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Do you struggle to sleep at night because of loud distracting noise? Or do you feel like you’re damaging your hearing with loud sounds from your favorite concerts? Have you tried earplugs before, but haven’t found one that fits comfortably? If any of this sounds like you, Happy Ears Earplugs claim to be your answer.

How Does It Work?

Happy Ears is the original reusable earplug. Designed and made in Sweden, more than 1 million sets of earplugs have been sold since starting in 2010. They are specially designed to fit perfectly within the inner ear canal, and are created with a unique oval shape and short, soft stem to enhance comfort. The company behind Happy Ears also knows that earplugs are not one size fits all, and so the earplugs are sold in small, medium and large to provide the perfect fit for all users.

Happy Ears takes its simple Swedish design to heart, and aims to be the one earplug for everything – for sleeping, motorcycling, swimming, studying, or attending a loud concert. There are no filters, electronic pieces or foam tips included – these are as straightforward as possible, while providing the best attenuation possible from non-custom earplugs.

The earplugs preserve sound quality by reducing noise evenly to maintain the full spectrum of sound, and won’t muffle music or voices like a foam plug. They are extremely durable, hypoallergenic, and have been tested and CE certified at the EU office of Occupational Health, and are thereby certified to reduce volume by 25 dB. 


How to Use Happy Ears Earplugs

Wondering how to wear these earplugs? It’s simple – use these anytime you need to reduce sound. When you first try them, it might take a little bit to adjust them so they are comfortable in your own ear.

Each order comes with instructions on how to insert Happy Ears Earplugs. Start by inserting the large oval tip into your ear, without pushing it deep into your ear canal. The earplug should naturally seal against the base of your ear canal, significantly reducing the amount of sound that can reach inside your ear.

Because earplugs work by fitting snug against your ear, it’s important to ensure you’re wearing the right size for you. Happy Ears has created three different sizes – small, medium, large – to make sure every person can find the right fit. According to the site, the Medium size fits 60% of users, but 20% of customers will need the small or large size. If you’re not sure what size is best for you, Happy Ears offers the Discovery Pack, which is a starter kit for all first time users and includes all three sizes.

Cost and Price Plans

Each set of earplugs retails for 20 AUD – the company recognizes this can be considered an investment, especially when you can get a pack of 200 pairs of foam earplugs for the same price. However, each Happy Ears pair last on average 3-12 months if used daily, and provide better noise reduction than the cheap disposable foam pairs. They are also significantly more sustainable and environmentally friendly than foam earplugs that you throw away after one use.

All in all, if you are constantly exposing your eardrums to loud noises, the protection of your hearing is worth the price, and this is a top tier earplug short of custom-fit earplugs (which will cost much more than 20AUD).

Customer Service

Overall, Happy Ears has good customer service. They also offer free shipping with every Discovery Pack order. You can return any item that is in new condition with an unopened package at any time after purchase. The team is also easily accessible by email at [email protected]

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Happy Ears Earplugs are getting rave reviews from press and customers alike. In the past couple of years, they have been featured in several mainstream media reviews, from Forbes to Women’s Health. And the glowing reviews don’t stop with the press – customers can’t say enough good things about their Happy Ears. There are over 1200 reviews on the Discovery Pack page on their site, and over 900 of those are 5 star reviews, with an overall average of 4.6. These earplugs have purportedly helped thousands of people sleep, focus, and protect their hearing health.

Is It Worth It?

Overall, these earplugs are a good option for anyone trying to protect their hearing for long term health, or anyone who needs a little help reducing the noise around them.

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