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About Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra

Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra says that it can help their users flush pounds and detoxify their systems, allowing them to lose weight naturally and without negative side effects associated with traditional diet pills.

According to their website, many people in the United States suffer from health issues that could be improved through detoxification, like fatigue, water retention, poor metabolism, high cholesterol, impaired digestion, and more.

There are many claims made by this supplement, including the ability to shrink your waistline, boost your metabolism, purify your system, and increase energy levels, all of which they say is done “gently” because of their special formulation which contains no chemicals or harsh stimulants.

Instead, the Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra nutritional supplements are made entirely of natural herbs that they describe as “completely safe,” including green coffee, flax seed oil, fennel seeds, ginger goldenseal, citrus pectin, and oat bran.

Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra also includes 60% HCA, an extract taken from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit, which is also a popular weight loss supplement. The website says that this combination of green coffee and HCA will accelerate weight loss, reduce your body’s absorption of fat, and act as a colon cleanser that helps flatten your stomach.

In addition, Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra says that their pills contain higher dosages of active ingredients than that of their competitors and are made in the USA in certified laboratories.

Customers who are interested in trying this product for themselves can take advantage of the Try Before You Buy package, which will cost you an initial charge of $4.95 in Shipping and Handling.

You will then have a 15 day trial period in which to try the product for yourself. Customers who are unhappy with what they receive can call Customer Service to cancel their membership and determine how to return the product to receive no further charges.

Customers who like the product and wish to keep it should do nothing, and at the end of their trial period they will be charged $79.96 and enrolled into a monthly membership program which send you a new one month supply and charge your credit card automatically every 30 days.

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