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January 2, 2019
Wow. I should have listened to these reviews...I signed up two days ago only to find out that the meal plan is HORRIBLE-- it's the same menu on repeat day after day after day. When I emailed them to cancel, I was told since I signed up for the 3 month "add on" my 30 day cancellation would not be honored. Rather than acknowledge that these add ons are EXTREMELY misleading to the customer and honoring a refund, they stuck by their "policy" even though I purchased the plan only 2 days ago. I will never EVER recommend this service to anyone. Please save your money...I just spent $116 for someone to tell me to eat oatmeal, peanut butter and apples, and chicken and rice every day for weeks on end.

Tracy R February 12, 2019

Did they pay you to type that review?

It’s a scam.

Rebecca A January 04, 2019

I also was horrified when I looked at the plan's first week and thought I'd have to eat the same thing every day. But you have the option to "swap out" foods with what you have on-hand, or like to eat. It's a pity you didn't better familiarise yourself with the plan. I am enjoying a huge variety of fresh, unprocessed food and have lost 7kg in 8 weeks.

Very dishonest and misleading
January 1, 2019
Took the test and it directed me to the page to order. The total price was $39.00. After it was paid, they sent another invoice stating a past due balance of $60.02. Communicating with customer service is impossible because they are either stupid or don't speak our language because they NEVER answer your questions. They give you the runaround. ZERO STARS!

Recently scammed
December 30, 2018

Just signed up and paid 2 days ago and I’ve not even received confirmation or a welcome email?

Paid money and have nothing! Not impressed after reading the disturbing reviews, just another bunch of heartless bastards praying on the naively vulnerable people... “When will I learn?”

Total scam don't do it!!!
December 25, 2018
As someone else said I'd give it a 0 if I could. I signed up for the plan in November 2018. After a look at the application and how every day had the exact same meal plan I tried to cancel within hours and get a refund via the email address they provided. All I got was an automatic response telling me how to cancel my membership and not to dispute it because that would take too long. It said to give them 8 - 10 hours to respond. Three emails and no response later I decided to dispute the charge on Paypal which was a joke. They said if I was unhappy with their decision I should contact the seller. I had already told them the seller was not responding to me! It's not right that a big company can rip so many of us off and get away with it. What recourse do we have???

Linda January 06, 2019

Contact your card company and file a claim tell them exactly what you stated in your review. They have to help you its what they do. Ask them to also stop further charges and if they can't ask for a new card since they can only charge you on the card number you used. Thank you for your review i was thinking of buying I definitely won't now and good luck !

total scam
December 14, 2018
this company is a total scam. they don't live up to their refund policy.

false claims for money back refund
December 6, 2018

I signed up in August 2018. website was clunky and would not even work properly so I immediately smelled a skunk and requested a refund, within 3 days of original sign up. It took almost 3 months to get the $99 back and many many repeated requests for refund and eventually had to invoke a complaint via Paypal. But they will not refund the 29.99 for Accelerator or the $57 for the "Lean" supplements that turned out to be just caffeine pills.

Don't do it...lousy company, false claims of money back guarantee...

Dishonest does not Honor their money back guarantee
November 22, 2018
I reiterate what the other reviewer says- I also canceled within 24 hours because of misleading advertisement being charged $39 more than advertised. And then when I asked to cancel getting my money back was impossible and PayPal was terrible. All the transaction took place through PayPal but this dishonest Company twisted everything around and screwed me out of the remaining $60. Don’t do it they are a scam!

Cherel C December 31, 2018

Don't do this. Dishonest, impossible to communicate with someone in customerservice,I was charged for cookbooks I didn't want, I was unable to exit the site so I closed my app. I was charged an additional $60.00 for something I didn't want. I emailed immediately to cancel everything. Email response is 90 days for refund. Very dissatisfied.

Just Say No to G-Plans
November 1, 2018

I feel like there could be something more to this program if they would simply stop the massive ad campaigns on social media and fix their existing structure and take care of current subscribers. If you have a question, it will take at least 24-48 hours to get a response, and in my experience, all of my questions were never answered. I feel like they either have non-native English speaking people answering their emails or people who dropped out of High School and can't form cohesive responses to subscriber's questions.

As for billing, it's completely fouled up. I have been trying to get a credit since August for a billing error. My emails either aren't answered or I receive cryptic emails that don't answer my question and don't have a signature line so there is no way to know who is responding.

The web interface and app are very clunky and don't work as expected. Some things you can do on the app but not on the website and vice versa. I wish I would have done more research before signing up. There doesn't appear to be any new material anywhere. The Goglia YouTube channel was last updated 2 years ago. There is new content on Facebook, but post engagement is super low (most posts have absolutely no comments). Successful online nutrition programs have a vibrant online community with lots of encouragement and interaction. Also, all of their posts are simply re-sharing of health articles from Shape, Men's Health, Prevention, etc. I would certainly expect more original content from the nutritionist to the stars!

I really wanted to love this program...but sadly I can not recommend G-Plans to anyone. :(

Awful and Misleading "Guarantee"
October 31, 2018

If I could leave a "0" star review I would. There is no way to preview what the plan might look like until you pay for it. They don't tell you that the "money-back guarantee" only applies to ONE of the many options offered. I cancelled within the first 24 hours, but I am now being charged for three months. The foods that they recommend are all branded or extremely expensive.


Awkward site, bad billing practices
September 21, 2018
The site promises you the moon but does not deliver. The interface is clunky and incomplete and they make it very difficult for you to cancel once you subscribe. Buyer beware. I put my subscription “on hold” thinking that they wouldn’t bill me (there’s no easy way to cancel on the website) and sure enough, they billed me anyways. I’m now trying to cancel but they say it will only take effect in the next billing cycle, so that’s another month Of a wasted payment.

Mariya R October 31, 2018

That exact scenario happened to me as well. When I pushed to speak to someone hire up the "food" chain they stopped responding to me.

I followed the plan to the T and I gained 5lbs in the first week. Since i was prepping for my son's wedding this freaked me out so i paused the plan thinking the same thing, that they wouldn't charge me. WRONG....SCAM