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Go Away Gray is a new, all natural supplement available from Rise-N-Shine, LLC, a nutritional supplement company that says their supplement can give customers a way to stop and reverse gray hair.

Products that claim to help the symptoms and effects of the aging process are in high demand and are produced by a multitude of companies, including Grey Defence and many others.

According to their website, as people age their bodies start making less and less of an enzyme called catalase. The absence of catalase is commonly believed to be what initiates the chemical reaction that results in gray hair.

As people grow older and produce less catalase, they are less able to break down hydrogen peroxide, and an overproduction of hydrogen peroxide is thought to be what begins to bleach your hair from the inside out.

Go Away Gray says that their product is specially formulated as an all natural cure for graying hair, as their ingredients include the enzyme catalase, as well as vitamins and other essential amino acids.

And because their products are all natural, they should be safe and not cause any negative side effects, unless you might be on a medication that would interact poorly with their product. For this reason, customers who are on other medications should consult their regular physician before taking this supplement.

Customers who want the most effective treatment possible can also purchase their specially formulated shampoo and conditioner, which can help accelerate the results of the traditional Go Away Gray pill.

People who are interested in this product can purchase a one month supply of the Go Away Gray supplement for just $29.99, as well as the shampoo and conditioner for $19.99 each. 

And though the traditional return policy of Rise-N-Shine LLC is just a 30 day return or exchange policy, the company wants to encourage people to see whether the product really works for themselves.

Because Go Away Gray takes between 4 and 8 weeks to begin working, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee on this product so you have enough time to see if it works for you. Customers who are unhappy with the results can return the unused portion of their product for a full refund during this time period.

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