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Hipmunk is headquartered in San Francisco and was founded in 2010. Then, it was acquired by Concur, an SAP company, in 2016.

The company offers comprehensive travel searches for a variety of travel needs, including commercial flights, trains, charter flights, hotels and even vacation rentals through Airbnb. As a result, they provide you with fast and easy ways to plan your travels.

The company uses its website, mobile app and AI-powered bots to assist you in your searches. They also help you save time and money by showing you comparisons to other top travel sites, allowing you to find the perfect flight or hotel at the cheapest price.

Hipmunk’s display makes it easier for you to visually compare the various results in order to choose the best option.


When you use the Hipmunk website, you can view price comparisons for flights, hotels and cars. For flights, you can sort your results by price, duration, takeoff, landing, or agony. The latter is a combination of price, number of stops and duration.

You can also filter your results by airlines, classes and number of stops. The screen will then display the cost of the flight as well as the duration and time frame of each option.

On the side of the screen, you will also have the option to run the same search that you made on other sites like trivago, expedia, orbitz and others. If you are looking for a hotel, Hipmunk will come up with a list of hotels in that area upon entering the location.

You can limit your search by price, star ratings, or user ratings. Each choice also shows some pictures, so you can get a feel of the option. You can also check the location on the map that shows all the listings. Other than hotels, some of the listings are Airbnb options.

If you are looking for a car, simply enter the dates that you would like a vehicle and they will compare prices between car rental companies and show you the best price.

The website also shows you various options as far as the kind of vehicle you would like to get - whether you want a compact car, SUV, full size, or any other option.

How Does It Work?

The Hipmunk website is relatively easy to use and straightforward. For all options, the main thing you have to do is determine when you intend to travel. Simply select the length of your travel and you will see listings that are available during that time frame.

If you want to see price comparisons, simply choose to see them on the page. Just take some time to explore their website; you’ll be able to find various deals if you look around.

If you look at the package deals on Hipmunk, they will help you pair some flights and hotel deals during the time frame that you set out. You can potentially save some money with those deals.

Cost and Price Plans

Hipmunk’s website and app are both free to use, allowing you to browse and look for your travel needs without any costs. As for the deals that you can find from their database, they vary based on time, the external companies and many other factors.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Many customers find the way Hipmunk displays the travel options to be very useful and appealing. They find that the visuals and graphics Hipmunk uses on their website allow them to understand the information much more easily.

However, while many users use Hipmunk to compare prices, it seems like many of them do not actually purchase the tickets or hotel rooms through Hipmunk. They usually use Hipmunk as a research tool rather than the final purchase destination.

Many users have also expressed that the website’s ability to let you compare prices with other travel sites is very helpful. Furthermore, Hipmunk also notifies you about any price updates on your searches if you opt for this assistance.

Users also mentioned that they have had good experiences with the customer service of Hipmunk. On the con side, users find that Hipmunk does not display airfares from all airlines and tends to miss out on a few options.

Some of their listings also come from rather sketchy websites as well. Some users have also commented on the website itself. They mention that the website can be distracting, since it is rather cluttered with unimportant information and ads.

Competitors and Alternatives

Other than Hipmunk, there are some other options that you may choose to use. FareCompare is one option that you might consider. However, FareCompare only compares flights and hotels and does not show you car listings.

FareCompare allows you to select the airlines that you want to view on the side, but does not have the visuals that Hipmunk offers.

For hotels, FareCompare shows you listings from the lowest to highest pricing and it also allows you to filter your searches by user ratings and star ratings.

Kayak is more similar to Hipmunk, since it allows you to compare flights, hotels and cars. For flights, Kayak also does not display the visuals that Hipmunk has, but it has a very clean look that makes viewing easy. Besides that, you can also shortlist airlines.

For hotels, Kayak lists more similarly to FareCompare. However, it is better since it has a freebie filter that allows you to further refine your search by viewing what pros each hotel offers.

For the car rental, it actually shows you the exact car model that you would get and gives you details based on each car. This makes it a clearer display than Hipmunk. Momondo is another option where you can view listings for flights, hotels and car rentals.

When you search for flight options here, you can actually limit the amount of time you layover and the amount of time you fly. This helps you make your choices much more easily. When you search for hotels, you can also search by freebies, which is similar to Kayak.

For your car search, you can also view each car by its model, similar to Kayak.

Where to Buy?

You may access all these Hipmunk listings on their website at www.hipmunk.com, or on their app which is available on the App Store.


Hipmunk is a good website to use when you are searching for deals for your travels. It is considered to be one of the better options to use when viewing flight listings, since they offer visuals.

Their hotel listings do not display the freebies filter like other sites, but it still does a good job in showing you each option. However, while they do offer car listings, they are not the best. This is because they only show you the cars by groupings and not by specific models.

Overall though, it is still a good website to use for research purposes, since it is still very user-friendly, well-liked by most consumers and works relatively well.

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