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Very Disappointed!
March 17, 2015

I liked the blades, and the handle. The pivoting mechanism is pitiful, and will lose it's strength after 3 or 4 shaves, leaving the blades useless. They seem to be almost planned that way!

The shaving valve is so tight that when it finally does open, it sprays all over the place. No thanks!

Blades are cheaply made
December 11, 2014
I have been using Harry's for a while now. I just bought the 16 blades to take advantage of the great price. The first 3 blades I have used have all broken on the second shave.. the plastic head that holds the blades have broken, making them useless. I will no longer waste my money on this product.

Arlo Bari Thompson Jr. March 17, 2015

I really like the 5 blades, and the pretty handle, but the suspension system on the razor head is woefully inadequate! My first blade, and the refill both broke on me! They bend backwards, and are useless after that. When I took a close look at the suspension, it is so under built, I'm amazed it lasted through one shave. No Thanks, waste of money.

Great shave
December 10, 2014
have been shaving with my Harrys razor two.months and love it.Close shave and virtually impossabe to cut or nick yourself.Just installed the third blade.

Harry's shaving
December 4, 2014

I bought my "Harry's" set direct off the internet ($ 15, handle, 3 blades and shaving cream, delivered) and started using it the last week of October. Love the weight of the handle. The blade gives me the best shave I have ever had. Its December now and I am still using the first blade. Still sharp as ever. The only thing I do is to rinse off the blade after shaving and dry with a soft tissue. It has lasted and lasted. The shaving is a bonus. Customer service is terrific.

This is the first time I have ever endorsed a product on the internet !

Close shave with time and practice...
September 29, 2014

First, you have to get used to the slick handle. Next, achieve the correct angle of the blade head against the angles of your face. This is not intuitive. Shave with the grain, then against the grain and you'll have a really smooth shave. All this takes more time and practice than I expected. I bought the Truman starter package and once I use up the blades I doubt I will buy any more. I compared this shave to a Gillette two-blade disposable and the Gillette shave was just as smooth and even quicker. Also, I should add that with the Harry's model it is difficult to get those whiskers under and around the nose area, and, Harry's blades do not lend themselves to easily keeping the sideburns clean and even. Too bad, but I only burned up $15.00 so it's a lesson learned.


Not what I expected
September 25, 2014

The razor housing is plastic with a cheap 'pivoting action'. The blades DO NOT last as long as the Gillette Fusion (very expensive BUT I'm starting to see why)...

My 2 biggest dissappointments:

1) Missing that 6th blade on the other side of the razor to get into hard to reach places . . . just over ear, under nose (I have a goatee and shaved head).

2) the handle of the Winston is extremely slippery and very difficult to control vs. the Gillette Fusion that has an excellent contoured grip.

I will finish out this starter set I bought for $25 but I am going to look at less expensive alternatives that DO have that 6th blade I miss.

Also, the shaving cream SUCKS! It's mentholated, does NOT lather and it takes gobs and gobs amount to effectively coat my head and cheeks.

Arlo Bari Thompson Jr. March 17, 2015

I had the same problem with the pivot. I even tried to repair the piece of junk. with no success.

Larry Pickering May 23, 2016

Had the same problem. After only a few shaves the thin plastic on either side of the blades broke leaving it useless. I agree about the trouble around the nose as well.