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TruthFinder is a website that provides America’s most trusted background checking services. They launched the website in 2015 with that one goal in mind, and are now one of America’s most trusted background search brands. They differentiate their brand by providing a mobile app, and the multitude of lookup services they offer.

They search through multiple public search records and data services to compile the records you want to find. They are also accredited by the better business bureau, which proves they provide the quality user experience.


Guardian Protection Suite is a service that provides a comprehensive privacy report, to see for yourself on how safe your private data is. Hackers are constantly looking for data to steal, whether it is from public data, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank account credentials.

Consumers are at risk of identity theft on the internet, and using Guardian Protection Suite helps you take appropriate precautions to help protect your information. A lot of people don’t realize that they sometimes make it information highly public online, and then it could be scraped by online scammers and hackers and used in identity fraud.

How does it work?

Guardian Protection Suite works through a three-step process. It first helps locate your records through narrowing your results through your age, locations, and family members.

It will then show you how much of your personal information is currently out in the open on the internet, such as exposed passwords, social security numbers, financial records, social media account information, and your current address details.

It then gives you a detailed report that will help you regain control of your personal data, and how to take measures to get rid of that information online. You can enable a private mode, and choose yourself how much of that data that you wish to hide or make available, and you can constantly monitor that information with Guardian Protection Suites always on report monitoring.

All it takes to get started is to simply enter in your first name, last name, your city and which state you are located in.

Cost and price plans

The service is free to use and has no pricing plans as of today. You just put in your information and it will do the search for you as accurately as possible. When you run a search and get the information it will then take you to a checkout page to purchase a membership for $30 a month from TruthFinder. This subscription will renew each month if you do not cancel.

Customer service

Guardian Protection Suite is contactable through TruthFinders phone number which is located on their website, at 800-699-8081. They are available 7 days a week during most business hours. There is also a FAQ and help page to help answer any other questions. There are no refund policies, and the membership can be cancelled online, or through the phone.

Online reviews/complaints

TruthFinder is highly regarded around the internet as a safe and secure website to help search public. A lot of people were very happy with using TruthFinder to help search themselves, and locate any information that should be private. Even though a lot of the information is readily available to find yourself, using TruthFinder helps save you a ton of time locating the important stuff. The main benefit is accuracy and delivery.

Another help people located to was using it to check backgrounds on people they want to meet. They say to get the upper hand on conversation when meeting new people, or potential clients to find out through their internet history what they like and don’t like, their hobbies and passions and more. The negative reviews were mostly directed towards being sent outdated information, and saying how all the information is readily available to search yourself.

This could be due to not having current information publicly available. A lot of people also said the pricing plans are hard to locate, and directly calling them has been hard to do, as well as it being a pain to cancel the subscription fee.

Competitors and alternatives

Micro Focus

Micro Focus is a website that provides data-centric security solutions. They help you protect your data and provide analytics to help you lower your exposure to hackers and data scrapers. They provide hundreds of different security solutions, for personal use or to protect your large company’s software.

Their security encryption helps keep classified information protected, and payment security removes any live card data to protect any information. They also offer a free trial for most of their services.

Data Secure by AOL

Data Secure is a service from AOL that helps protects your sensitive information through an all-in-one comprehensive approach and by recruiting the help of large cyber-security partners, such as McAfee, Private WiFi, AOL Tech Fortress and datamask.

The service helps protect against viruses, encrypts your sensitive information when you use public WiFi, and uses an isolation and containment system that locates threats to your information and blocks access. The service has a free 30-day trial after that is it $9.99 a month.

ONTAP Data Security

ONTAP Data Security helps you encrypt and store your data, and monitor the actions of your business.  It is used for businesses to protect data from clients, employees, and secure individual files that are entering and exiting your business. They also provide antivirus integration and authentication for passwords. This service is great for medium sized businesses who have had IT issues in the past and need help locking down encryption information.

Where to buy?

The service is available strictly online, at


There are multiple services online that help you protect your data online, and integrate encryption usage to keep your data safe. If you need a low-cost way to find your information that is available online that you should restrict, then Guardian Protection Suite is perfect at helping you locate what you have put out online, and take back your privacy.

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