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About Halo Safety Flare

Emergency situations are unavoidable in our everyday life. Bad things do happen, and when they happen, you need something you can rely on, aside from your smartphone. Unfortunately, avoiding emergency situations and accidents is sometimes impossible. That’s where a safety flare can come in handy.

BevpodDirect is a company that specializes in keeping their customers safe and secure, and with their renowned safety flare, you’ll always be ready for an emergency situation.

But, are the numerous positive reviews really true? Find out in our review below.


Halo safety flare is a single product. As manufacturer says, the flares are extremely well-designed, making them visible from astonishing 5,000 feet away. The flare is here to be placed at the accident spot, giving the incoming drivers enough time to react and take precautions, making you a lot safer.

The product comes in the shape of a carousel, with 24 ultra-bright LED lights placed in the circle. Being a LED flare, this product is going to produce bright light, even in weather conditions like snow, fog, and rain.

The flare isn’t just there to bring up some light. Instead, it supports 8 unique flash modes, making them more visible. We also have pop-out hook attachment, and completely water and weather-proof design, thanks to the sturdy case surrounding the LED flares.

How Does it Work?

Halo safety flare is probably the simplest product when it comes to the ease of use. If an accident happens, the only thing you need to do is turn it on, place it on the ground, and do what's necessary to get help. The Halo safety flare has a Power button above, and with a single press, you activate the eye-piercing LED lights.

But, when should you use this flare? Well, in any case of an accident. Whether it's a flat tire, broken vehicle or simply a collision with the other vehicle, the Halo safety flare should be used.

Many potential buyers will ask if Halo safety flare works on batteries. Short and simple – yes. Thankfully, the flare uses only 3 AAA batteries, which isn’t that expensive.

Given the fact that they last up to 36 hours, that’s a pretty good time for an emergency situation. Overall, it’s very simple to use and it’s blazingly POWERFUL.

Cost and Price Plans

The company offers several price plans. To be precise – three of them. All price plans are tied to specific bundles of 1, 2, and 4 car packs.

One car pack offers 6 safety flares at a price of $13 per flare. That’s exactly $78. The manufacturer claims that the best deal comes at $108, and includes 12 safety flares (2 car pack), which comes at $9 per flare.

Finally, we have 4 car pack which includes 24 safety flares at $7.50 per flare. The total price jumps to $240, which is a bit more expensive.

An average buyer who doesn't spend much time driving around would probably benefit from the first two bundles. While the third one is affordable if we look at the per-flare basis, the price of the total bundle is very expensive.

However, if you spend a lot of your time driving, you can benefit from more Halo safety flares. Thankfully, the company offers numerous payment methods, making it very easy to reserve your order.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or complaints, the best and the only way to contact them is through their email [email protected]

If you live in California, you can always visit their physical store located in Carlsbad. Luckily, the email support is decent, and you get the answer to your question in about 24 hours, depending on the day and time you sent your email.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Halo safety flare isn’t a perfect product, and some customers aren’t that satisfied. However, most of the reviews you’re going to find on the internet are quite positive. The most praised feature of this product is the strength of the light it produces.

LED flares are known to produce the light that could easily pierce through the fog and can be seen in any weather conditions. But the ease of use is something that many users talked about, especially for newbies.

Some said that they had a rough time putting the battery in, and some complained about durability. Overall, the reviews say that they’re not a scam, which is good to know.

Competitors and Alternatives

The first competitor comes straight from the UK. Their company called Slimk offers a super-bright led array, alongside a storage bag, and impressive durability. As the manufacturer claims, it can be seen from up to 1 mile at night, which is a bit less impressive than the product we're talking about. Still, $26.80 is a good deal.

Stonepoint offers an old-school solution for displaying an emergency situation. They offer a set of 3 super-bright LED beacons that come with a magnetic base.

The magnetic base helps the beacon stand still and the light it produces is a bit dimmer than Halo safety flare. Still, it comes in a red color and circular shape that we all know. Ay $19.99 for a whole set, it's a nice deal nonetheless.

Traffic Safety Zone offers safety flares made of polycarbonate plastic with impact-resistant rubber housing. While the LED lighting coming from those flares isn't very impressive, the company claims that this product offers superb build quality and durability. The price of $19.95 is note worthy.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Halo safety flare directly from BevpodDirect website, but also from Amazon. Buying from their website directly gives you a huge discount though.


Halo safety flare gives its users value for money. With the eye-piercing LED light and an affordable price, this product is worth trying. Despite some complaints about it, we still think this is a good safety flare.

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