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About Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal Kit

Dr. Crandall is a virtual cardiologist who educates people on how to prevent and reverse heart disease through his products.  He offers five free gifts as part of the Heart Disease Prevention and Reversal Kit, which is only available if you subscribe to his heart health report.

The gift reports include Reversing Heart Disease Successfully, 7 Keys to Reverse Heart Disease for Life, Must-Have Heart Tests, Fighting Heart Disease, and one-month trial subscription to Health Radar.  The subscription is full of health advice and information regarding heart health.  Some of the information in the magazine consists of strategies for health treatment, discussion topics on numerous pills and supplements, costs of medical treatments, improving your quality of life, and much more.

The health report sent digitally will cost $49.00 per year while a print subscription will cost $54.00 per year.  The subscription will auto-renew at $39.00 per year.  If you want to cancel, they will refund the prorated amount based on what you have already received.  The subscription is fully guaranteed with a risk-free 30-day refund policy.

Taking heart advice from a virtual cardiologist is not what most would consider to be a reliable source of information.  His site does not show his credentials and does not display if he even has any credentials.

If Dr. Crandall offers a number of free items at the front end of his pitch and charges you money at the end, it seems very sneaky and misleading.  A business tactic of this sort is used just to make a sale; you must question their intentions.

There is no other information on his website, which seems a bit odd.  There are no links to follow necessary to obtain further information about the product, about the doctor, and about the complete return policy terms.  Talk with your medical practitioner and find some legitimate references before signing up for Dr Crandall’s reports.  Anything offered for free is too good to be true.

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7 ‘Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal Kit’ Reviews
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Fraudulent sales pitch

October31, 2013

As soon as I saw the format (must watch to the end flash movie) I knew it was yet another infomercial scam

After listening to several - "in a moment I will tell you" followed by more minutes of minutia, the good doctor never gets around to telling you the four things that happen before a heart attack.

In the end, the last two signs need to be explained properly by reading the material - a $49 per year subscription, what a surprise!

Be warned - any "free offer" or medical information by these frankly deceptive flash videos - avoid like the plague.

As soon as you see the white rectangle, hear the excuses "I will soon tell you about X"

Save some quality time for your life and turn the damned thing off.

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Grandpa to 7 G'kids

Overly promoted and too repititious

August20, 2013

He said he has done 40000 heart procedures in 28 yrs of practice amongst other things. That calculates down to 1428 procedures per year and 27 procedures per week. Now that appears in my humble experience as a heck of a lot of work and that is assuming he works 52 weeks every year !?

Is his income mainly from heart procedures or the sale of this material ??

Far fetched

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Who reads fine print?

June5, 2013

Ok, so I'm totally sold on Dr. Crandall (5 stars for him), but not at all for this kit with newsmaxx, which is the reason for my rating. If you want to purchase ONLY the book, use this link: http://shop.newsmax.com/shop/index.cfm?page=products&categoryid=19
Basically, there is no such thing as getting anything "for free" - Trial Offers are simply marketing strategies that are delivered with clever manipulation to the unknowing consumer. I honestly can't believe it's legal because it's not legit. The method of delivery is the scam, not necessarily the product!
After I randomly watched this long infomercial, I wanted to buy Dr. Crandall's book, and wasn't interested in getting a subscription to his monthly newsletter, which ironically is what the ad was about.... Or so I thought! Reading the fine print is what has led me to posting this review. I did not even notice it when I first read it!! Who noticed the additional $39 for the other newsletter? Hmm...
In my case, all I wanted was the book and was willing to pay for just the book, but I was fooling myself because I had the webpage open to immediately cancel the subscription - but then common sense hit me - In what way and at what cost would I pay for the book? Would I even receive the trial newsletters or the book? If I waited to cancel, would the book arrive too late, and I can't cancel, then have to go through all of this hassle to be refunded the cost minus the price of the book? Aha! There was no righteous way to even purchase the book - the reason people sign up, regardless of whether they want something "for free" or are willing to pay the actual parenthesized cost.
Hopefully, this advertising tactic will eventually stop being used in the future, however, in order to get there, people need to stop thinking they will actually get something for free! Maybe for "a limited time" you will, until you either forget to cancel or were expecting only Dr. Crandall's newsletter, which you may or may not have even wanted to purchase in the first place.
:Please note: If you see something that says "Free Gift", DO NOT disregard the parenthesis RIGHT NEXT TO IT that say (a $19.95 value!) because "free" never means without cost:

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Lisa W

I got the newsletter

April18, 2013

for a year.... I am going to buy his book, but not through Newsmax; I hate their approach, but I find Dr. Crandall's info very helpful. His insight is effective.

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Scott W

He seems to be a legitimate Cardiologist

March8, 2013

Here is his bio. It was on the site I looked at and in many other places. I do agree that the long video "four signs you may be having a heart attack" is poorly conceived infomercial. I did a quick web search when I thought I might be having a heart attack, and instead of answers, I was watching a 15 minute video that never really answered the question. That aside, I don't begrudge someone from publishing a newsletter and making money off legitimate research and helpful information.


Dr. Chauncey Crandall was selected as a Top Cardiologist by Jupiter Magazine in 2011 for his medical practice at the prominent Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Jupiter, Fla.

Jupiter Magazine, a Gulfstream Media Group publication, brings readers the best of what the northern Palm Beaches has to offer, including its top doctors.

Currently, Dr. Chauncey Crandall is chief of the Cardiac Transplant Program at the Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic, where he practices interventional, vascular, and transplant cardiology. He received his medical post-graduate training at Yale University School of Medicine, and his cardiology fellowship training at Beth Israel and Mount Sinai medical centers in New York City.

In 1993, Dr. Chauncey Crandall accepted a faculty appointment at Duke University and then relocated to Palm Beach, Fla., where he established the Duke University cardiology program affiliated within the cardiology division of Good Samaritan Hospital in the Palm Beach area. He is presently on staff at the Palm Beach Gardens, Good Samaritan, and Jupiter hospitals.

He has conducted numerous research studies and published scientific research in several medical journals, including The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, and Circulation. Additionally, as medical editor of the popular Newsmax Health publication Heart Health Report, Dr. Chauncey Crandall is able to reach many thousands of readers monthly with his personal mission to provide health, healing, and hope.

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blo Meh
April 10, 2013

yeah just google his stuff and see it's all out there for free.

the american way make $$ from any sucker

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October14, 2012

Not free. Requires you to buy his newsletter. This guy is dishonest.

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December 07, 2012

Right off the bat, he says he has performed 40,000 operations.. He then says he has CREATED heart disease in LABS to better understand his profession.
THere's more, but my point is, this is no VIRTUAL Doctor. IF what he says is real, regarding his experience it lends credence to his premise of being an authority.
If his premise can be successfully attacked, then you indeed have a leg to stand on. Otherwise, best leave Monday morning Quarterbacking to the TV commentators.

Grandma Patty
February 19, 2013

After listening to a very lengthy talk which promised to tell us about the "four things that happen immediately before a heart attack," I was eager to hear what he would say. The first one was--oh, surprise!--chest pain. Who'd a thunk it? The last two things were digestive discomfort, but he'd prefer to have you read them directly from the material he's selling, so he did not offer any further details. This talk was a big waste of time. I went to Amazon and found out that he claims to be a devout Christian. But he's participating in a scheme where he does not fulfill what he promises. Very disappointing.

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heart-stopping information

August18, 2012

There was a link on YouTube to Crandall's report on NewsMax. Take the link and a flash video plays that has no controls for stop, pause, etc. I watched the entire video.

I didn't buy the subscription yet. I haven't decided whether I will.

The topics described do seem relevant. He described the "widowmaker" blockage that he had. My friend had one of those that was caught in a stroke of luck - he was being checked for another problem and they found the blockage.

I have been hearing a lot about inflammation laterly. Crandall mentions inflammation, and how diet tends to promote inflammation. I've heard certain foods high in fat and sugar, and perhaps dairy, can promote inflammation, which can lead to various diseases.

This material may be useful. It's possible that similar material may be found elsewhere for free.

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Doctor Logic
October 08, 2012

When there were traveling medicine shows people would try and sell you "snake oil". - If the snake oil didn't work, perhaps the bottle could still serve a useful purpose to store something.
When an internet download doesn't work you have nothing - and the seller still has your credit card details.

Bob Williams
October 14, 2012

I completely agree. This so called Doctor seems to care little about helping people - unless you have cash to give him. Worse, he uses deceptive tactics to trick people. He tells sick people he has information that can save them and that he will give them the information for free BUT they must first purchase with a credit card the Dr.'s newsletter for $65+ annually which automatically renews each year unless you, the sick person, remembers to cancel it in a certain time frame. Sadly, Dr. Crandall is probably rich beyond belief and could easily share his life saving secrets with needy people for free but instead he uses greedy scams to make a dishonest buck. Dr. Crandall, you are a bad person.

blo Meh
April 10, 2013

i agree about engorgement and diets that promote it ......
oh wait....that's inflammation......never mind

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