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( 32 reviews ) is a hotel booking website that specializes in group rates

How Does it Work?

The website promises that they can arrange hotel stays for any type of group, from business meetings or conferences, to traveling sports teams, family reunions, weddings, tour groups, non profit, charity, or any other type of group. says that they can ensure the lowest possible rates for group hotel stays because their customers receive quotes directly from the hotel sales managers themselves, and not quotes which are automatically processed by a website.

If you do not receive the lowest possible rates that meet all the criteria you provided to, the website promises that they will pay for your hotel room. For specific details regarding this policy, you’ll have to contact their Customer Service.

All you have to do to secure a quote is go to the website, submit your destination, your arrival and departure dates, the number of rooms your group will need, and the type of group you are representing.

You can also search for a meeting space by submitting your destination, the length of time you'll need the meeting space, the room layout and time of your rental, the number of people attending the meeting, the hotel rooms needed, and the size of the room you'll need. also offers free rooms for the coordinators of the groups that book through them, as well as discounts for any group which requires an extended stay.

Customers who have complaints about the arrangements of the rooms being booked should address those complaints to and their staff, while any problems encountered during the stay itself or at the hotel should be brought to the attention of the hotel staff, so that problems can be addressed in a timely manner.

If you have any experience with or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Lied to and had info withheld from me
November 30, 2023

I couldn`t find the phone # for the hotel I had stayed in the week before so I called a # Google gave me for this same hotel. I thought I was calling the hotel directly but I got Hotelplanner. com.

They said we could no longer book directly through this Hotel itself and I needed to now book thru them. So I did but discovered their charge to be nearly 2 times the amount per night that we had paid the week before by booking directly thru the same hotel.

There was no mention of our fee being non-refundable if we cancelled so I assumed it refundable like it had been when I booked directly through the hotel. Wrong! I recieved their Email confirmation and found it was not refundable through them.

Upon finding the hotel #, I was able to still call them directly and could still book with them like I had before. Hotelplanner not only lied to me about not being able to book through the hotel itself anymore but kept the information from me about no refunds on cancelations.

After confronting I was offered a voucher for a portion of the amount I had paid them, to be used within a year. I don`t want a voucher. I want a refund.

They lied to me as well as misrepresented themself and I have no stars to give them.

SCAM BEWARE!!! Don't believe positive reviews
August 11, 2023
TOTAL SCAM! Horrible experience. Called what I thought was the hotel front desk and was quoted a price, when I saw I was charged something much higher than was I was quoted I called the hotel directly and they DO NOT have record of any booking, for which I have paid (OVERPAID) in full. I called their customer service number several times and count not get ahold of a person, so I finally called the booking line and was transferred to someone in customer service. Once I explained that I paid in full at the time of booking the actual hotel does not have record of my booking she HUNG UP ON ME! Incredibly frustrating experience!

Nightmare if you have cancel
August 9, 2023
Canceling a reservation through this company is a nightmare. First, they state that they charge 25% if you cancel a reservation, even if it is weeks in advance. We had to cancel our reservation, and never received a refund at all. Their support is entirely email based and they are very slow to respond. No number to call and get help. They have a live chat, but that doesn't seem to work.

Over Charged
July 15, 2023

Called Hilton Honors to reserve a room. Was connected to Hotel Planner without my knowledge. After booking non-refundable hotel reservation emailed onfirmation that showed charges $303 for room plus $162 for tax and recon fees. I later discoverd the hotel was charging $225 per night. Called to dispute but given the run around. Told additional fee added by system so no breakdown available.

Scammed extra $163 for $213 reservation
June 9, 2023
Google search was hijacked to connect to They claimed to be the hotel but when she got the confirmation email they had added $163 to the total for a grand total of $376. Visa said they had no basis for a dispute and the hotel wasn't part of the scam. No recourse for the victim. They got away with the scam.

Phyllis July 15, 2023

The same thing happened to us. Email confirmation shows $303 room rate plus $162 tax and recovery fee charge. We later found the hotel was charging $225 per night.

What a scam. Called and asked for cost breakdown but told fee is system generated. I called Hilton Honors and ended up connecting to Hotel Planner without my knowledge.

Cyan July 16, 2023

Hi Jim! You weren't hijacked from Google to Hotel Planner. Google is a search engine that compiles a list of websites based on the search parameters that you entered. There are literally thousands of booking and reservation sites out there. As a consumer, it is up to you to know which website and company that you are doing business with. This being said, many companies own hundreds of websites that do reservations using DBAs. I can ensure you, it's not a scam. It's a matter of really knowing how to use a search engine. When in doubt, check out other search engines such as,, or to see if the results match. If you are speaking to a live person, ask what company they are employed with. A good person working with a reputable third party will say something like "this is the reservation desk" or "I do reservations for ABC Hotel." That is legal. If they tell you they are employed by ABC Hotel and they have lied, you *might* have some Remand with the company or in a court room. Also note, that mobile search engines results and COMPUTER search engine results don't always give the same results, so check both. I hope this helps for in the future.

Cyan July 16, 2023

Not to be an a**, but when you get connected with Hotel Planner, they don't tell you that they are Hilton Honors. Hotel Planner can only take note of your Hilton Honors number. It is then up to each individual Hotel whether or not to honor your HH#. The fees are system generated, but I do not know how the fees themselves are determined. Arm yourself with knowledge in the future by sticking to official websites. If you don't understand how to set a reservation through an official website, you will end up having to pay travel agents or companies like Hotel Planner for their assistance.

Fees typically include things such as maintenance towards amenities, hotels that offer premium services such as extended cable packages, fitness centers, pool maintenance, being able to offer premium coffees and free breakfast, or evening receptions, etc. These things have to be maintained regardless if every room is booked out each night or whether the properties don't have a single room booked for an entire month. Everyone always wants the best of everything for free or cheap because most people "just want to lie their head down for a few hours," and we get that, but maintaining quality does come at a cost.

Whenever you sign up for loyalty programs (especially for things like travel) , if they don't provide written information of where to get answers, it is up to you to ask for future reference.

I hope that helps.

May 31, 2023
I accidentally got connected to HotelPlanner when I tried to reserve a room through Best Western's reservation site. They made my reservation, and quoted a price of $154 plus tax. After I entered my credit card number they gave me a receipt for $269 showing $113 in taxes plus incidental fees. I immediately called to cancel the reservation. They refused to cancel the reservation but gave me a voucher for a free hotel stay within the next year. Since we were travelling, I used the voucher to book a room in another city, but I am still on the hook for $269 even thought the room I got cost $118.

Cyan July 16, 2023

You didn't get switched over, you weren't on Best Western's official website to begin with. Hotel Planner calls are recorded and the agent SHOULD be reading the cancellation policy to you.

Always, always ask what the cancellation policy is before committing to anything travel related or to anything where you pay in advance. If you weren't paying attention and just agreed, that's on you.

If they didn't tell you what the cancellation policy was (which sounds like might be your case since they issued a voucher), then you have may some recourse.

Hotel Comfort Stay by Oyo 200 East 49th street Texarkana ark is Norman Bates Hotel
May 23, 2023

I used hotel planner to book a room for my birthday it was horrible and horrifying they booked my room at hotel comfort stay by oyo in Texarkana Arkansas. I googled the property before check in which made it look like a pleasant place but when I Physically arrived to the property i immediately assumed I was at the wrong location mind you my birthday was on a Saturday there were only one car besides mine which I assume was the owner the grass was severely over grown a couple windows had old boards up to them there were piles of old boards laid all around the property half the inside was roped off this place looked real life Condemned or should be any. This property is totally unacceptable for human beings and animals. When I requested a refund from the front clerk, they told me I had to call hotel planner in order to get a refund and they gave me to run around for a day or two. I still haven’t received my money which I know I deserve back Immediately. Clearly this false Advertising on every level.

Cyan July 16, 2023

Hard experience has shown me that Oyo is mostly a crap brand all around. It is a budget chain and the company itself or the individual property operators (I'm not sure which) provide the photos to companies, booking agencies, etc. When reservations are made through third parties, your agreement is made through them and not the hotel, which is why the clerk referred you back to HP.

Absolute Terrible service just to change a check-in date.
March 10, 2023
It has been a true nightmare to contact these people and make a simple change to our check-in date. ONE MONTH of trying to speak to someone and waiting for the call back that NEVER came, just to move a check-in date by one day. Finally got a voucher for the "cancelled" reservation - which is NOT what I wanted to do and they only gave me credit for ONE of the two rooms I had booked. By now, I'm probably not going to get accommodations at the place we wanted, I'm sure it will be fully booked. DO NOT use this company to book !!!!

Cyan July 16, 2023

Third party agencies typically cannot and/or do not modify reservations after they are set. They usually have to cancel and rebook or they issue a voucher. The vouchers from HP come in the sense that they are monetary and not by night. The crap downside to that is that most hotels do not maintain fixed rates, they fluctuate based on dates and availability.

Internet Scam Artists
February 6, 2023

HotelPlanner is a bunch of fraud artists and internet scammers. You take advantage of people who assume that you are like Expedia and who don't charge a fee over the standard room rate. But you charge a fraudulent fee of around $50 to just to do the booking! Yes, I made a mistake booking with you but your whole business strategy is to pay to have Google put your name first so that people will get caught off guard by you slipping in this fraudulent fee. By the time I realized that this fraudulent fee was included it was too late to cancel my booking. You wouldn't even tell me what the fee is vs the tax amount. You say they are mandated by law. Yes, for the tax but NO for your fraudulent fee. You should be ashamed that you are such an unethical company.

Cyan July 16, 2023

Part of the problem you are talking about is the assumption part. It is up to the consumer to know the company that they are doing business and when in doubt, do more research first or choose a different company.

I've noticed when I've used Hotel Planner in the past that the fees and taxes aren't listed separately in the information. It just gets listed as Tax recovery and fees. The fee isn't fraudulent but if you are talking to a live agent on the phone, they should be telling you that their rates are taxes and fees included. If someone is comfortable with the amount stated at the time the room was booked, that's on that person. I learned the hard way to always, always ask for things like that before agreeing to *anything* verbally or that is not clear in writing.

False Bookings
December 13, 2022

Scammers. I got bilked $1000 for a false booking in Washington. When I called the Hotel they had no record of it. It was charged on my card with no confirmation

BE Aware. Do not use this. Phone and book direct.

Dannyz January 01, 2023

I had the very something happen to me today. Not sure where they got my CCN from I only it at one place nothing connected to the hotel at all.

Dannyz January 01, 2023

And to top it off, it was tried twice, but lucky it didn't go through, it was refused.

tomhaggerty January 11, 2023

beware of this company. if you cancel they refund with a voucher not your credit card. you have no say in what type of refund you will receive. big ripoff. BEWARE.

Tom Haggerty


Cyan July 16, 2023

To Dannyz - Then you DIDNT have the *same thing* happen to you. This means that someone got your information and used it to commit fraud. That's an entirely different scenario. That doesn't fall on Hotel Planner, that falls on the jerk that stole your information and that is probably why it was declined the second time. I hope that you contacted the hotel, Hotel Planner customer service, and your credit card/banking institution; in addition to filing a police report and contacting all three major credit bureaus.

Cyan July 16, 2023

Hi Tom!

In my times of doing business with Hotel Planner, I've learned that they typically issue vouchers in occasions where you had booked something non-refundable and/or where the agent didn't make you aware of the cancelation policy.

Bait & Switch
November 15, 2022
Bait & switch business. They made my hotel reservation without identifying themselves as anything other than Hilton. When I arrived at the hotel, the Hilton said I only booked a standard room with NO ocean view and it was through "Expedia". That was NEWS?! Despite my protests, they wouldn't give me an ocean view without paying an extra $100 fee. When I returned home, I attempted to contact Hotelplanners after finding their website and they have yet to contact me. This company is fraudulent. I'll find a way to get a refund, even if I have to SUE them.

JackieMiller November 16, 2022

I have had the same issue, they had a banner flashing overtop of the hotel i was booking with (I thought I was booking with) did not identify themselves as Hotel Planner, then charged my Visa twice! I have been trying to resolve the issue of being charged twice since Nov 3rd! they charged me $1917.24CAD, then $1920.97 and only reimbursed $1788.88!This company is a scam! It's attached to Expedia or connected with them somehow.

Do not book with this Company
October 31, 2022
Do not use this business. They are fraudulent and do not book the room you request. We requested a waterfront room with a king bed at a hotel for our honeymoon. They booked us a room without a waterfront view and two double queen beds. When called to conform, they stated that they would refund my money, but keep one nights stay as a cancellation fee. It was total and compete fraud. The person online stated that they were the hotel, when in fact, they were a third-party booking company. They lied and falsified every aspect of the transaction. Please do not book with this Company.

Cyan July 16, 2023

They should never state that they are ABC Hotel. They should be saying things such as "This is the reservation desk/dept" or "I do reservations for ABC hotel/company" or "I book rooms for ABC Hotel/company." When in doubt, ask what company they are employed by. They can tell you the name of the company they are employed for or say that they are a third party. I know Hotel Planner records calls and if an employee was intentionally deceptive, they were most likely terminated. If a room is advertised on any website (example: 2 beds oceanfront) but the hotel has it listed with the third party differently, that third party *should* be telling you this or something like "I can put in a special request but cannot guarantee."

Totally Incompetent
October 6, 2022
Totally Incompetent, the staff are well meaning but English is not first language and their emails are glitchy. I was overcharged more than $50 each hotel reservation that I have made on the phone, good thing I checked my credit card statement or I would be none the wiser. I have followed their process and emailed my confirmation emails showing the correct price originally quoted and booked over the phone, as well as my credit card statement, I have called 18889729163 multiple times, no one is able to solve it. I have tried to walk them through how to find it on the statement, and I get "ma'am I can tell you are really good at English and smart...", and after all that they claim they couldn't find on my statement. At this point I will be calling daily to try and get something done. Clearly this company is outsourcing and not checking up on quality of customer service, it's appalling, avoid at all costs.

Do not do business with this company.
October 6, 2022

Do not do business with this company. As many others have said, they use nefarious methods to make you think you are calling the actual hotel. I was charged a questionable amount for recovery taxes and fees.

I ran over 50 different searches across the site for different hotels, locations and dates and nowhere did I come across the amount I was charged from the phone booking. It's almost 100 dollars higher than any amount I could find including the same room on the same dates.

When I questioned them about it I was sent an email with a crappy screen shotted attachment of a paragraph explaining they use that to pay the hotel taxes and fees (of course no itemized list). Guess what HotelPlanner - I contacted the hotel directly and spoke to a manager who confirmed you never would have paid anywhere near that much to them....As I figured.

I went directly to the hotel site and it would have been almost 120 dollars cheeper. Put these guys out of business by not using them and if you are HotelPlanner don't bother responding. I tried to talk to you before this and you weren't having it. Enjoy the rating you so rightfully deserve.

Cyan July 16, 2023

A lot of third party agencies charge if you are booking through a live representative. If you aren't comfortable with the amount, don't book. When they charge you the final amount (when they tell you the price), don't agree to anything and don't book it. If they don't tell you the rate, don't book it.

HotelPlanner is a rip off
September 14, 2022

Do not use this company presently fighting overcharge on credit card

Quoted 139.00 / night

Billed 250./ night

Fraudulent phone operators work there...

GusM September 14, 2022

I agree bad news

Drew September 22, 2022

888-595-6314 is not "one" hotel number, it's Hotel Planner general tel number, they don't tell you truth when you ask if they are an agency firm, they over charge on the hotel bookings regular price and even set their own fraudulent cancellation terms, just not trustworthy. Maybe even a scam, buyer beware.

Cyan July 16, 2023

Hotel Planner isn't a scam, but there are definitely lots of alternatives out there. Their people can say that they are the reservation desk or booking department. They can say that they do reservations/bookings for X company/hotel. When booking with any company in the future, ask the name of the company that they are employed by. Keep in mind that there ARE chains that legitimately do not do their own reservations or have their calls forwarded at times that they cannot answer the phone and/or do not man the front desk outside of certain hours.

August 20, 2022

RATE MINUS ONE MILLION!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I contacted what I thought was Hotel Valencia to confirm my reservations. Unfortunately, the number I called, which appeared to be Hotel Valencia, 855-458-6086 responded that I had no reservations.

As I was already on my way, I went ahead and made reservations. I started seeing red flags and looked for another number to call Hotel Valencia directly, who verified that I did indeed have reservations. I made several numerous attempts to call this company, whoever they are, back.

Unfortunately. I was not able to get ahold of anyone, until over 20 tries. Then, I was informed that their fees were nonrefundable. Unfortunately no one bothered to tell me that when I booked the reservation. (Hotel Valencia had not even charged me yet!)

Hotel Valencia could see the double reservations on their end. Why were they not able to see that I was already booked????


Amount: negative one thousand, one hundred fifteen dollars and eighty cents($1,115.80)

• Pending

8883O84415* HOTELVALEN +18883084415 US

Amount: negative one thousand, two hundred forty eight dollars and forty eight cents($1,248.48)

o Details

And, I don’t know who this company is, or who they represent, but this is downright FRAUD!

Rip off, total scam.
August 17, 2022
I was scammed by this company. I thought I was on the hotel's website and called the number at the top of the page. I was lead to believe I was talking to their reservation desk. Agreed to price quoted and didn't realize it was in US dollars, also was told it was refundable if cancelled. Charge on my credit card was 42% more then quoted. I cancelled the reservation within minutes and was charged 30% which amounted to over 280.00. What a rip off! Priced booking directly through the hotel and it was much cheaper.

AnitaAlvarez August 20, 2022


Cyan July 16, 2023

Hi Jill! I'm sorry you feel this way. There are many legitimate third party companies out there. Hotel Planner is one. It simply boils down to being a wise consumer.

Here is how to protect yourself in the future. For these examples, I will use ABC Hotel, DEF Hotel. I will also use 123 to identify the proprietor of ABC and DEF hotel.

Most chain accommodations will have an official website. ABC owned by 123 will most likely have a website URL of or or even ... Maybe even

A third party site might say or . Their pages WILL have information about the Hotel, rooms, etc because they are offering you that service. If you give them your billing information, you are agreeing to the terms and business that they offered you.

If you just enter something in Google instead of being extremely specific and careful, you are just going to get primarily third-party agency's websites.

I hope that helps you in the future.

June 27, 2022

Scammers! They tell you they can get you a deal.....HA. Quoted me a rate the hotel would not honor. Do not use this service.

June 18, 2022
I have been calling for days now and this company is the biggest scammer EVER!!! I am a GM at a hotel, and I am trying to call them to get a refund for a lady and absolutely you can NEVER get ahold of ANYONE unless it's to make a reservation. SCAMMERS!!! Julie GM

Do Not Use Or Trust-call Hotel Directly-you Will Get The Truth There
May 30, 2022

I called with the intention of getting free parking for duration of my 8 day cross country trip to attend my dads memorial. Jason knew this the main thing booking for. He conveniently did NOT work with the hotels park and go policy so no free parking. He also refused to correct spelling of my first name. They have zero supervisors willing to help, file complaint-nothing.

DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE-despite claims all is well.