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Half.com is now Half.eBay.com, a partner of well known online auction website eBay, which acts as a digital marketplace that allows people to sell their books, music, movies, and games with no listing charges.

This is not an auction site, though it is partnered with eBay. And it is not a traditional buy back website, like Cash4Books.net or Chegg.com, which pays you cash directly for your old textbooks or other books.

Instead, Half.com allows you a place to list your textbooks and other books and sell them directly to other consumers. There is no charge to list them on their website, and there is no charge to register for an account to get started.

The only time you ever pay anything to Half.com is when one of your items actually sells. At that time, the website will take a percentage of the item's sale cost as their fee. The percentage they take will depend on the sale price of the item.

In addition to giving customers a place to sell their books, music, movies, and video games, they also offer students a rental service, where they can choose to rent popular textbooks instead of purchasing them outright.

The rental process is intended to save you money, as renting will be cheaper than buying, but it also solves the problem that many students have when their class is over and they no longer need the book - they can just return it.

And students who decide at the end of their rental term that they do wish to keep the book can purchase it outright at the listing price, minus the money they have already paid to rent it.

Customers who have further questions or concerns can use their extensive Help and Frequently Asked Questions section, or they may submit a question directly to their website for assistance. 

If you have any experience with this website or their services, please leave your Half.com reviews below.

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