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Grunt Style is a company that states they strive to 'blow away' their customers with their products, their high quality service, and their 'ability to America'.     

How Does Grunt Style Work?

According to their website, the creators of Grunt Style believe that the clothes we wear each day are about more than just the necessity to be clothed.  They believe that it’s about attitude.

But more specifically, for Grunt Style, clothing is a chance to show your support and love of the American fighting spirit.  Their website says that “you don't have to be a Veteran to wear Grunt Style, but you do have to love Freedom, Bacon and Whiskey.”

This company also says that their mission is to provide their customers with the highest quality, most Patriotic apparel on the planet.   


Cost/Price Plans

Customers who use this company to purchase products on an individual basis will want to look at the available pricing published on their website for the products they are considering purchasing. 

If you are a customer who is interested in joining their Grunt Club, the website says that you are welcome to join for just $1.00 today as long as you are willing to make a 7-month commitment of $20 per month.

But customers should carefully consider this, as does say that customers who want to cancel their subscription early will be required to pay cancellation fees.   

Refund Policy

This company actually does not provide their customers with a Refund Policy, but chooses instead to provide them with what they call their 'Beer Guarantee'.  They describe this policy as a “Lifetime Guarantee” which states that whenever you have an issue with their product, including tears, holes, loose threads, beer stains, and more, you will be able to exchange your product for a new item.

Customers will need to provide this company with their name, email address, order number, mailing address, and reason why they are requesting the exchange in order to have their exchange approved. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-554-7868 or by email at [email protected] 


There are a couple of important issues with this company that their prospective customers will want to consider. First, there are questions about the way this company chooses to represent their support of the American military, as most of their clothing uses obscene hand gestures and phrases.

The message appears to be that the American military and American patriotism are closely linked with concepts of sexism and a general disregard for the sanctity of human life.  And even if you are a customer who believes that these messages are entirely intended to be humorous with no offense whatsoever, there are still serious concerns about this company.

For example, though their website likes to stress the fact that their products are “All American,” their products are not actually all Made in America. 

Customers who dig a little deeper will see that all this company actually guarantees is that their clothing was made “in the Americas” which includes Mexico, Central America, and South America. Again, this is only a problem if your intention of purchasing clothing at this store was to support a Made in America organization. 

Another issue is this company stressing that their clothing is all about supporting the military.  They repeat this concept over and over again on their website, but all that means for Grunt Style is that they use military themes in their clothing – their website does not provide any information whatsoever that a single penny of their profits has ever gone to or will ever go to a veteran’s charity or organization. 

Finally, if you are a customer who does not care if this company makes their clothing in America or actually uses money to support veterans and all you want is a funny t-shirt, you still aren’t in the clear.

There are a variety of angry customers online who detail that this company never sent them the products they ordered or that this company refused to honor their “Lifetime Guarantee,” so you may still want to seek out an alternative retailer to purchase from.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different companies that actually do make all their clothing within the United States and strive to use all materials that are manufactured in the United States, as well as many companies that sell products which actually take percentages of their profits to support veteran’s organizations.

Customers who are hoping to actually support these causes should look for alternative companies to do business with. 

If you have experience with Grunt Style or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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I love their apparel!!!
December 13, 2019
I think whoever wrote the review on this page is mistaken about them not supporting the military. They never claimed to be a charity organization. Gruntstyle is a Veteran owned company and support veterans through hiring, veteran events etc...I love their clothing and my only problem with them is that I am running out of closet space! As a veteran I prefer to support veteran owned organizations when I can. As for the "Beer Guarantee" one of my favorite hoodies got caught on my trailer and ripped. They swapped it out no questions asked!

Total Scam
October 4, 2019
I made a mistake in ordering a t-shirt from GruntStyles T-Shirts yesterday when I noticed their offer in an email which was in my spam folder. I should have known better than to make a purchase because now I know I'll be dealing with this disrespectful company who promote false advertising.I read a lot of complaints from the BBB about them too.