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HeatWell Heater Review: Legit Heater or Scam?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  December 14, 2023
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The HeatWell Heater is a simple plug-in ceramic convection heater that the seller claims can quickly and efficiently heat up a mid-sized room.

Below we take a closer look at the HeatWell unit to see how it works, if it lives up to the company’s claims, and analyze customer reviews.

Convection Heater Effectiveness

Convection space heaters work by generating heat and adding it directly to the air. 

This warm air is usually spread around the room with the aid of a fan, as is the case with the HeatWell.

More specifically, in a ceramic heater electricity runs through metal coils which heat up the ceramic plates to which they’re attached to. 

In turn, these ceramic plates heat up the air around them which the fan then blows into the room.

The benefits of ceramic heaters are:

  • Small in size
  • Lightweight
  • Heat up quickly
  • Slow to cool, providing residual heat after being turned off
  • Safe to the touch housing
  • Can come with their own thermostats

HeatWell Heater Claims

The advertising for the HeatWell states that it can heat up to 500 square feet in 60 seconds, stating that all you have to do is plug it in and set your desired temperature.

Some of the unit’s other claimed features include:

  • Antimicrobial filter
  • Timer
  • Safety turn off switch
  • Quiet fan
  • Auto-Shutoff Safeguard
  • ETL listed


The HeatWell uses 800 watts of power and is rated at 120V.  

There are some inconsistencies with its stated capabilities, where the ads claim that it can heat a 500sqft room but the FAQ for the product lists the heat coverage at only 250sqft.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

At this time there is not much legitimate customer feedback for the HeatWell as it's a fairly new product.

Google searches for customer reviews come up with hundreds of sites claiming to have reviewed the product, but in reality are just affiliate websites earning a commission for promoting the product.  

Those endorsements should not be viewed as unbiased reviews of the HeatWell.

You can find reviews for the parent company OnTel, as they are listed with the BBB, where they have a B rating, are not accredited, and have a customer score of 1.11 / 5 from over 140 customer reviews.

A number of customers complain about poor product quality and difficulties in obtaining refunds.  

To their credit, OnTel representatives reply to reviews and appear to facilitate refunds for those who have complained.

You can also find online reviews for OnTel’s other products which are often found on Amazon.  They generally get mixed customer reviews.

Of note is that in their product catalog is another device called the Handy Heater.  

This space heater appears to be very similar to the HeatWell in design and specifications.  That heater scores a 4 out of 5 from 1,880 reviews on Amazon.

Customer Service

If you have any questions about this product you can contact a support member by phone at 877-232-5950 or via email at [email protected].

The parent company for the HeatWell heater is Ontel Products Corporation located at:

21 Law Drive,
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Their website states that the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee for the HeatWell.  

Returned items must be in unused condition and returned in the original packaging.  Customers will be responsible for shipping of returned items.

Make sure to contact support prior to sending back items to ensure they are tracked and sent back to the correct facility.


Cost & Price Plans

The HeatWell sells for $59.99.  The company encourages you to buy more than one unit by providing discounts when purchasing multiple units.

Competitors and Alternatives

It’s always a safe bet to stick with established brands that have been manufacturing these types of products for years.

Some of the leading options for ceramic heaters include Lasko and Vornado, both of which make more powerful and long lasting products.  

These options are also available from major retailers with proven customer satisfaction records.

The Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater is a popular option. 

This efficient but powerful heater is a New York Times 'Top Pick' and an Amazon’s 'Choice Selection'.  It has the latest safety & comfort features and is reasonably priced as well.

Is the HeatWell Heater Worth It?

In general OnTel products fall into the “As Seen On Tv” category of devices.  They are usually competitively priced and offered as affordable alternatives to big name products.

There are a lot of scams surrounding personal electronics, with many companies simply ordering wholesale products from China and rebranding them for sale in one-time media campaigns.

Unlike those shady marketers, OnTel lists their address, has a phone number, provides at least some level of customer service, and has been in business for over twenty years.

One thing that concerns us is the wording of the return policy.  In their terms and conditions they state that the “Product must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn and in its original packaging.”

It’s unclear to us how you’re supposed to try out the HeatWell and decide if it’s good enough to keep.

Ultimately this may be a good space heater but these days there are many better options available with better customer service.

For example, for just $4 more you can get the Dreo 1500w space heater that is an “Amazon’s Choice” selection, has an impressive 4.5/5 rating from 5,000+ customer reviews

The Dreo comes with a clear return policy if you’re unsatisfied.

If you have any experience with the HeatWell Heater, please leave your reviews below.

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HeatWell Heater Customer Reviews

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Cold air!
January 5, 2024
Mine worked great for a few weeks. Now just blows out cold air. Set the thermostat to 90 degrees but only cold air comes out.

November 15, 2023

It’s been TWO WEEKS and not even a Confirmation Notice that they promised!! They were paid two weeks ago. and I hear nothing! I am taking my payment back, reporting them to the BBB, FTC, FCC and the FBI for Internet & possibly International


My HeatWell heater did not work, straight out of the box!
November 1, 2023

I received my HeatWell heater by USPS yesterday. I plugged it in and hit the power button. The orange light came on but no heat. It had ”90” showing that it should be heating up to 90 degrees but no air was moving. I tried it in several outlets and then emailed the company help email address several times.

They finally told me to dispose of it and they will send me another one. They told me to check my email for an email from them saying another heater was shipped. Today is 10-31-24, at 12:15 am and so far, I have not received an email telling me another one has been shipped.

I also have saved my email from the company saying this and I have not disposed of my faulty HeatWell heater yet. I am not feeling very optimistic at this point about the quality of the HeatWell heaters.

Return policy
December 19, 2022

I am very unhappy with this company. I started the ordering process for one of their heaters with the sole intent of finding out the shipping cost. After being repeatedly asked if I would like this extra item for the low cost of $xx, I got fed up and closed the browser tab, only to receive a notice that my order was complete. Maybe I hit something by accident, but I did not think so.

Anyway, I e-mailed them right away to ask to cancel the order, and after not hearing anything back by the next day at noon, I called, only. to be advised that the item had already shipped. The woman at the help desk told me to simply decline to accept the package when the UPS person came, and they would send it back.

However, it was not shipped by UPS, it was USPS, which handed it over to Canada Post. Canada Post does not deliver to the door in our town, so they placed it in a lock box, and as far as they are concerned, they delivered it. so I could not simply hand it back.

They told me to get a return label form the company. I called and was told that they do not DO return labels, and I would have to send the item back with a tracking number AT MY EXPENSE, and upon receiving it they would refund the original cost, minus shipping charges, of course.

It cost me $26 to send the thing back, plus I will lose my original shipping cost, but by this time I was so mad that I did not want it around. After seeing a number of negative reviews, I do not even want to try it. Notably, the company's web site says they have 1202 reviews with an average of 5 out of 5, yet they do not provide a link to those reviews. There are a few glowing ones at the bottom of their home page - who knows who wrote those?

I suggest avoiding this company or at least know what you are getting into.

SueWilliams December 22, 2022

They lost another potential customer - thank you!

BruceP July 14, 2023

Companies that rip off people are effectively thieves and liars. They are stealing your money by deceiving you into thinking you'll receive something they do not intend to provide. THERE ARE NO 'GOOD DEALS' WITH DISHONEST PEOPLE.

Companies who are scammers or who sell overpriced or poor quality products usually use a LOT of HYPE - run the other way!

Waste of Money
December 2, 2022
Waste of money. It worked as well as any other heater of it's size and power, but no better. And, it's noisier than most. After a week's use it stopped blowing hot air, only cold. To the company's credit, when I wrote them about this they refunded my full payment within a couple of days.