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Globogirls is FAKE, DO NOT TRUST THEM.

January5, 2015

Globogirls is fake, I setup an account with globogirls. For the first two weeks I receive message from girls whose profile don't exist on the site. I doubt there are many real girls on the site either.

Also all the reviews about globogirls are fake, its the same person spamming review sites trying to promote themselves..


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John Horris

better than i expected

April2, 2013

So i checked that site it was a strange concept in the beginning but checking around i found out that it's actually ! normal thing, lots of people travel around and wherever you go you might want to hook up with a nice girl wherever you go, they got this social travel network thing with articles where you can tag yourself as interested person to visit that place, i met 2 girls in a trip to east europe and we got along now we meet once in a while when we can visit each other's town, all in all good site just you have to be realistic i guess, you must be interested yourself or have interesting ideas for girls (like invitation to show your town)

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Matthew Terry
April 13, 2013

Cool site, concept is not a bad idea and i actually loved the whole thing of meeting girls from anywhere else but here, better than i expected

Robert P
August 04, 2013

Comments look fake to me

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