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About is a travel website which says that they are the leading provider of online services to the “global group hotel sales market,” meaning that they assist people who are looking to arrange hotel stays for groups.

The website promises that they can arrange hotel stays for any type of group, from business meetings or conferences, to traveling sports teams, family reunions, weddings, tour groups, non profit, charity, or any other type of group. says that they can ensure the lowest possible rates for group hotel stays because their customers receive quotes directly from the hotel sales managers themselves, and not quotes which are automatically processed by a website.

If you do not receive the lowest possible rates that meet all the criteria you provided to, the website promises that they will pay for your hotel room. For specific details regarding this policy, you’ll have to contact their Customer Service. 


All you have to do to secure a quote is go to the website, submit your destination, your arrival and departure dates, the number of rooms your group will need, and the type of group you are representing.

You can also search for a meeting space by submitting your destination, the length of time you'll need the meeting space, the room layout and time of your rental, the number of people attending the meeting, the hotel rooms needed, and the size of the room you'll need. also offers free rooms for the coordinators of the groups that book through them, as well as discounts for any group which requires an extended stay.

Customers who have complaints about the arrangements of the rooms being booked should address those complaints to and their staff, while any problems encountered during the stay itself or at the hotel should be brought to the attention of the hotel staff, so that problems can be addressed in a timely manner.

If you have any experience with this website or service, please leave your reviews below.

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Website is a scam
September 14, 2021

I made reservation on August 4 for the dates of September 23 and 24th. Due to Covid the event we were going to was canceled so I canceled my rooms on August 9th. I was told no problem ... I would receive full refund within 14 days. Then I get email saying they had issued a voucher! I have made at least 10 phone calls to all numbers associated with the emails.

I always get a mid eastern nationality that speaks poor English... they will just say “ you get your refund” then hang up. Every time I email, I get same reply ”your refund has been processed". This website is nothing but a scam!!

August 30, 2021
I made reservations in April for an over night stay in the month of August. We arrived at the motel for our stay to find out that the motel changed names two months prior and our confirmation had been cancelled. I was never contacted so other arrangements could be made. Will NEVER use this service again!

August 25, 2021
Total scam! No reservation existed when we arrived. Over charged $100 beyond hotel price. My husband has called twice for refund and now I have called twice. Never again...

HotelPlanner snagged me a great deal at the Shangri La Sentosa
July 29, 2021
Just booked a great deal at the Shangri La Sentosa. They had it for $276 a night for four nights while other sites were charging $395 a night.

Scammers @
August 5, 2019

Tried to check into my hotel and the desk clerk said she couldn't check me in because they didn't have a valid address for me and she couldn't enter one. They could see that I had a reservation and I pre-paid, but would not give me a room.

I called the Reservation help desk number and asked if they could enter an address for me in the system and the woman on the phone could not grasp what I was asking. The front desk person then called someone, I assume it was the same ‘help desk’, and that person had a very difficult time understanding what needed to be done, and never did help with anything. After about a half hour of trying to get checked in I gave up. I called the 800 number back to cancel my reservation at that time only because I couldn’t get checked in. And now they will not refund me and said I was "no show". Such crap!

July 30, 2019
The customer service of hotel planner was atrocious. I was charged more than the discounted rate for a wedding. I have been reaching out to the original customer service rep Sara Buchanan who has not responded. I also called an emailed a general number and email. I have not received any response that the issue is being looked into. I am a bride to be and considered hotel planner for my guests but I WOULD NEVER want one of my guests to go through this. I am astounded by the horrible customer service of hotel planner and will be pursuing this issue further.

Christina June 20, 2020

[email protected]

She is the VP of operations — best of luck.

Christina June 20, 2020

Don't give up. Keep calling. Call 20 times a day if you have to. Contact this person

[email protected]

She is the VP of operations — best of luck.

Mimi P June 19, 2020

How do we contact Sara? I have a complaint to file with her too. I'm not able to use my voucher that she issued me. This HotelPlanner will not respond to my calls or email. I've tried many times to rebook my stay. So frustrating! And do I'm out 307.26 dollars.

A Scam
May 29, 2019
Never again! When checking in at the hotel, it says it cannot find my (prepaid) reservation! Called the customer number - you bet - no one answered.

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