I might have been scammed. I can't get a call back or anyone to answer when I call

SharekaCaldwell December 08, 2017

Did you receive your product

Efomo September 10, 2018

They are a scam

jkooler January 19, 2020

This comment is obviously from the website itself. This entire thing is a scam