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About Hair Food Shampoo

Life is better on a good hair day. Unfortunately, many hair products contain tons of harmful ingredients that you would be better off avoiding.

If you’re sick of having to deal with unsafe chemicals and ingredients in your products - yet still want to maintain a beautiful mane - you might want to consider using Hair Food.

How Does It Work?

Hair Food is a line of hair care products that is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and dye-free. They claim that their products are safe and will leave you with nourished, beautiful hair!

Specifically, they sell Hair Food Shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, hair masks, and dry shampoo. Their products tout various benefits including moisturizing your hair, nourishing your hair, and smoothing your hair. 


They have a variety of different recipes depending on your specific hair needs. For example, if you are looking for a product to moisturize & smooth your hair, you might consider getting the Avocado and Argan Oil Shampoo. If your hair is in desperate need of some TLC, nourishment, and a pick-me-up, you might buy their Coconut Milk and Chai Spice Conditioner.

Cost and Price Plans

If you are interested in purchasing a product from Hair Food, you have a couple of different options depending on what type of product you are looking to use. For example, if you want Shampoo or Conditioner, you would pay $7.99 for a 10.1 fl oz container.

If you are looking for hair oil, it would cost you $9.99 for a 3.2 fl oz container. They also sell hair masks for $2.99. And 4.9fl oz of dry shampoo comes in at $9.99.

Competitors and Alternatives

It seems like more & more people are starting to recognize that their beauty products may contain toxic and harmful ingredients. As such, more & more companies are coming out with product lines designed to be not only safe but also effective. If you are looking for safe, natural-based hair care products, you do have alternatives to Hair Food.

For example, you might consider going to AG Hair for your hair care needs. AG Hair is a Vancouver-based company that aims to provide the best sulfate-free and paraben-free products for your hair. They believe all hair should look and feel good, whether it is curly, straight, thin, thick, long or short. They carry a variety of lines depending on hair needs, including anti-dandruff, smoothing, repairing, and color care.

One thing you might recognize very quickly about AG Hair products compared to Hair Food products is that they are significantly more expensive. For example, a 10 oz. shampoo or conditioner will cost in the $20-$30 range. In addition to shampoo and conditioner, they also sell hair masks, oils, and creams at a higher price point than those sold by Hair Food. 2.5-6oz of these products cost in the $20-$34 range. Unlike Hair Food, AG Hair also has a variety of sprays, mousses, styling tools, and hand sanitizer available.

Another brand that sells safer hair care products is Prose. They create custom hair care solutions depending on your hair type, your environment, and what you are looking for out of your product.

Prose claims to be committed to using natural ingredients, and keeping all their products sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. If you are interested in purchasing a product from Prose, they will ask you to take a quick quiz on their website so that they can design your custom products. An 8.5 oz bottle of shampoo or conditioner costs $25, while 1.7 fl oz of hair oil will run you $48. You can also purchase 1.4 oz of dry shampoo for $25.

Prose also sells hair creams, including a 5.1fl oz container of curl cream for $25. Anyone with curly hair knows that the right products are key in the grooming process. I went looking for reviews and found some very positive ones saying things like the cream resulted in “shiny, defined curls that felt moisturized. And I love the scent!”

Another interesting thing about Prose is that they have a “Hair Tips,” section on their website, which provides helpful instructions on hair styling, including posts specifically on styling curly hair. Prose seems to be curly girl approved, which is a stamp of approval any hair care company should aim to receive.

Finally, you may opt to purchase safer hair care products from Innersense Organic Beauty. Innersense puts nature at the center of all their product recipes. They claim to choose safe, organic ingredients to help you fall in love with your hair again.

They boast great online reviews on Amazon. Their products also have a higher price point than those offered by Hair Food. Innersense sells their 10oz hairbath shampoos for $28 and their 10 oz conditioners for $26-$30. They sell 2.37oz of dry shampoo for $24 and have a variety of sprays, foams, and oils available as well.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

You can find customer reviews of Hair Food products on their website, as well as on other sites such as Amazon. The website has excellent reviews from customers. For example, one customer said that the White Nectarine and Pear Conditioner “left [her] hair feeling super soft and smelling amazing.” And another customer boasted that the Coconut Hair Oil “helps keep the frizz to a minimum,” and “makes your hair feel soft and silky.”

The reviews on Amazon are also very positive with one customer stating that the Tea Tree and Lavender Water Purifying Shampoo left her “scalp feel[ing] amazing and no more hair loss!” Of course, there were some negative reviews, with customers saying that Hair Food products “[are] extremely hard to rinse out,” or “makes [their] hair feel so heavy.” But these negative reviews are few and far between. Most Hair Food customers seem to be satisfied!

Customer Service

If you would like to get in touch with Hair Food, you can fill out a form on their website or call them by phone at 1-855-236-3327 Monday-Friday between 9am-6pm EST.

Where to Buy?

You can order these products from their website or Amazon. Hair Food is also available in-store at places like CVS, Walmart, and Target. The company has a very helpful store locator tool on their website so you can search for locations near you that carry their products!

Is It Worth It?

Yes - Hair Food is definitely worth it.  Between the excellent reviews and the relatively low price point, Hair Food is a great choice to help you eliminate all those harmful chemicals in your hair products. Hopefully, their products will help you have a good hair day every day!


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