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A full head of thick, voluminous hair can boost your confidence and make you feel like you can take on the world. Unfortunately, many men and women suffer from hair loss that steals their confidence and leaves them searching endlessly for hair care products to help. The company, Groh Hair, wants to bring this search to an end.

How Does It Work?

Groh Hair is a company that claims to have developed the best hair restoration products to help the millions of people who require assistance with hair growth.

The company's line of products includes Groh Hair Vitamins, a special hair growth kit, shampoo, conditioner, serum, and styling treatment. The ingredients used in Groh Hair products are safe, effective, and designed to work quickly – the company claims that most users begin to see results within 3-4 weeks.

While many commercial medications designed to promote hair growth cause unpleasant side effects, Groh Hair’s supplement is made up of natural ingredients like Vitamin D2 that are proven to work. 


If you are looking to get your best head of hair, keep reading, because we have all the important info about Groh Hair below!

Cost and Price Plans

If you are interested in making a purchase from Groh Hair, you will be happy to learn that the company is currently running a sale, which means that some of their items are discounted. Below is a sampling of their product pricing to help you get an idea of cost:

The Groh Hair Regrowth Jumpstart Kit usually costs $130.00 but is currently discounted to $98.00. The company claims that this product is an excellent starting point for those who want to begin their hair regrowth journey- the system includes a 1 month supply of supplements, a 1 month supply of shampoo, and a 1 month supply of conditioner.

A bottle of Groh Hair’s Daily Boost Supplement costs $50.00 and includes 60 capsules. A set of Groh Hair’s Shampoo and Conditioner is usually priced at $80.00, but is currently discounted to $68.00. Groh Hair’s Scalp Hair Rejuvenation Serum costs $50.00 for a 30-day supply.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are on the hunt for safe products to help you with hair loss, there are several other companies you may consider.
For example, the company Nutrafol makes products to help with thinning hair and overall hair wellness. They create products for both women and men – you will pay $88.00 for a one-time purchase, or $79.00 for a monthly subscription. Before buying Nutrafol, you should check out some impressive Before and After pictures from real customers.

Nutrafol has been well-reviewed overall, with Amazon customers giving their Nutrafol Women supplement a 4.1/5-star rating. Customers praise the product for giving their hair “more volume,” leading to “dramatically less shedding and hair loss,” and “[helping] their thinning hair.” However, you should be careful to read through all the reviews, because some customers were dissatisfied with the product, complaining about everything from “bad packaging,” to saying the product “did not work,” and was a “waste of money.”

A second option is the company VEGAMOUR, which makes clean, safe, and effective hair restoration products. VEGAMOUR products are specially formulated with ingredients like biotin and hemp oil that have been proven effective in clinical studies. 
You can buy VEGAMOUR’S popular Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum, for $58.00 – this product is designed to  increase hair density and reduce hair loss. They also sell eyelash serums, eyebrow serums, hair foam, dry shampoo, and gummies. VEGAMOUR has earned mixed customer reviews on Amazon.

Customers give their VegaLash Volumizing Serum a 3.3/5-star rating and say things like “already seeing fuller eyelashes after a week!” Dissatisfied customers, on the other hand, offer complaints, saying things like “This is a scam,” and noting that “no growth is apparent.”

Finally, you might consider purchasing your hair growth products from Collective Laboratories. This brand is a relatively new company that aims to reinvent the hair growth industry. Currently, Collective Laboratories sells an Activating Serum for $39/month. This product supports healthy hair and leads to hair growth when used daily. Collective Laboratories will soon be adding new products to their line, including shampoos and conditioners.

Customer Service

If you have questions about these products, or your order status, you can reach out to customer service by completing a contact form on their website. Alternatively, you can call them at 855-248-8538 Monday – Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm EST.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

By now, you are probably wondering – Does Groh Hair really work? According to the many testimonials on their website, the answer is yes! Of the Groh Hair Regrowth Jumpstart Kit, customers say things like “The product is top notch,” “Works for me, “and “I can see a difference!” Their Hair Rejuvenating Serum also earns positive reviews, with customers saying “This product has been incredibly helpful,” and “I love the product.”

Amazon customers also have great things to say about this company. The Groh Hair Daily Vitamin earns a 4/5-star rating, with customers offering wide praise for the product.

They say things like “After about 3 months, I could see noticeable hair regrowth,” “I am super happy with this product,” “Great product! My hair has gotten stronger, fuller, and longer,” “I definitely see a difference in the amount that is falling out,” “These vitamins come in a cute metal bottle…I noticed my hair growth before I finished taking the whole bottle,” “Been using Groh Daily Boost for two months and have seen new hair growth,” “I am a Family Physician and I recommend this to my patients for thinning hair with great results,” and “I am loving it! It took about 3 months to really see what was happening, but it is real.”

Where to Buy?

You can buy Groh Hair products through their website or through Amazon.

Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for help on your hair regrowth journey, we think that Groh Hair could be the perfect solution for you! They have earned great reviews from customers who have witnessed their products working firsthand. We hope that this supplement will not only boost your hair growth but your confidence as well!

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