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About Gundry MD Lectin Shield

Dr. Steven Gundry is a world-renowned heart surgeon who specializes in pediatric cardiology. Additionally, he patented a few surgical instruments that are widely used today to make heart operations more manageable.

However, when three different older patients with multiple chronical problems came to him and he examined their eating habits, he realized there was a pattern. That’s when he decided to quit his revered chairman position at Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at Loma Linda University.

He refocused his career on something completely different: finding the solution to the problem which is, he claims, at the base of chronic health problems – human intolerance to a toxic plant protein called lectin.

Lectin intolerance, Gundry says, is behind all the major chronic health issues – heart diseases, excessive weight, digestive problems, unhealthy food cravings, joint soreness and even mood swings.

This is such a major discovery because this protein is in almost all the foods an average American takes in daily: legumes, all grains, all nightshade plants, American seeds as well as fruits and vegetables that has many seeds.

Even dairy and eggs are filled with it because the animals which give them are stuffed with lectin-rich food. Now, you could change your diet to completely avoid taking in any of the foods rich in lectin, but that seems a bit too restrictive.

Moreover, the patients who have tried such a diet and have seen the most amazing results, still go back to the harmful items in their nutrition, simply because they taste so good.


This is where Gundry MD Lectin Shield comes in – it is said to help your organism fight this toxic protein and its effects on your body. Thus, allowing you to become and stay really healthy, without avoiding all the foods which are the source of your current problems.

Dr. Gundry’s extensive research has led him to the conclusion that the 9 natural ingredients included in this formula are the best weapons against the detrimental influence of this plant compound to your system.

They are said to help reduce bloating, control cravings, reduce appetite, keep healthy weight, strengthen joints and muscles, help absorb more nutrients, improve your immune system as well as improve the state of the walls of your gut.

Additionally, the production process is boasted to use only top-quality herbs and follow the highest American standards. Moreover, the quality check is always double, with third-party testers having the last say in approving the distribution.

Yet, caution is advised for people who are allergic to shellfish and are worried about too high iodine consumption, since this supplement contains elements which could trigger these allergies.

The best thing to do in this case is to ask your physician’s opinion before starting the program.

How Does It Work?

The program is as follows: you take two of these capsules twice a day with meals so that the elements inside the formula bind with the food more easily.

The natural remedies inside them blocks lectin, an anti-nutrient, from sticking to your gut walls and preventing your organism from being properly fed.

Thus, you get the nutrients you need, your gut walls get the chance to recover and you are rid of chronic fatigue, leaky gut syndrome and immune system problems.

Also, the insulin in your body starts rejecting the sticky lectin and correctly informs your brain when you are full. So, you won’t feel hungry even though you’ve had more than enough food, which will result in reduced food cravings and a drop in your body weight.

All of these positive effects are said to kick in after about two weeks of regular use of these Gundry MD supplements, so patience will be required.

Cost and Price Plans

Their official website offers this supplement for $79.95. However, there is an opportunity for the first-time buyers to sit through a thorough online presentation of the product and get the link to the discount page where they offer one jar of these capsules for $49.95.

Customer Service

Alternatively, those who’ve seen the presentation can use the same link to order the 3-month supply for $131.85 instead of $239.85 and get a 100% money-return guarantee in case you don’t feel the promised benefits.

When that happens, you just need to contact the customer support center on the phone number (800) 852 – 0477, ask for a refund and send back whatever’s left of your order.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Some are praising the Lectin Shield for its efficiency and good scientific research base. The transparency of the ingredients list is very highly regarded among the online community as well. In addition, the 90-day refund policy is seen as reassuring and customer-friendly. The overall ratings say that as much as 91% of the reviewers would recommend this supplement to a friend.

However, there are those who are still unconvinced when it comes to the science behind it. They are dissatisfied with the explanation of the type of lectins that are targeted by Lectin Shield, since, they claim, there are useful lectins as well.

Furthermore, they would like a better and more detailed description of the way in which this substance blocker actually works.

Competitors and Alternatives

In the online presentation of Lectin Shield, Dr. Gundry claims that although there are some supplements which could, to some extent, serve the purpose of lectin-blocking, no other product is as effective and inclusive as Lectin Shield.

That said, here are a few more popular alternate options:

Lectin Lock has similar ingredients as Lectin Shield does and has great reviews online too. Moreover, one jar is cheaper than the Shield’s. However, the bottle is enough for only 20 days, so you’ll quickly need a refill.

Ultimate Lectin Defense is another supplement that is claimed to do the same thing as the Shield does. Moreover, one reasonably priced bottle is enough for two whole months.

Deflect A belongs to the same group of products as the previously mentioned supplements do. However, although it has great reviews, the ingredients list doesn’t really include as many elements as Dr. Gundry's variant does.

Other popular Gundry products include: Primal Plants and Vital Reds.

Where to buy?

Buying online is the only way to get this product, but you have different ways to request an order. You may purchase it via Dr. Gundry's site at, Amazon, or at


Some people might see Dr. Gundry's findings not completely convincing. However, all the findings which shake up the long-established belief and habits are bound to be a bit off-putting.

Gundry MD Lectin Shield has a renowned name in the world of medicine vouching for it and many satisfied users as well.

So, if you’ve been feeling some of the listed symptoms of lectin intolerance, there is no harm in trying this supplement. It’s completely natural and you are able to get your money back if it turns out ineffective. Just don’t forget to consult your physician before starting the program.

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