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About, the online home of the Hair Club, says that they are the leading provider of hair restoration solutions and that they make sure to provide their clientele with only proven solutions that are right for them.

While the Hair Club is perhaps most famously known for their hair restoration surgery, which they provide for both men and women, they also provide many other options to those looking for help with hair loss.

According to, there is no one solution that will work for everyone. Each person has a particular set of needs and issues, and of course, each person has their own personal budget. claims they can find the solution that will be right fit and cost for you.

For men, they offer the Bio-Matrix non-surgical hair replacement system, which consists of strands of real hair attached to a virtually undetectable matrix of transparent fibers which is integrated into your own hair.

For women, they offer the EXT Extreme Hair Therapy minoxidil system which they claim helps 84% of women to halt hair loss completely and more than 62% report noticeably improvement, with thicker hair in 4-6 months.

For both men and women they provide the Extreme Laser Comb, which is the only home use medical laser that is FDA approved to promote hair growth, and which they say can stimulate growth and stop hair loss in an amazing 90 percent of users, with just 10-15 minutes of use three times a week.

If you choose a Hair Club restoration solution other than surgery and find that you have complaints about your results, they will allow you to take the cost of the solution you have chosen and place it 100% towards another solution that may work better for you.

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Tim Knight

Great Self Esteem Builder....Great Company.

November17, 2012

It has been the greatest self esteem builder that I could have ever done for myself.Hair Club has been the most helpful in achieving that confidence builder. They have done so much,above and beyond to make sure I have and need what I want out of my new look. Special thanks to Adam, and Shawnee for all of their hard work. Tim K.

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