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About Hempvana Pain Cream

The aches. The pains. Will they ever go away? If you’ve been chasing home remedies and over-the-counter solutions with no results, it might seem like you will never see real pain relief.

But have you tried Hempvana yet? Hempvana Pain Cream is one of the newest hemp oil infused pain relief products, delivering relief of your deepest aches and pains at maximum strength.

Intrigued? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Hempvana.

What is Hempvana?

Hempvana is a topical cream that delivers fast-acting pain relief just when you need it. It is infused with oil from the seeds of the cannabis sativa seeds. It does not include actual THC, the psychoactive compound for which recreational cannabis is known, nor does it contain CBD, another chemical in cannabis that has medicinal purposes.

Instead, its ingredients list is comprised solely of cannabis sativa seeds. These plants are believed to help block nerve transmissions that result in your stiffness, pain, and swelling. You can use the cream anywhere on the body and it will absorb quickly, producing minimal side effects and creating no unpleasant chemical-like odors.

Cannabis-related products have received a lot of media attention in the last few years, and to be fair, Hempvana is an as-seen-on-tv product, too. But why? CBD in particular has proven to be a promising option for lasting pain relief, particularly when it comes to conditions like multiple sclerosis and arthritis. While there’s not a lot of scientific evidence pointing to the overall effectiveness of hemp oil, there’s good reason to believe that it would work in a similar fashion - which is what Hempvana claims.

There are no major side effects related to the use of this cream, as you might find with similar over-the-counter treatments - like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. In addition to the main ingredient, cannabis sativa seed oil, Hempvana also contains trolamine salicylate, which is believed to assist in short-term pain reduction as well.

Cost and Price Plans

Hempvana is available for purchase in two separate quantities - you can purchase it as a single or “double-offer” promotional offer. A single order will cost you $19.99, while a double order is $29.98. Both options offer free shipping and handling.

When you order, you can also upgrade to the Hempvana Gold cream. This has double the amount of the extracts from the cannabis sativa plant, offering immediate relief at the place of application. When you add this to your order, you will tack on another $9.99.

Competitors and Alternatives

Hempvana is far from being the only pain-relief cream around. There are plenty of other options to choose from, including Aspercreme, Hemp Freeze Cream, and Mind Body Matrix.

Mind Body Matrix is an all-natural, opiate-free cream that combines herbs, energetic frequencies, and essential oils to realign the body and mind. It targets the source of physical pain and is registered with the FDA. This cream also has excellent reviews and you can get a free sample from the manufacturer just by paying shipping and handling.

Another option is Aspercreme. This is a very popular over-the-counter pain relief cream that uses maximum strength lidocaine to target pain receptors. It is not all-natural, but it is significantly more affordable than either product we’ve mentioned. Plus, it’s available readily in stores.

If you’re looking for another hemp-based solution, Hemp Freeze Cream is the one to consider. Manufactured by BluMix, this cream contains hemp oil and menthol and claims to be three times more effective at calming your pain than other treatments. It comes at a steep price tag though - just one jar will cost nearly $28.

Does Hempvana Pain Cream Work?

There is quite a bit of clinical research to suggest that trolamine salicylate, one of the main active ingredients in Hempvana Pain Cream, can help relieve your pain. Although it’s not a prescription-grade pain cream, coming in at a concentration of only 10%, it can provide temporary, quick relief.

Customer reviews/complaints/feedback on Amazon and other retail websites claim that the cream is not greasy and unscented, allowing it to go on easy without feeling too heavy. It produces no hallucinogenic or euphoric effects - you won’t get high, as this product does not contain THC or CBD. While it might not work for everyone, some customers claim that this cream was the “silver bullet” needed to get rid of their pain.

Customer Service

Hempvana is manufactured by Bulbhead, an online retailer that sells a variety of “as seen on TV” products. Owned by Telebrands corporation, the business has been around since 1983 and has a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Need to get ahold of Customer Service? You can contact the company by calling 1-800-887-2717. Sign up for their email newsletter, and you’ll receive an additional ten percent off your order. You can also email customer support or visit the company’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest.

Hempvana has a generous return policy. Every order comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Any items that have been opened cannot be returned, so it’s important to know that if you try Hempvana and simply don’t like it, you won’t be able to get your money back. You will also be required to pay any return shipping fees if you decide to initiate a return for any reason.

Where to Buy?

Currently, the best way to purchase Hempvana by visiting the manufacturer's website. You can also order by calling one of the phone hotlines. It is also available for sale online at Amazon,  Drugs.com, WalMart, Dr.Leonards.com, and other retailers. It can occasionally be found in-store at select WalMart locations, too.

Is Hempvana Worth It?

Although Hempvana does not contain any CBD or THC, this product could provide some serious pain relief when you apply it directly to the skin. The active ingredient mentioned in the as-seen-on-tv commercials, trolamine salicylate, is additionally beneficial when it comes to pain relief, and with a generous free shipping policy, there's a good reason to give Hempvana a try.

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1 Review

Hempvana the greatest thing!

September27, 2019

I'm an old hippie, your company is just using "Hemp" to sell fancy Ben Gay! You people are hurting the effort to legalize real products , I.E. Pot, for your own selfish needs! Shame on you all!

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May 18, 2020

I felt absolutely zero pain relief After using this cream, period.

May 18, 2020

I agree!

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