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About Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Studios is a company that develops free-to-play online games. The company caters to over 300 million registered users worldwide, reaching them through both web and mobile platforms.

The company is one of the largest German employers in the gaming software industry who have hired employees who hail from more than 40 nations. Goodgame Studios uses data analysis to determine their business approaches. They make decisions strategically and logically to ensure success.

They have created several games such as Goodgame Empire, Empire: Four Kingdoms. Legends of Honor, Goodgame Gangster and many more. They are all various mobile and web games, including Goodgame Big Farm, the focus of this article.


Goodgame Big Farm is a multiplayer online web browser game inspired by Facebook’s Farmville. The game is a farm simulation that is popular among people of all ages. As a multiplayer game, it promotes and encourages interaction between players. 


By pooling resources with other like-minded peers, you can create bigger farms and be more successful. In the game, you will plant and harvest your own crops, raise animals and use your business skills by selling your goods on the market.

With the profits that you earn, you can then start to upgrading and expanding your farm. There are over 45 different buildings and upgrade levels with more than 90 different products. You can personalize your farm with choices from over 100 decorations of your choice.

Compared to other games within this genre, Goodgame Big Farm is more story driven and has clear objectives.

How Does It Work?

Goodgame Big Farm gives players unique challenges in the game, but it is not too difficult, which makes it accessible for many players. The game features cool graphics and the action unfolds at a good pace, so players are not bored. The game also features main characters and quite a high number of NPCs.

They are important for the tutorial portion but do not play a huge role in the actual game. The main gameplay of Goodgame Big Farm revolves around collecting and managing your resources by planting, harvesting and turning crops into seeds and continuing that cycle.

In addition, since the game features animals, players must create a plan to keep them well fed. While this game is less stressful than Goodgame’s other games since it comes without the risk of being invaded, it still requires planning and good resource management skills.

Cost and Price Plans

Goodgame Big Farm is a free game that you can play on your web browser. The game does have an in-game currency of gold though. That requires real-world money but the purchase of gold will help you progress within the game if you choose.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Goodgame Big Farm has received mixed reviews overall. There are many one star ratings. The players complained about buggy and laggy gameplay and it seems that even with updates, the game remains difficult to play.

Many players have also complained about Goodgame Studios and stated that the company has no true concern for the player base and simply wants to earn money from players through the in-game currency.

It seems that the customer support is not helpful and has not offered adequate service to players when help is needed.

In addition, the game has some controversy behind it because the Big Farm Virus uses this game’s homepage as a part of the virus. The Big Farm Virus is a Trojan virus which can steal your data and alter your computer’s information.

Several users have reported that after being infected with the Virus, their browsers startpage have automatically changed to Big Farm, and will not revert even after changing your internet browser settings.

The virus also sets itself as your search provider, giving you search results that consist of many advertisements and websites that give you no results. The virus will also additionally collect your personal information and transfer it to third parties. Legal ads also end up being changed to fake ads which will cause additional harm to your computer.

There are several ways to remove the virus. Some suggest manually identifying the virus and uninstalling the file source from your computer, and some suggest using malware removal softwares to get rid of the virus. Another suggestion includes using an AdBlocker to block the BIGFARM redirect and stay safe online.

Competitors and Alternatives

Miramagia is a competing web browser multiplayer online game that is not based on combat, but on collecting resources and creating a home for yourself. It is also a farm game with player interactions but it has more magic involved.

In this game, you may choose customize and create your own character, choosing from witch, shaman, druid and mage. The game also has quests that players must complete which give players a goal.

Another farming simulator is Farmerama which also plays similarly to Big Farm. This game also allows you to lay down some farm plot, plant seeds, harvest crops and raise animals. However, different than Big Farm, this game has more repetitive gameplay, where players keep doing the same tasks to get more experience points.

However, with more experience points, players can unlock more options in the shops and start buying new items. However, the gameplay itself would remain the same.

Another 3D farming game is My Free Farm. You also operate your farm business by planting crops and raising animals. This game features seasonal events, quests and friendship features, making it similar to Big Farm.

This game also has a nighttime feature and a riverside bistro where food is another aspect of the game. However, while this sounds interesting, many reviews have expressed similar views to the ones towards Big Farm where players feel like the game has too much of a need to use real-world money.

Where to Buy?

You do not need to purchase the game. You simply need to access the Goodgame Big Farm website and you can log-in and start playing.


In comparison to other farming simulators online, Goodgame Big Farm is relatively on par with them. It seems that the competitors all feature very similar gameplay aspects and all receive rather poor ratings.

However, there are some players who have enjoyed themselves as well, despite poor ratings. The storyline and gameplay of Goodgame Big Farm seems to be good, but the game seems to have many bugs and is laggy, hence the complains. The concerns about the game’s over-reliance on currency that requires real-world money is also troubling to many players.

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Difficult without spending a lot of money.
July 6, 2021

The PC game was enjoyable, the mobile game is annoying. Contract for selling goods don't change in the time period they state unless you are online doing nothing for at least 15 minutes.

Uninstalling after 3 days, and that is a shame because I played the PC version for close to a year. Wish I liked it more. Fishing is no longer fun.

April 2, 2019
Heads up...GOODGAME BIG FARM is a RIPOFF...They take your money and don't deliver what you bought then when you dispute it they close your account and take your money...Losers!!!