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About GrillGrate is the online home of the GrillGrate, a new type of grate which claims that they can help anyone achieve better grilling through their scientifically backed redesigned grill grate.

According to their website, there are five different ways their scientifically redesigned grate makes a different to your grilling. First, the design of their grate amplifies any heat source and converts it to infrared heat.

The design also blocks the flare ups which occur when grease or oil drips into the fire, preventing charred or burned food. The grate also evens out temperatures across the grill so there are no more hot or cold spots while cooking.

Finally their design also sears the meat, leaving bold grill marks, and helps your meat retain juices for added moisture and flavor.

Perhaps the biggest promise of the GrillGrate is that it works with your existing grill – all you have to do is find the right size GrillGrate and place it on top of the grill that is already there, and you can receive all the benefits they offer.

Their website offers you a guide so that you can easily determine what size GrillGrate to purchase to work with your current grill. If you mistakenly order the wrong size, you can always exchange it for the correct size.

Customers who are new to GrillGrate can purchase one through an online retailer or at a local retailer, which you can find using the store locator on their website.

And even though various retailers have different return policies which you may have to work with, GrillGrate offers their own promises that if you are unhappy with their product, new or used GrillGrates can be returned within 30 days for a full refund, you just pay shipping.

Customers who have more questions about different recipe recommendations or the suggested methods of using, cleaning, and caring for you GrillGrate can all be found on their website as well.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your GrillGrate reviews below. 

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