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Customer service
January 27, 2016

The razors are good but the customer service sucks. I ordered the 30.00 trial box and then found out i could not afford due to my budget. I emailed to cancel but they shipped anyway. They charged me 300.00 before I got the box which resulted in a 36.00 overdraft fee on top of the 30.00. Took them over a week to refund the money for the razors. I am not happy at all with the customer service at this time they could give me free razors and I would refuse.

Joe Curtis

Doug March 01, 2017

I have contacted customer service on two occasions. In both cases I was greeted with a friendly response that took care of the issue. If you do not know you cannot afford $30, I suggest you stay a LONG way away from the internet.

Don't waste your time.
January 27, 2016
Very poor shave. Now i get a 11:00 AM shadow. Not very comfortable either.

Bait and Switch?
January 26, 2016
I bought into these after hearing advertising blitz on a local radio program and received a nice discount. The starter set was nice and I was impressed with the sharpness and closeness of the blades. After shaving there was no doubt I'd had a close shave! So close it burned .I've always used Gillette machs and never had burn so I just thought it was because of the sharpness of the blades. After reordering blades and even persuading my wife to purchase a set of her own,since they were so good. We were both disappointed. They feel like totally different blades. Not as sharp, pull and tug, razor bumps. Under a magnifying glass they look like they were sharpened on a bench grinder. Bad mfg consistency, bad QC or the good stuff first just to get a re-order? Anyway been DE shaving since then and could not be happier!

mike thomas January 27, 2016

Used it 3x. Very poor shave. Now i get a 11:00 AM shadow. Don't waste your time.

rg September 25, 2016

I had the same experience. The free sample cartridge lasted for months and was a breeze to clean. The ones I paid for are completely different. Each one lasts about a week and is almost impossible to clean. Something shady.

Totally lame razors
January 26, 2016
I guess I got suckered in by good advertising. Heard the ads on Sirius XM and ordered the razors and shaving cream. These razors are terrible. I have what I would call a 7 out of 10 beard--pretty stout but not really heavy like Greek or Italian guy. Anyway, these razors don't work because they have this stupid 5 blade design which puts the blades too close together so they slide right over your beard! And the head of the razor is so big (because of the stupid 5 blade design) you can't get into to close areas like under your nose and around your lips. Anyway, totally useless, I went to back to my 32 pack Gillette Costco blades and they work much better.

Over rated by seller
December 13, 2015

1. The heads have a flexible plastic joint. It is too soft and it can break before the head wears out.

2. The head blade area is huge and it makes it impossible to to a good job in tight areas like under the nose.

3. The blades are too close together and jam up with lather and stubble. Very hard to rinse out.

4. Because the blades are so closely placed it's impossible to shave anything over 2 days growth. Need a pre-shave shave. Ridiculous (and Harry's say to do so on their own site! Silly).

5. Wear out quickly.

Delivery is good. They're at the house 2 or 3 days after ordering.

But I'll probably go back to evil Gillette.

Dale January 13, 2016

i've been using these a long time; never had it break. For #2, I've found that problem with any razor i've ever had so that seem like a normal problem, I had the same issue with Schick and Gillette. For #3 may I suggest that you rinse out more frequently, that should solve the "plugging up" problem. #4, I don't shave daily as I'm retired but i have used Harry's to shave 3 days of growth without a pre-shave shave - and my beard grows fast. I've had mine now for a year now and nothing has broken and nothing has worn out. Even if I have to buy a new one once a year it's still a lot cheaper than buying Gillette blades for that same year. Wouldn't you agree?

InfoGuy June 28, 2016

I agree with the assessment that the flexible plastic joints are a problem. This is really a major design flaw in the Harry's cartridge and handle.

In most good razors, the razor cartridge pivots on the end of the handle. In Harry’s design, the razor handle does not have the pivot element on the end. Instead, the cartridge has these plastic joints or prongs that have some flexibility and are supposed to act like a pivoting head but do not. The flexible plastic with a little pressure tends to crack or break after about 3 to 4 shaves. At that point, the cartridge is no good, and it must be trashed. In this case, the old adage is true: "You get what you pay for."

GREAT product GREAT shave!
December 11, 2015

Like many, I was tired of overpaying for 'name brand' shaving. I tried Harry's as a last resort and didn't expect much. I was wrong. I love the handle's weight and balance. Feels like a real razor, not a piece of cheap plastic. I have very sensitive skin and a dip in my chin that makes shaving a pain. It's been a very long time since I've had such a good shave. I'm so happy with the Harry's products, I have bought them as gifts for my sons - both military. They love them and rave about the great shave. I am about to order them some extra blades to ship to them.

I've signed up for the auto ship plan. I love the flexibility to change my order each month as needed. I'm glad I found Harry's!!!

Rich January 26, 2016

Man, if I have ever read a fake "paid for" review, this is definitely it. "Last resort", "sons in the military", "signed up for the auto ship plan" way over done.

amylynn June 02, 2017

pathetic. all the positive reviews on here are from the employees. this review is a joke, its so easy to tell its fake and goes way over the top. fake fake fake.

amylynn June 02, 2017

and why did they add that the sons are in the military part. definitely has nothing to do with a shaving review.

Harry's Razors
November 18, 2015

Razor itself is a high quality piece of equipment, well balanced and attractive. Replaceable portion containing blade and flexible head is easy to attach.

No nicks after 6 months excellent shaves every time. No more Gillette for me!

mike thomas January 27, 2016

Nother paid reply!!

Carl May 01, 2016

Yep, totally fake.

amylynn June 02, 2017

pathetic attempt to sound like a legit customer

November 8, 2015

Getting tired of hearing me complain about the cost of razors, my wife purchased me the 'Winston' starter set from Harry's. All I can say is that they are a huge disappointment.

The biggest problem is that there is little flex in the razor head, and they don't follow the contour of my neck. They also seem to be dull compared to the (admittedly overpriced) store brand.

I'm glad that someone has tried to take on the 'big-boys'. But Harry's razors just don't cut it.

Needed a crowbar to change blades
November 7, 2015
The blade wore out very quickly, when I tried to change it, it was jammed. Now have two fresh blade cartridges I can't use, since I destroyed the razor trying to remove the old one.

November 6, 2015

I wanted to like this. Sick of megacorporate overpriced shaving gear. Love how it looks and love concept, BUT:

Don't know why but unlike Mach 3 it cuts my neck up. Maybe blade angle bad for my skin there, not sure.

Major complaint though is how short-lived the blades are. They last half as long as the Gilette version.

worse shave ever
November 3, 2015
Did not do the job at all looks great packed well seems like high quality but the razor dose not shave and that's all that matters stay away

Too Bulky for Shower Shaving
October 6, 2015
I shave in the shower every other day. I ordered the Harry's $15 special to try it. I found the handle too thick and slippery. The head, containing the five blades --which I have always considered "overkill" -- is bulky and does not easily get into the small shaving areas like under my nose. The shaving cream is OK, but nothing special. I returned to my shaving soap, a brush, a mug and the Gillette three blade Mach 3.

Harry's The Best
October 4, 2015
These are the best shaving products on the market. I have tried both shaving creams, the after shave lotion and the face wash and they are outstanding. Goodbye Gillette. I also give them as gifts with excellent response from the gift receiver.

mike thomas January 27, 2016

Your gonna piss off your friends.

September 30, 2015
I was sceptical. no longer. I got the razor and blades. after a month I noticed I was getting more shaves than anticipated and I changed frequency of order and was accommodated. Performance and comfort not an issue. Keep your blade clean and you will become a believer and more. Goodbye Gillette and Fusion

Great Shave!
September 23, 2015
My loving wife got me the Winston set for Christmas. She even had my name engraved on it!!! I ran through the trial razors after several months of use and went back to the bulk back of Gillette Mach 3's. Ugh, I miss my the way my Harry's razor shaves. When I use up the bulk pack, I'm definitely going back to Harry's! The set also came with the foaming shave gel which is by far the best I've ever used. Lot's of love for Harry's. I'm going to buy a set for all of my male friends and family this Christmas.

Perfect Shave Every Time
September 5, 2015

I am an old guy that had a heart issue cured by two stents and been on blood thinner for a year - Bought Harry's kit on internet and have followed directions precisely. also use Napa shaving soap cup and shaving brush as the soap job. Shave with beard on first pass , lather up again and shave against the beard on second pass. I go low and slow on both passes and use this period to think about the day ahead.

During the six months or so that I have been using this routine, I have not cut myself (nor anyone else)...

After a rinse with hot water, I use Harry's after shave and rub it in thoroughly.

Wife loves it all, I love it and will continue to use the Harry's products for the foreseable future.

April 28, 2015
I would rate these blades as good as aGillette Mach 3 that has been used 4 or five times....... There terrible! Razor burn ! Nicks , cuts ......u name it ..... I bought 16 razors and used 3 ... After that I went back to my Gillette fusion blades ... Yes a lot more. $ ..... But .....no discomfort , no burn, no nicks, no bleeding .... And stay sharp for longer.., don't waist your $ on these blades... I gave the test to my girl friend to shave her legs , she said they sucked too..

April 24, 2015

figured i would give them a try my very first impression was there was a lot of pull and then i got a very nice nick on my head after 7 shaves i changed the blade and then i literately scalped my head 1/2 long 1/4 inch deep blood ruining from my head down my chest a first for me and i have been shaving for a very long time

back to the spendy razors but safe ones lol

So disappointed
April 15, 2015
Was really looking forward to receiving them... The blades are not nearly as sharp and don't give nearly as close of a shave as my Gillette Power Fusion. I actually love the fragrance of the shave gel but it's not a great product. Once I'm done with these blades, I'm switching back to Gillette

Very Disappointed!
March 17, 2015

I liked the blades, and the handle. The pivoting mechanism is pitiful, and will lose it's strength after 3 or 4 shaves, leaving the blades useless. They seem to be almost planned that way!

The shaving valve is so tight that when it finally does open, it sprays all over the place. No thanks!