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Website: HiHealth.com

HiHealth.com is the online home of Hi-Health, a company that was established in 1972 with the goal of helping people improve their own health through setting and meeting nutritional goals.

How Does HiHealth Work?

According to their website, Hi-Health believes that people can improve their lives and their wellness through proper nutrition and supplementation. To help people meet these goals to the best of their ability, their company has offered informative product labeling, high quality ingredients, and expert testing and analysis.

In addition, the website says that over the years, they have “expanded our commitment to wellness by developing brands of our very own.” Their specific product lines are backed by experts who are committed to scientific research and testing, and every phase of their product development is monitored to ensure it adheres to strict quality standards.

The website says that they also offer their customers information and resources on their website which they can use to make decisions about the various supplements they may want or need, and HiHealth.com has “highly trained nutrition counselors available to answer any question you may have.”

Customers who know what they are looking for or who want to see what this company has to offer are welcome to visit their website and search through their products by Category, like Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, or Bone and Joint Health; by Brands, like Optim Nutrition or Ultra Plan; by Condition, like Blood Sugar Support, Digestive Health, or Menopause; or by Specialty, like Gluten Free supplements. 

Cost/Price Plans

With such a wide variety of different offerings, there is no real way to quote a specific price range, especially when you take into consideration sales and promotions which may take place.

Refund Policy

The HiHealth.com website says that they offer their customers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on their products. Unfortunately this guarantee is not detailed any place on their website – not in their Frequently Asked Questions or in their Terms and Conditions.

This is a problem because customers have no idea what condition their product must be in to qualify for return – whether it can be opened or not – whether this guarantee applies to HiHealth Brand products or to every product sold through their website, and much more. Refund Policies can be incredibly detailed and complex, and the lack of information on this website about refunds is problematic.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link. 


First and foremost, when looking at reviews for this company or their products, customers would be best served to look up reviews for the specific product they are interested in before they purchase it, in order to have access to the most relevant information.

As for the company themselves, despite the fact that they don’t provide good quality information on their Return Policy, they still appear to have positive reviews from their customers both for their website and for their physical locations.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many, many different online and brick-and-mortar stores which sell these kinds of nutritional supplements and other health products, including GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Puritan’s Pride, and many others. 

If you have any experience with HiHealth or their products, please leave your  reviews below.

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