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Market Basket
April 11, 2019
I bought a beautiful, well-made, way better than I imagined...Market Basket from Globein at a cost of $50 and it came today...I am THRILLED...I am not sure what the other comment is all about...from the lady who was so upset with what happened to her...I will be checking my payment with my bank but I feel all is well...I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase...I just checked with my bank...nothing has gone through, I will keep checking...hope everything is Market Basket is Beautiful...

Globein is a scam!
March 26, 2019
Sounded like a good idea so I decided to try it. I then thought better of it and cancelled. That was over a month ago. Today I received a box from them and inside, it had a small stuffed animal, a mouse the size of your palm, two mugs (these were the only nice items in the box), a strand (one strand) of mardi gras beads and a woven decoration to be worn with your sari, which I don't have. I immediately went and checked my PayPal account and WOW, I found a payment to them for $134.00. The whole box wasn't worth 34.00. And it said the $134.00 was paid to Vladimir! What is this? I then emailed them as they don't have a phone number on their website. Then I searched to see if anyone else reported them as a scam and found a phone number for customer service. I called immediately, and big surprise, the number is no longer in service. The concept is good but unfortunately I think they are scamming good people at the expense of poor people. If I could have given it a -5 I would have.

Peggy F April 06, 2020

Were you able to get your money back? They took my money before I even knew what they were taking it for.

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