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About goPuff

Everyone seems to have a million things on their to-do lists every day. Between work, chores, childcare, and everything else, sometimes it seems that there is not enough time to get everything done! Necessary errands like grocery store trips can be disruptive to our busy lives.

The founders of goPuff understand that it is not always possible to run out to the store, so they created a service that helps customers get all their daily essentials quickly, at a reasonable price, and without ever having to leave their homes.

How Does It Work?

goPuff is already in 500 different locations and is constantly adding new ones. They deliver all sorts of products including groceries, cleaning products, beauty products, pet products, and more. In many markets, they even deliver beer, wine, and other types of booze.

You can place a goPuff order by going to their website or app, entering your address, selecting your items, and choosing a payment method. The company strives to make your life easier. As such, they are open 24/7 in many locations, and late nights in all locations so you can get the items you need when you need them.

In addition to serving their busy customers, they have created tons of jobs for their driver partners. If you are interested in working with goPuff, you can check out their detailed delivery partners page for information about how to become a goPuff driver  along with information about the application process and background check.

goPuff has a great mission, but is the service as good as it sounds? Is goPuff a good job? Keep reading because we will go over everything there is to know about them below.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost of products varies depending on brand and item. You will pay the regular retail price for each item in your cart – it is important to note that goPuff requires a minimum purchase of $8.95 and charges only a $1.95 delivery fee on all orders, which means no surge pricing during peak times. If your order contains alcohol, you will be charged an additional $2.00.
goPuff also has a membership program called goPuff Fam which charges a $5.95 monthly fee and provides free delivery, discounts, and other perks & offers.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are searching for a convenient service to help you get daily essentials, there are other options besides goPuff.

One extremely popular grocery delivery service is Instacart. Instacart connects customers with local Shoppers who collect your groceries for you from one of Instacart’s trusted retail partners. Instacart’s delivery fees start at $3.99 and they require a $10 minimum for every delivery. Their membership program costs $99/ year or $9.99 /month and allows you to get special perks and free delivery. Instacart has mixed reviews, with over 4000+ Trust Pilot users giving the company only a 1.5/5-star rating and complaining that Instacart’s “customer service sucks,” saying that “[their] delivery person said [their] groceries were delivered but they were not,” and saying that the deliveries took “so long,” and “wasted hours of [their] day.”

However, Influenster reviewers seem significantly more satisfied with Instacart, giving the company a 4/5 star rating and praising the company for being “convenient,” saying that they are “satisfied and happy with the service,” and exclaiming “I freaking love Instacart!” Instacart Shoppers also offer mixed reviews, giving the company a 2.7/5-star rating on Indeed. Some employees are thrilled with the “very flexible schedules,” and happy that they can “work part-time,” while others claim that Instacart “will fire you...if you don’t hit the metrics,” and call Instacart “a dead end job.”

Postmates is another well-known and widely used delivery service. Postmates helps customers get food and other products from 600,000 retailers. They charge a delivery fee of $0.99-$3.99 for partner merchants and $5.99-$9.99 for non-partner merchants. Unfortunately, Postmates has not been well-reviewed. Almost 2,00 customers on Trust Pilot give the service only a 1.1/5-star rating, saying things like “100% scam,” and “food never came and [they] got charged for it.”

Site Jabber reviewers echo these concerns- customers say that the company provides “bad service.” Postmates drivers do not seem to be satisfied with the company either, as Indeed reviewers give the company a 3/5 star rating, saying that “There are frequently no deliveries available,” and that working for Postmates is “not worth it.”

Finally, you might consider ordering your goodies from Doordash.  They aim to connect customers with the best food options in their cities. Like some of our other options, Doordash has not been well-reviewed on sites like Trust Pilot and Site Jabber. 
Customers claim that Doordash offered the “worst customer service,” and that their food “never showed up.” However, drivers do seem to be more satisfied with being employed by Doordash, giving the company a 3.2/5-star rating on Indeed and praising the company for being a good “in-between job,” and “a great business to work for!”

Customer Service

If you have any inquiries about the service, or if you need to cancel a goPuff order, you can call their Customer Service phone number: 855-400-PUFF or complete a form on their website. GoPuff’s refund policy states that they will issue a refund if they decline your order or if you cancel your order.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

goPuff has mixed customer reviews. The company receives a 4/5-star rating on their Facebook page and a 3/5 star rating from Trust Pilot reviewers. The positive reviews praise them as being a “life saver,” having “so many things to choose from,” and offering “great variety.” The negative reviews, on the other hand, say things like “I hate this company with a passion,” and “Their customer service is terrible.”

goPuff drivers seem similarly dissatisfied. The company earns a 3/5-star rating from drivers on Indeed and only a 2.7/5-star rating from drivers on Glassdoor. Some employees say that “goPuff is a good side job for quick money,” while others say, “they don’t seem to have enough hours,” or claim that the job is “stressful.”

Where to Buy?

You can place an order directly through their website.

Is It Worth It?

Unfortunately, between poor customer reviews and driver reviews, it does not seem like goPuff is worth using on a regular basis. However, if you are willing to risk long wait times and subpar service, it might be worth it for those times when you are craving a late-night snack and just cannot get to the store.

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