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About HomeworkHelpDesk.org

HomeworkHelpDesk.org is the online home of Homework Help Desk, a not-for-profit website and organization that is dedicated to helping parents understand the new school curriculum so they can help their child study at home. 

How Does It Work?

Many, many parents whose children are currently in elementary school have quickly learned that the way their children are being taught math and reading skills are very different than the way in which they were taught. 

While there is some controversy and debate about whether the new methods are truly superior to the old methods, the political discourse regarding this issue is not really what is important to most parents. What is important is that parents feel helpless and useless not being able to help their struggling child with basic homework. 

To solve this problem, HomeworkHelpDesk.org was established. They’ve worked with both parents and teachers to identify the new concepts that have given parents the most difficulty, and then created a simple and easy way to provide parents with the knowledge and support they need to help their children. 

To find the information you need, first begin with the subject your child is having difficulty with, either Math or English. Then you can choose the specific area that your child is having difficulty with, including Addition/Subtraction, Place Value, Algebra, Fractions, and much more in Math, as well as Grammar, Composition, Reading, and much more in English. 

If you cannot find exactly what you need on this website, HomeworkHelpDesk.org will provide you with additional websites and resources where you can find what you need.   

Cost/Price Plans

Currently all the information and resources provided by this website are completely free of charge. They are partnered with GetSchooled.com, a non-profit that works hard to provide parents and children everything they need to benefit from their early education. 

Refund Policy

Because this company does not charge their users any fees for their information or services, they also do not provide any kind of a Refund Policy. The additional resources they provide to their users should also be free, so users should not be in any danger of spending money on a product they are not comfortable with.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected]


This company appears to have very positive reviews, both by the parents that have used their services and by third party educational blogs and websites that speak highly of this company’s stated purpose and the resources they have put together to see it through.

In addition, this company truly does provide their information free of charge, so parents should feel fully comfortable going to this website and seeing exactly what they have to offer and whether or not it works for your needs.      

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other online programs which offer students of all levels an opportunity at online tutoring that will help students meet their education goals, including Course Hero, Chegg.com, Tutor.com, InstaEDU.com, Go Math! Academy, and many others.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your HomeworkHelpDesk.org reviews below.

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