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Another bait and switch Scam
December 28, 2019
I clicked to buy a $17 USA deal (Should of been $25 NZ) for two books, and by the time I had added my credit card details, I was now subscribed to something that I didn't even sign up for and had $60 NZ off my card. So usual scam, nothing that I saw that I had access to was of interest. Nothing added up, it was a silly hard to access and not much behind it. Typically like that to make it impossible to unjoin, or find what you need. Designed to frustrate you! AVOID AVOID.

Works for me
November 29, 2019
I chose to have a consultation with a dietitian/nutritionist and it was well worth it. She customized the plan for me. I love the recipes and I love that I can generate a grocery list. I have to admit, I was frustrated before I actually talked about the plan to my assigned dietitian. My calories are adjusted down to around 1500 now. I have lost 6 pounds in 5 weeks. Does not sound like a lot, but I am eating so much and feeling great. Never, ever hungry.

Don't disappoint yourself
November 7, 2019
In my experience, G-Plans engages in deceptive advertising for a broken product. From what I noticed, issues with core features of the app have existed for 6 months, the 24/7 customer support mentioned in the Terms

November 1, 2019

WARNING::: Wanted to try out a Month, It wasn't for me... taught I cancel it when in reality I didn't and got charged for the year plan!!

Their staff has no intention on even trying to solve issues related to refunds will simply tell you it is not possible but that if you like they can cancel the auto subscription... really??

No regards of attracting the right customer they just want to fool as many people as possibl

October 18, 2019
I wish I could give this company no stars but unfortunately that is not an option. When you sign up the company will NOT notify you that you are being enrolled in a 90 day subscription. That is something you are supposed to figure out on your own on their website at the very bottom in small, fine and faded print. They will not e-mail you this information with ALL terms and conditions so that you are fully aware. I tried the program and it did not work and was charged $99. I did not realize I was enrolled in a subscription until I was billed on 8/15/18 but because I did not call before 8/11/18 (the 30 day mark) they refused to provide a full refund. I reported them to the better business bureau but because they have the policies listed on the website I didn't get anywhere. I do not recommend this service at all. All they do is change up the same foods every day and it was not effective for me. They are very misleading with their information which leaves others misinformed and puts them in a position to be cheated out of their monies.

Robbing people behind the G-plans Customer Service Representative
October 16, 2019

Dr. Goglia and his company are not operated on ethics!!!

Do NOT purchase a thing from them. Should you discover the plan is not for you, that 100% refund disappears.

G-Plan is a big Scam. I am getting my credit card company involved to help.

Someone needs to stop Dr. Goglia and his company, G-Plans, from robbing people of the money they / we worked for. He is getting super rich off of people's innocence and trust. What kind of physician is he?

I Wish I'd Come Here First
October 15, 2019
Hard sell tactics promised good recipes for vegans and vegetarians. I'm a creature of hope. I bought the yearly plan, signed in, and the meals were unappetizing. Dinner and lunch had the same awful selections. Breakfast was good, but it's all stuff I already make. So, a wasted pile of cash. So disappointed that any celebrities would sign on to support this trash.

September 26, 2019
Don't do this! When you do try to sign up for the 30 day trial for $39 it takes all your credit card info and then keeps going to page after page of up sell and add on items. The area you need to click to say no is so small you need a magnifying glass to see it! I ended up clicking not he annual accidentally. I never reached a confirmation page and there was no option to go back and change the order. i got frustrated and just clicked off of the site and low and behold I was charged anyway. Now they are fighting the refund. I am told I can get the $39 back but the annual is non-refundable. Well, I never confirmed the annual so it shouldn't have been charged in the first place!

Crap app and even worse customer service
September 22, 2019
I had a terrible time operating the app and just hated the experience. I got the monthly 39$ subscription where it was clear that a refund could be given if for whatever reason you wanted to cancel within 30 days. After purchasing I was upsold to a yearly plan where it was not clear that a refund could be given. It was not made as clear about the refund as the monthly refund terms. So When I requested for a refund a cold and rude customer service rep called Chelsea told me I couldn’t receive a refund for the yearly plan and showed me a link to their terms and conditions where it states that. They should’ve made it clear and included the terms upon signing up. I checked other review websites and noticed people with the same problem. Some people received their refunds and some didn’t. They seem to discriminate who gets a refund or part of the refund and who gets nothing. Dishonest business practice! Do not join this whack program for any reason! There are better programs out there on the web!

Christy September 24, 2019

I was charged for a couple of months when I had already paid in full. When I contacted the company, they agreed to the credit for what I was charged twice, THEN they CHARGED my credit card AGAIN instead of giving me the credit. Then they credited their charge and I still have not been given the credit I was supposed to get in the first place. I have spoken to Devin multiple times in the last 20 days since that occurred and he claims he still has not gotten the HELP he needs to give me the credit he was supposed to give me in the first place!!!! TWENTY DAYS!!!!!! This company is a scam run by scammers, and I want every penny refunded that I have paid, PERIOD. I have never had such horrible customer service in my life! Devin told me he was doing everything he could, and when I asked him what that was for the last 20 days, he hung up on me! Don't give them your cc, money or name, RUN away as fast as possible. I will be filing with the BBB, my visa company and anyone and everyone who will listen to this sham!

Refund for monthly subscription not given
September 7, 2019

Their customer service person names Chelsea just ignored my emails requesting a refund.

I originally bought the monthly plan for 39 dollars and then was upsold the yearly plan for an extra 120 dollars. I was not satisfied with the app performance and the recipes and requested a refund. I was contacted by a Chelsea from G-Plans via email who just gave me a cold response, not even addressing me by name and just saying that the yearly plan is a non-refundable upgrade. First of all, they should make it way clearer that this is a nonrefundable upgrade. It was made clear however that the monthly subscription price was refundable, so I thought the same applied for the 120, but ok I'll accept that.

Then I came across this complaint website and another one at https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/santa-monica/profile/foods/goglia-nutrition-llc-1216-879766/complaints

I noticed other people with similar problems and who managed to get their 39 dollars refunded but not the early fee. And out of principle I want that monthly subscription money back and want the same refund treatment. So I contacted Chelsea again and screen shot the complaint of a user that received their 39 dollars back. I requested that they return the 39 dollars. This was then replied from Chelsea again with another cold message "Here is the link" and the web address which led to their terms and conditions page, where it clearly states that the 39 dollars can be refunded within 30 days. I messaged Chelsea again informing her of this in their terms and conditions and have been met with silence ever since.

I've read other complaints on this website where they have refunded the 39 dollars, so I expect the same outcome especially since I requested to cancel within 30 days.

People, do not sign up or give credit card details!

Darlene P September 26, 2019

Thank, I unfortunately didn't do my research and have been scammed by them as well.

September 7, 2019

I see all these negative reviews but I don’t understand why.

I signed up, started a week after so contacted them to update my profile and all was smooth. Did the program and OMG I have never felt as good as while doing it. I did cancel my plan as it was just not the right time as it gets costly shopping according to plan and we are planning several trips to family that like to feed you lol!

I asked to have plan cancelled and thought I’d ask to see if it was past my 30 days and a few hours later got an email back saying I got my refund and my plan was cancelled!

Amanda is great and gets in touch pretty quickly!

Will sign up again once I can focus on it again!

Just taking money
August 31, 2019
This is the worst ever. They have multiple subscriptions and if you sign up for the $39 plan, then you get another offer for a yearly at $121. Customer service response time is 48 hours minimum. But, to get your $121 back you have to contact them within 24 hours. How's that work??? DO NOT DRINK THE KOOLAID.

Dont Do IT - Its a SCAM
August 29, 2019

I wish i had read all these reviews before i purchased. I cancelled the subscription, They withdrew money from my account after cancelling stating they had sent me after the date of cancellation and they wouldnt refund my money until i return the product.

they seem fraudulent

Brett August 31, 2019

This is a company with no conscience. The customer service is very bad. There are many kinds of subscriptions but not all have 30 day guarantees. The expensive $121 discounted yearly membership is on a 24 hour refund. But, when you go to the website. You have to complete a form and they state it will take 48 hours or more for a response. So, even if you request a refund within 24 hours, you won't get it. They do not publish a phone number on the website. But I did find one on the BBB. Called. Voicemail. No response. Stay away. All fluff no substance. BTW, you have to have Kardashian money and a chef to follow their plan. Not for regular folks.

Scam, scam, scam!!!!
August 1, 2019
Don't do this! When you do try to sign up for the 30 day trial for $39 it takes all your credit card info and then keeps going to page after page of up sell and add on items. The area you need to click to say no is so small you need a magnifying glass to see it! I ended up clicking not he annual accidentally. I never reached a confirmation page and there was no option to go back and change the order. i got frustrated and just clicked off of the site and low and behold I was charged anyway. Now they are fighting the refund. I am told I can get the $39 back but the annual is non-refundable. Well, I never confirmed the annual so it shouldn't have been charged in the first place! And please....the stupid emojis with every email...LeeAnne, you are not my friend...give up on the emojis. It doesn't make getting scammed any better!!!

BE AWARE!!!!!!! Do not purchase this plan.
July 29, 2019
BE AWARE!!!!!!! Do not purchase this plan. It's a scam. I purchased the one year plan for $160 and they refuse to return my money after I realize the app sucks.

Big Scam! Don't do it!
July 23, 2019
I wish I could give zero stars. I bought this and THEN discovered the scam 2 days later. Tried to use my 30 day money back guarantee and as all the other reviews state, they refuse to give it back. I'm figuring if enough people speak up, they will be forced to pay everyone back and get shut down. Until then, they will continue scamming people.

If it sounds too good..
July 23, 2019
It may be an old saying, but it's true. Throwing around your clients names millionaires or homeless, I don't care, its pointkess who else you helped if you don't help me. Just because you helped A doesn't mean you have a clue what to do with B,C or D. I'm widowed mom looking for easy cheap ways to help my children and I be healthier and happier. I don't care what celebrities weigh, or eat. And I would think they would be pretty upset if their Dr sold his time and energy and knowledge to me for $40 and to them for say 40k. 1 1=2 for everyone. Why charge more just because you know they can afford it. I took the test today. Said I was fat protein efficient. I just had my gallbladder out in feb. I have to watch my fats. My male friend took the same test and was told the same. No other results were spoken of. Like what else are others labeled under? All the reviewers had been given the same results. I was excited to hope id found an answer to why food in general makes me ill. But I'm glad I didn't buy into anything else. There might be tid bits in his research and knowledge that might be worth adhearing to. But like bees they help pollinate but careful their butts bite. So don't divulge too deep. Just sad how many long drawn out web sites there are. That just go on and on about nothing hoping they can get your cc #. Move on. Is my best advise.

Taking people’s money
July 21, 2019
I thought this was a legit site and once I paid my fee of 39.99 it then informed me that my email was wrong when I know it’s not. I then called my credit card co. His site takes you to a BS email I want to talk to live customer service. Sad how people do people searching for help

The quiz is wack.
July 20, 2019
I took the quiz and it told me I do better with fats I know that's a lie because that's literally make me feel like I'm about to vomit and I get extremely bloated and gain weight. Note that have gastroparesis and do not have a gallbladder. I believe that anyone that has a medical issue see a registered dietitian in real life. And for this reason is the reason why that I decided to not even try this program.

July 10, 2019

I was not able to reach them by phone, Can not find a phone number to speak to anyone, and the Customer Service Chat is not working. I tried E-mailing they 4-5 different times and they never responded.

30 day money back guarantee is a lie. DO NOT give these people your credit card.

Horrible customer service. They were an extreme disappointment and I regret Ever coming across this company and wasting my time.

KAREN D July 21, 2019

I agree did me the same way