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Goldline International, Inc. is a retail seller of gold coins, silver coins, platinum, bullion bars and bullion coins. They also sell a variety of special collections, currencies, and other precious metals for investors and collectors alike.

Resources on their site, available for immediate use, include price charts and articles, information related to adding Precious metals to your IRA (including the forms to do so). On the homepage there displays a chart of Precious metals spot prices and Precious metals charts covering Gold silver platinum and palladium.

You can obtain free valuable information about acquiring gold and precious metals by submitting a request for Goldline’s “free investor kit”. There are a variety of reading materials in this package, some of them include: An introduction to precious metals, Advantages of owning gold and silver, Popular coins and gold products, and How to acquire precious metals and rare coins.

Before you call, to speak with a personal account executive, complete the Account Agreement. This will speed up the initial process before being able to make a purchase. After providing them the requested information, you can start buying precious metals right away. They accept several methods of payments, these include, Bank Wire, Cashier's Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and a personal check. delivers only insured packages of precious metals via Federal Express, USPS mail and United Parcel Services. They are also able to arrange for a storage depository location to receive your items or you can opt to choose to use an independent storage depository.

With a simple web search you will instantaneously find headlines regarding the fraud involving Goldline's execs who were charged with false advertising, grand theft, false pretense, and conspiracy. They were blamed for baiting customers to buy gold bullion and then switching them to overpriced coins.

Because of collectible coins' higher markups and mention of past government confiscation of bullion in Goldline sales literature, the company was accused of recommending rare collectible coins over less-profitable bullion. Additionally, their prices were much higher than all of its competitors, specifically one, LearCapital. Interestingly enough, as a side point, Lear Capital’s CEO is Scott Carter; he was formerly a Goldline executive.

Conduct due diligence before making a metals purchase, there is a set of questions provided on to guide you through some initial research. Consider reviewing the return policies on these sites; the law does not allow precious metal dealers, such as Goldline, to guarantee a buy-back. Review the company you are purchasing precious metal from and compare prices to their competitors. When a price is much higher on one site, a red flag should be triggered as to why the differences in prices aren’t marginal.

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