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Herbalife.com is a well known global nutrition company that says it has helped people establish and maintain a healthy, active life since they were created in 1980, as well as providing an independent business opportunity.

Herbalife offers a diverse and wide reaching product line which intended to meet a variety of people’s health and wellness needs, similar to other nutritional supplement companies like Shakeology. Their products include those which are specified for Weight Management, Digestive Health, Personal Care, Energy & Fitness, Immunity Solutions, and Heart Health.

The independent business opportunity offered by Herbalife is a multi level marketing, or MLM, business. This type of business is very popular for health and wellness companies, with similar opportunities offered by companies like ViSalus and Vemma.

These business opportunities are best distinguished by the fact that their distributors make money not only by selling their products, but also by recruiting new people to become representatives as well.

Currently, Herbalife.com distributors represent their products in more than 80 different countries around the world, which speaks highly of their reputation and popularity.

Unfortunately, they are also banned from operating in Belgium and have been sued in various other countries because they have been classified as a pyramid scheme there. Herbalife.com strongly asserts that they are not a pyramid scheme, and that their distributors’ primary source of income is from product sales and not recruiting.

Herbalife incentivizes their distributors by giving their distributors who sell the largest volume of products the largest discounts on their products. This gives their most successful distributors a chance to make a larger profit margin.

People who are interested in either Herbalife products or their business opportunity must contact an Herbalife representative in their local area for both purchasing opportunities and information regarding recruitment and training.

Those who are interested in learning more about either of these things before contacting a representative can find information on their website for both products and the business opportunity.

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