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About Head Down Products

Head Down Products, found online at HDFirearms.com, is an online retailer which gives people the ability to legally purchase firearms and other outdoor equipment online, as well as in one of their select physical locations. 

How Does It Work?

In reality, this website functions just like any other online retailer, with customers being able to go to their website and look through their current inventory of products by category, including Firearms, Lifestyle, Custom Shop, Parts & Accessories, and HD Events, as well as subcategories which help you better filter your search results. 

However, because this website is selling firearms rather than clothing or jewelry, the laws regarding the products that are sold on this website and who is able to purchase these products are very different than other online retailers. 

Head Down Products is a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer (FFL), so they closely adhere to federal policies, which means that you must have a Federal Firearms License in order to purchase or transfer ownership of a Complete Weapon or Lower Receiver. After this license is faxed or emailed to them and your sale is complete, your purchase will be sent to a local FFL near you, where you must pick up the item in person and complete all the required paperwork. 

It is important to note that even if you do have legal license to own and purchase firearms, your state of residence may have laws against purchasing firearms from websites or by having firearms transported through the mail, in which case you will be unable to use Head Down Products’ website. 

Cost/Price Plans

Because this website sells such a varied of list of products – from coffee and baby onesies in their Lifestyle section to high quality firearms and firearms parts and accessories – there is no real way to quote a single price range for the items being sold on this website. 

Something that should be taken into consideration when ordering from this website, however, is the cost of shipping. Since transporting firearms through the mail is a well regulated process, the shipping fees are likely to be significant and are something that should be kept in mind by those planning on purchasing from this website.   

Refund Policy

First, it’s important to note that this website has a new Warranty program for their rifles, saying that they are covered “from muzzle to butt stock, for life.” The rifle will either be repaired or replaced at no additional cost to the customer, and this Warranty will remain in place even if the rifle transfers ownership. 

As for customers that simply want to return an item, there is not much information available on their website that acts as a general Refund or Return Policy. Instead, they ask customers to provide them with their order number and information before they will provide you with information on whether or not your item is available for return or exchange. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact their Customer Service team with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 770-485-7015 or by submitting them directly through their website through their Contact Us link.  


It appears that there are more reviews available online for the specific weapons this website sells than for the actual website or company themselves, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, as it either indicates that this company is still too new online to have many reviews or that customers find their general company policies acceptable so there is nothing really to review about the company. 

There are some complaints that can be seen in firearm owner forums, however, and that is that they believe that this website does not provide enough specs and information on their firearms product pages, which is very frustrating for customers who are unfamiliar with this company and their products. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other companies which sell firearms and outdoor equipment online, including Bud's Gun Shop, MidwayUSA, Cheaper Than Dirt, BidGunner.com, and many others. 

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Head Down Products reviews below.

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Triton 10 5.56 16"

November1, 2018

I purchased a rifle from Head Down Products about 2 years ago now. My only complaint was the time it took to receive my firearm. It took nearly 3 months from time of purchase to the arrival at my local FFL. During the wait I got quite uneasy, seeing the money was deducted from my bank within days, yet 2 months later I was still waiting. I had trouble contacting anyone to figure out the delay, and finally through their FaceBook page I got a reply saying they were behind on production due to a high volume of orders. I finally received the firearm about a month later, 3 months total wait. It didn't have an etched design I had ordered, but I was just happy to finally have my purchase and wasn't about to send it back. It also didn't come with a mag, which it was supposed to. I contacted the company through FaceBook again and they quickly sent me 2 for the issues. Apart from all this, I am happy with the firearm, good quality, like the warranty. It would be nice if the riffle had came with some sort of sights given the price tag of them.

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