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For work and personal access to your home computer GoToMyPC is the solution for you. By using their software you can remotely connect to your computer from anywhere, at any time, all you need is a Wi-Fi Network. It offers the ultimate form of flexibility to manage your time efficiently.

GoToMyPC offers much more than just remote computer access. Features include file transfers, remote printing, and synchronizing folders. This program allows you to connect to your computer’s programs and applications, read and send email, edit files and access network resources. There is also an iPhone, iPad and Android application for even more convenience while you are on the go.

To install the program, you must do so from the computer you want to be able to access. From there you will be able to configure the settings based on your needs. GoToMyPC offers a 30-day free trial so you can try it out before being charged for a subscription; however you must provide payment before starting the trial. If you do not want to sign up for a subscription you must cancel before the trial is over, otherwise you will be billed.

The subscription prices have to do with the number of computers you need access to. While individuals may only need access to one computer, businesses often need access to more than one. The cost for the GoToMyPC Home with one computer costs $19.95 per month, 2 computers cost $29.95 per month and each additional PC is $14.98 per month. The GoToMyPC Pro package is perfect for small sized businesses. The cost of 2-20 PCs is $16.95 per PC per month and 21-50 PCs costs $14.00 per PC per month. For businesses that have more than 50 computers quotes must be obtained by calling their customer service.

There were few complaints from customers; one of them was that they had difficulty using the program while on their smartphones and tablets. Other users felt the cost of the subscription was a bit pricey considering there wasn’t integrated support for streaming audio. The most important factor in the performance of GoToMyPC is the speed of your internet connection. If you are not in an area with a good Wi-Fi connection, the system may be a bit slow and could be frustrating to use.

Overall, users found GoToMyPC easy to use and were impressed with the safety features integrated into the program. They also were also pleased with the 24/7 global customer support which was included in the price of their subscription. The benefits outweigh the negative aspects of this program; all in all, customers seemed quite pleased with its function ability and most of all its high level security. 

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Be Careful here

November17, 2019

I have been with Go to my PC for years

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