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Hairstory New Wash is a line of hair care products that seeks to change the way you wash and condition your hair. 

This company offers a large line of products to deal with any kind of hair condition, from dandruff to hair loss.  Here’s what you need to know.

How Does it Work?

Hairstory is a unique hair care company that offers one-of-a-kind solutions to your most common hair care struggles. To get started, you’ll be asked a variety of questions about the way you care for your hair - as well as its unique characteristics.

The products are sold in a unique way, with no regional distributors, no bulk salon sales, and no big-box retailers.

Instead, hairdressing professionals refer to other professionals to sell their products. Hairstory is a cruelty-free company that does no animal testing - all products are tested directly on human heads instead.

Shop online, and you’ll find a ton of helpful products that make your hair appear rich and luxurious. The Hair Balm is a unique product that takes the basic principles of skincare and applies them to your hair. It adds deep moisture to manage dryness and alleviates common cases of over-processing.

The dry shampoo, or Volumizing Powder, is another popular choice. It’s a must-have for wash-and-wear hair, allowing you to create beautiful styles without having to strip your hair every day.

It’s a must-have for greasy hair. And if you’re wondering how to use it, don’t worry, the instructions are simple. All you have to do is spray, brush, style, and go.

Another popular product is the Sulfate-Free Shampoo Alternative. This is History's trademark product and it helps revitalize your hair by eliminating the need for your scalp to constantly replenish its natural oils. This shampoo has a built-in cleansing conditioner, too.

The instructions for using all of Hairsotyr’s products are simple - just use them as a replacement for your regular shampoo or conditioner during your regular hair care routine. You’ll need to use them for a few days to see any results.

The ingredients are clearly depicted on each product and are natural, with common options including aloe, jojoba seed oil, and sunflower seed oil.

These products help revive hair that has been abused by traditional shampoos, nourishes bleached hair, and even replenishes locks that have been fried by heat styling.

Cost and Price Plans

Each Hairstory product varies in price depending on what it is, but most are affordable and each first order comes with free shipping.

The Hair Balm, for example, is just $36 for a four-ounce bottle. The Volumizing powder is also $36, but for a 1.35-ounce bottle instead, while the Sulfate-Free Shampoo Alternative is $40.

Online Customer Reviews & Complaints

While Hairstory has garnered plenty of positive praise online, it’s earned its fair share of bad reviews, too.

Some customers claim that their hair looks like it has been washed with just water, as it does not foam and requires a lot of product in order to be effective. Other customers claim that it doesn’t work as well for greasy hair.

That being said, other customers found that Hairstory’s products worked well - as long as you find the product that’s right for your specific hair type.

The customer service department and returns process have also been widely praised by customers who say there is no dupe - or duplicate - for this excellent line of products.

Look at customer reviews online, and you’ll be amazed by the before and after pictures. You can truly see how effective many of the Hair Story products are - it’s all about finding the right one for your unique hair type.

Customer Service

Hairstory not only has a variety of contact methods online, but the company also has a studio in New York City. Here, you can have famous hairstylists like David Bosscher, Brian Casey, and Cyd Charisse take care of you.

You can also get in touch with Hair Story by visiting the company website. Hairstory has social media pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

There is also an email contact form available online. The customer service phone line is available from Monday through Friday at (646) 760-5142.

Where to Buy?

You can only purchase their products directly from the company online or by visiting the New York City salon.

There is a subscription option - the Hairstory New Wash Club - where you can pay 10% less per ounces and get free shipping for life.

However, the company does not offer any free samples because it takes more than a couple of washes to notice the effects of the products.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re in the market for a new shampoo or conditioner, you’ll have plenty of options besides Hairstory. You might want to consider Wen, Prose, and Devacurl as well.

Hairstory vs. Wen - Wen Hair Care is a similar line of hair care products that helps add bounce, body, and shine to your hair.

The company sells a variety of products, including an Almond Mint Replenish Treatment and an Almond Mint Nourishing Mousse. However, it is extremely difficult to order from Wen, as the company’s products tend to be in short supply.

Hairstory vs. Prose - Prose offers custom hair care that’s bottled just for you. When you visit the Prose website, you’ll be able to make your own unique hair formula that takes everything about your hair into consideration, from your hair type to texture - even the length.

Hairstory vs. Devacurl - Devacurl is designed specifically for curly hair and sells a variety of affordably-priced hair care products, including mousses, shampoos (referred to as Low-Poo and No-Poo) and conditioners.

Is It Worth It?

Without a doubt, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives to Hair Story shampoos and hair care products. However, you can’t put a price on having good hair.

Hairstory can help return your hair to its former luster and glory - all with a simple wash and rinse.  It’s definitely worth a try.

If you have any experience with Hairstory New Wash, please leave your reviews below.

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