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About is one of the leading online tee time platforms. It has successfully connected golfers with golf courses across the United States of America.

With easy accessibility across their online platform or downloadable applications, GolfBook will get your tee time booked with no hassle. Their bank of golf courses is varied and ample, which gives you the most and the best options nationwide in one single source.


You can reap the benefits of GolfBook easily and under no time at all. GolfBook is currently available through three methods: their online platform, the iOS mobile application and the Android mobile application.

How Does It Work?

The process of booking a tee time with GolfBook is simple. First, you must create an account on one of the aforementioned methods and then proceed to search for your perfect golf course.

Your search will be a nationwide search, but you can decide the location or let the application automatically determine for the best results. Once you have found the right golf course, you then go through the booking process by filling in the requested information.

You should receive confirmation afterwards, letting you know that your tee time is officially booked. The process is the same on the platform as it is on the mobile applications.

Cost and Price Plans

GolfBook does not charge any booking fees or additional transaction fees for their service. However, be aware that certain golf courses, particularly the high standard ones, may charge a booking fee to use their space.

You can edit the type of search you desire by looking at the different badges, which are appropriately labeled. If you only want to search for golf courses that do not require a booking fee, select that particular badge for all the available options.

Golf courses retain the right to charge what they deem fair and GolfBook has no say in the matter. GolfBook manages two cool benefits called GolfBook Friends and GolfBook groups. You can easily invite other golfers to your tee time without any problems.

This way, you and your companions will less likely miss a tee time outing. GolfBook Groups functions in almost the same way. However, with this option, you have the ability to invite multiple friends to tee time with only one click.

Organize your friends and comfortably invite away using GolfBook’s unique features.

Customer Service

GolfBook’s terms of use and privacy policy can be quickly found online at the bottom of their page. You can also visit their FAQ section to resolve any doubts you may have.

If you still need questions answered, they have a contact form available as well and they get back to you as soon as possible. The Help section on their online platform is located at the bottom right.

If you use their mobile applications, go to the settings and then select the ‘Contact Us’ option. Do note that GolfBook does require your credit card information to successfully reserve any tee time bookings.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Users enjoy the cancellation feature and the simplicity of navigating through the user interface. They also rave about the light weight - as in the amount of space it takes in your phone - and the many, many options in the Chicago area.

However, there are some opinions about the lack of an autofill feature. Therefore, you must type in your information, except email and name, for every booking attempt. There are also bad reviews on bookings that simply did not go through for undeterminable reasons.

The application is always going through updates for the best results and to include even more golf courses, though some reviews mention that certain areas lack enough variety. With a 3 to 4-star rating, GolfBook is a stable tee time booking platform.

Competitors and Alternatives

With so many competitors and alternatives available online, you may be interested in learning about other tee time booking applications and websites. GolfGreedy, GolfNow and TeeOff are three commonly talked about booking apps.

All three have the option to search and book golf courses around the world, unlike GolfBook. GolfNow offers booking points for discounts, while TeeOff also has the no booking fee guarantee like GolfBook.

GolfGreedy is more modernized and may feature a better and more exclusive selection of golf courses. Each alternative may be considered and compared, depending on your golfing needs and desires.

Where to Buy?

You may get GolfBook by downloading the application through your specific app store - Apple or Google. If you download the applications, you can do so for free.

If you prefer to use your computer, a desktop application is also available. You can also choose to go to their online webpage for your booking needs at


There is no wrong way to book your tee time! With that in mind, there is always a better way to do it according to your expectations, abilities and free time.

If you are located in the USA, for example and do not desire to book outside of that area, you can consider sticking with GolfBook. However, if you are a frequent flyer, you may be more interested in an international bank of golf courses like GolfGreedy.

There is nothing wrong with attempting two or three booking platforms to determine which interface you find easiest to manage and use. Doing so will also help you consider which offers the best prices and value for your money.

Finding the correct golfing website for your booking necessities should not lead to a headache. Stick with one that you trust and enjoy as well as get the most bang for your buck.

GolfBook is a simple, local website that may meet all your requirements. However, it should be tested out first to see if it is to your liking.

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